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1 Trial will determine fate of Northam’s effort to remove Richmond statue of Robert E. Lee
2 Kappa Alpha, Fraternity That Reveres Robert E. Lee, Faces Revolt Over Racism
3 Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee died 150 years ago
4 San Angelo ISD votes to change the name of Robert E. Lee Middle School
5 Robert E. Lee statue trial to begin on Monday
6 SAISD board votes 6-1 to change Robert E. Lee Middle School name
7 Robert E. Lee and US Marines Capture John Brown After the Raid on Harpers Ferry
8 The remarkable story of how a teenage runner battled the legacy of Robert E. Lee
9 New Name Selected for Midland's Robert E. Lee High School
10 Penn Miller: The last days of the Lee monument
11 Who should replace Confederate Robert E. Lee in U.S. Capitol representing Va.?
12 Robert E. Lee Name Change on School Board Agenda
13 Midland board chooses new name for Robert E. Lee High School
14 Sons of Confederate Veterans rally to decide future of Robert E. Lee bust
15 Permanent removal of Robert E. Lee bust from downtown Fort Myers a small victory for activists
16 Robert E. Lee monument set to move to Evergreen Burial Park, goal is to promote history
17 UPDATE: Weigh in on what should replace the Robert E. Lee statue in D.C. by Nov. 27
18 Robert E. Lee elementary school to narrow new name choices to 3 finalists
19 What's the timeline of Robert E. Lee High School's name change?
20 MISD board renames Robert E. Lee to Legacy High School
21 The Case for Retaining the Name Lee Middle School
22 Interesting Variety of Potential Names for Robert E. Lee Middle School
23 NAACP Spokesman Compares Robert E. Lee Name Change to the Ku Klux Klan
24 Confederate monuments: Robert E. Lee, the general who became the face of 'Lost Cause' mythology
25 Robert E. Lee Statue In Virginia To Be Removed
26 Robert E. Lee is my ancestor. Take down his statue, and let his cause be lost.
27 Robert E. Lee statue becomes epicenter of protest movement
28 At Arlington House, a push to remove Robert E. Lee’s name from the home he once occupied
29 Letter: Robert E. Lee was a bad example
30 Robert E. Lee statue and other Confederate busts removed from Virginia statehouse
31 Robert E. Lee removed from Virginia state house and a school name as courts weigh future of Richmond statue
32 Robert E. Lee High in Virginia Will Be Renamed for John Lewis, District Says
33 How did Robert E. Lee feel about Confederate monuments?
34 Fact-checking claims about Robert E. Lee's position on slavery, secession
35 No immediate ruling on motion to dismiss Robert E. Lee statue lawsuit
36 Controversial Robert E. Lee Statue in Richmond to Come Down
37 Virginia attorney general asks judge to dissolve injunction blocking removal of Robert E. Lee statue
38 After judge's ruling, Richmond's Robert E. Lee statue will stay in place until at least October
39 No longer untouchable, Lee statue becomes focus of civic outpouring in Richmond
40 Judge temporarily blocks Virginia attempt to remove Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond
41 Judge drops charges against 4 in Robert E. Lee statue toppling at high school
42 Trump's praise of Robert E. Lee gets pushback from Minnesotans proud of state's role at Gettysburg
43 Robert E. Lee's Name Is All Over Arlington County. Now There's A Push To Replace It
44 Descendent of Robert E. Lee applauds NASCAR move
45 Armed man on roof overlooking Robert E. Lee statue, site of protests in Richmond, taken into custody
46 On this day: Robert E. Lee statue is unveiled in Richmond
47 On This Day: In 1861, Robert E. Lee resigns from US Army
48 ‘A no-brainer:’ Robert Lee IV says take down the statues of Robert E. Lee
49 Fort Myers council votes to send Robert E. Lee bust to museum
50 Robert E. Lee should not be part of an institution dedicated to advancing knowledge
51 Confederate monuments: What the men honored by statues did and believed
52 An N.Y. Street Is Named for Robert E. Lee. Officials Want That Changed.
53 Behind the decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee
54 Virginia judge orders Robert E. Lee portrait removed from courtroom ahead of murder trial
55 Suspect Pleads Guilty To Having Firearms At Robert E. Lee Statue Clash In Virginia
56 Letting Go of Robert E. Lee at Washington and Lee University
57 Damaged statue of Confederate Robert E. Lee placed in storage after removal from school grounds
58 Descendant of Robert E. Lee Supports Removing Statues
59 Robert E. Lee descendant supports removal of Confederate symbols
60 Police: Suspects in custody for bringing down Robert E. Lee statue at Lee High School
61 A George Floyd hologram will light up the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond tonight
62 Rep. Beyer Proposes Legislation to Strip Robert E. Lee's Name from Arlington House
63 Letters: Robert E. Lee was a great man who deserves to be revered
64 1 of 2 lawsuits to remove Robert E. Lee statue dropped; Judge in another recuses himself from case
65 Descendant of Robert E. Lee: Black lives matter, statues of the confederate general should be removed
66 State board backs plan for removing Lee monument by cutting it in three sections
67 BART director calls Robert E. Lee 'an exemplary general' during budget talks
68 6 arrested at Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, where police say protesters fired paintballs at officers
69 Robert E. Lee Academy to change name
70 Robert E. Lee High School In Virginia Renamed To Honor John Lewis
71 A Virginia Museum May Take Ownership of the US Capitol's Robert E. Lee Statue
72 Proponents of keeping Robert E. Lee High’s name file grievances against trustees in favor of change.
73 El Paso's Robert E. Lee Road renamed Buffalo Soldier Road to honor historic Black soldiers
74 It's now official: El Paso's Robert E. Lee Road renamed in honor of Buffalo Soldiers
75 The Mystery of Robert E. Lee
76 Robert E. Lee statue toppled in Montgomery; Confederate statue vandalized in Mobile
77 Robert E. Lee led the Confederacy & became the face of The Lost Cause
78 Intricate plans to remove Richmond's Robert E. Lee statue snarled by lawsuit
79 El Paso City Council to vote Tuesday on renaming Robert E. Lee Road to Buffalo Soldier Road
80 Kennedy: Gen. Robert E. Lee is my cousin, how am I supposed to feel?
81 Fort Myers' Robert E. Lee statue will stay down for now
82 Lee High School plaque warns students never 'discredit the name of this great man'
83 Judge who issued injunction blocking removal of Richmond’s Lee statue appears to recuse himself from case
84 Aerial view of Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Avenue
85 Baton Rouge activist rips school board member for defending Robert E. Lee
86 I funded the rehabilitation of this Robert E. Lee memorial. Congress, please rename it.
87 Virginia panel calls for moving Robert E. Lee statue from U.S Capitol to museum
88 In Richmond, Black Dance Claims a Space Near Robert E. Lee
89 Trump Says Confederate General Robert E. Lee 'Would Have Won Except for Gettysburg'
90 Robert E. Lee bust in downtown Fort Myers: Things to know
91 Virginia’s plan for Richmond’s Robert E. Lee statue: Cut it apart, reassemble it
92 The origin story of Monument Avenue, America’s most controversial street
93 EPISD will consider removing Robert E. Lee's name from elementary school
94 Confederate monuments coming down in Virginia, but 2 prominent Lee statues remain
95 Robert E. Lee uses small groups to safely work out during pandemic
96 Descendant of founding family in Fort Myers weighs in on Robert E. Lee bust removal
97 Rename Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax
98 Robert E. Lee monument vandalized in Warren County
99 2 California national parks will remove Robert E. Lee mentions
100 Gov. Northam announces removal of Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond