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1 Aware CEO and President, Robert A. Eckel, Elected to IBIA Board of Directors
2 Avoiding the phenomenon of the “holiday heart attack”
3 Aware Extends Biometric Security Market Leadership With Acquisition Of AFIX™ Product Line
4 Sotagliflozin Prevents Heart Events in Acute HF, Chronic Kidney Disease
5 Aware CEO appointed to International Biometrics + Identity Association Board of Directors
6 Biometrics Specialist Aware, Inc. Announces AFIX Product Line Acquisition
7 Diabetes: COVID-19 Risk Factor and Potential Side Effect
8 Better market access hailed at Morven Rail Hub opening
9 Will the Biden administration take action to stop water shutoffs during the pandemic?
10 The 'cardiometabolic dilemma': Collaboration across specialties advances diabetes research
11 Betty Marie Lomison | News, Sports, Jobs
12 Man dies from eating bags of black licorice
13 Instant Analysis: Sloppy third quarter leads to Packers loss
14 Is there a need for a new cardiometabolic medicine subspecialty?
15 Massachusetts man dies from eating bags of black licorice
16 'I'm a Survivor': Incoming ADA President Has Type 1 Diabetes
17 Online Symposium: “Other Power in Buddhism” to be Held in December
18 Instant Analysis: Defense saves Packers in win over Jaguars
19 AACE Issues 'Cookbook' Algorithm to Manage Dyslipidemia
20 Highlights: 2020 Cardiometabolic Health Congress West Live Online
21 Clinicians OK With New Plan for Diabetes Drug CV Outcomes Studies
22 1 In 10 Coronavirus Patients With Diabetes Die Within A Week, Study Finds
23 Understanding the risky combination of diabetes and the coronavirus
24 William E. Eckel
25 Doctors probe whether COVID-19 is causing diabetes
26 Pediatric Heterozygous FH: PCSK9 Inhibitor Makes a Dent in LDL
27 New-Onset Diabetes in Covid-19 | NEJM
28 Healthy People 2030: HHS Prioritizes Socioeconomic Disparities, Overall Well-Being
29 'Metabolic syndrome' label imprecise, but cardiometabolic risk is real
30 Obituaries 11/17/20
31 More Evidence for Cognitive Benefits With Metformin in T2D
32 Cayuga County property transfers: Nov. 15, 2020
33 Why Is Coronavirus a Bigger Worry for People With Diabetes?
34 No fountain of youth: Just because there’s a way to boost testosterone doesn’t mean you should, experts warn
35 COVID-19 may trigger new diabetes, experts warn
36 People with diabetes are at high risk for coronavirus complications. Here’s how to stay safe.
37 Covid-19 May Trigger Diabetes in Otherwise Healthy People | Elemental
38 2020 Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s
39 Colchicine Scores for CV Secondary Prevention
40 Aware, Inc. Announces Appointment of Chief Executive Officer & President
41 Tofu, Other Isoflavone-Rich Foods May Cut Heart Disease Risk
42 Sun Life and American Diabetes Association® educate advocates on diabetes management during COVID-19 at virtual Call to Congress
43 Wanda M. Eckel
44 Survey: 7 in 10 respondents worry poor health will limit life experiences
45 Human and Analogue Insulins Equivalent for Major Outcomes
46 Man hospitalized with COVID-19 learns he also has diabetes. Why that's dangerous.
47 INTERVIEW: Bob Eckel, Former MorphoTrust USA Head and Aware's New CEO
48 Diabetics at four times greater risk of death from COVID-19
49 Aware, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and 2019 Financial Results
50 Virus forces hard choices for Georgians living with weakened immunity
51 Aware, Inc. (NASDAQ:AWRE) Insiders Increased Their Holdings
52 AstraZeneca tests diabetes drug for COVID-19 despite risk seen by doctors
53 Hormone therapy no cure-all for 'low T' in aging men
54 DAPA-HF: SGLT2 inhibitor reduces heart failure risk even for patients without diabetes
55 Take Diabetes to Heart: New Subspecialty Proposed
56 Nancy M. Eckel
57 Having Both Alzheimer's and Diabetes May Increase Risk of Stroke
58 Can COVID-19 trigger diabetes? Doctors are probing
59 Applications now being accepted for a new local Habitat for Humanity home
60 Causes and Treatment of the Chylomicronemia Syndrome
61 Shocking new Russian data reveals diabetics are TEN TIMES more likely to catch Covid-19, with sharply increased mortality rates
62 Practical recommendations for the management of diabetes in patients with COVID-19
63 More choice means higher prices for American diabetics
64 Aware appoints former Idemia executive as new CEO and President
65 Survey: 7 in 10 respondents worry poor health will limit their life experiences
66 Deadlier Strokes in Patients with Alzheimer's and Diabetes
67 PCSK9 Drug Cuts 'Extreme' CV Risk in Post-ACS Diabetes
68 Aware biometrics deployed for banking and land border security; Q4 results below expectations
69 Should Statins Be Available Over-the-Counter? An Expert Interview with Robert Eckel, MD
70 Gertrude Guenther Eckel
71 What makes the flu so severe for some is linked to Covid-19 outcomes
72 VIDEO: 'Cardiometabolic medicine' proposed as new specialty
73 “Cardiabetes”: Is It Time for a New Subspecialty?
74 Considering a Cardiometabolic Subspecialty
75 Former IDEMIA Exec Appointed Aware CEO
76 Who Is the 'Cardiometabolic Specialist'?
77 The Annotated Putin: 'State Of The Nation' Dissected
78 Are Eggs Bad for Your Heart Health? Maybe
79 French study finds one in 10 COVID patients with diabetes die within a week
80 COVID-19 And Diabetes: How Coronavirus Can Cause High Blood Sugar Levels in Both Kids and Adults
81 Cape Tech launches nonprofit foundation
82 After Menopause, Women Have Higher Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
83 Heart Attacks, Strokes Are Declining Among People With Diabetes
84 Eckel, Guilmino, Foley score wins at second race at Virginia Motorsports Park
85 It's Official: Fast-Food Loving Trump Is Obese
87 Robert Harrell, 88
88 The healing power of art from ancient times to now
89 Eckel: One final guess at the 53-man roster
90 Eckel: Crowded field causes a good problem''
91 How the pandemic might take its toll on the search for college presidents (opinion)
92 Eckel: Taking an early stab at the 53-man roster
93 Statins Up Type 2 Diabetes Risk, Overweight at Greatest Risk
94 Eckel: A few veterans who may not make it in 2020
95 Does the Cardiologist Need to Be a Diabetologist, Too?
96 Video Video on the Relationship Between COVID-19 and Diabetes
97 Insulin prices reach tipping point; diabetes advocates, stakeholders demand new solutions
98 No evidence to support link between ibuprofen and COVID-19, experts say
99 3 things to know about cholesterol
100 You Asked: Are Egg Yolks Unhealthy?