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1 Let's not let our country and flag down
2 7 things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend, Oct. 1-4
3 George Takei Reflects On “Star Trek,” Hollywood Career, Political Advocacy
4 Why Was The Original Series Of Twilight Zone Cancelled?
5 Which Horror Anthology Series Should You Watch, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
6 Best TV shows with the worst endings | Entertainment
7 What Mississippi State coach Mike Leach thinks of cutout 'fake people' in stadium stands
8 Happy 50th Birthday To WVXU!
9 Boo
10 The Bird Folks: A falcon in Wellfleet
11 Sci Fi Bytes: The Twilight Zone Almost Never Happened
12 10 Ghostly Horror Anthology TV Episodes Perfect for Halloween
13 Rod Serling of ‘The Twilight Zone’ was not ‘this dark, tortured soul’ after World War II, says his daughter
14 Twilight Time: Long-lost Rod Serling baseball comedy on deck
15 During coronavirus we’re all living in ‘The Twilight Zone’
16 John Cusack Would Love To Make A Sequel To 1408
17 So 2020: Mike Leach delivers hilarious rant about cardboard fans in prime seats at LSU game
18 Jerry Zeitman, Former Agent and Producer, Dies at 90
19 John Cusack Has an Alternate 1408 Ending and Sequel Idea
20 Carol Serling, Rod’s Wife and Tender of ‘Twilight Zone’ Flame, Dies at 90
21 'The Twilight Zone' Creator Rod Serling Remembered by His Daughter
22 Instead of Cards vs. Reds, long-lost Rod Serling baseball comedy is on deck
23 Rod Serling: Before ‘The Twilight Zone’ came Emmy-winning landmark live TV dramas
24 Familiar faces set for Saban
25 John Cusack Up For Stephen King's 1408: PART II
26 Carol Serling, Wife of 'Twilight Zone' Legend Rod Serling, Dies at 90
27 Strike zone to Twilight Zone: Long-lost Rod Serling baseball comedy to air
28 Carol Serling, wife of Rod Serling, passes away
29 What to Know About California’s Unemployment System ‘Reset’
30 'The Vast Of Night' Riffs On Rod Serling's 'Twilight Zone'
31 RiverRun to honor Rod Serling
32 Carol Serling, the widow of 'Twilight Zone' creator Rod Serling, has died at age 91
33 How WVXU Produced A Lost Rod Serling TV Show As A Radio Play
34 'Twilight Zone' Creator Rod Serling Feared He'd Be Forgotten
35 After cry of 'mullet blow,' normal flies out the window while fall fishing heats up
36 Rod Serling
37 Sad News of the Passing of Longtime Ithaca College Friend Carol Serling
38 WVXU Repeating Rod Serling's 'O'Toole From Moscow' Reds Comedy On Tuesday
39 'Twilight Zone' Creator Might've Preferred Kids Were Protestors, Not Police
40 Get Ready For The Bard Unleashed
41 Rod Serling's daughter reveals his favorite Twilight Zone episodes
42 OBF: Tom Brady is in the zone – the Twilight Zone
43 Rod Serling Couldn't Have Predicted This Twilight Zone
44 Remembering Rod Serling: Twilight Zone creator honored in Interlaken
45 Rod Serling baseball comedy a screwball romp, with side of whimsy
46 From the Archives: TV's Rod Serling, 50, Dies 2 Days After Heart Surgery
47 Rod Serling documentary explores The Twilight Zone's social commentary in this sneak peek
49 ‘The Twilight Zone’ At 60: Rod Serling’s Big Return Includes TV, Graphic Novel, Film
50 Writer Carolyn Serling, widow of Rod, passes away at 90
51 What the Emmys Learned From Previous Makeovers (Including Rod Serling's 1965 Disaster)
52 The one hero who was never supposed to be on The Boys
53 WVXU Debuts Rod Serling's 'O'Toole From Moscow' Cincinnati Reds Show March 25
54 Columnist Karen Gardner: A walk with Rod
55 Letter to the editor: What would Rod Serling say about all this?
56 28 Horror TV Shows on Hulu That Will Make You Scream — Trust Us
57 An Early Run-In With Censors Led Rod Serling to 'The Twilight Zone'
58 Rod Serling biopic: Movie in works about Syracuse native who created ‘Twilight Zone’
59 Rod Serling Rudely and Politely Evaded a Conversation With Alec Baldwin
60 WVXU Records Rod Serling's 1955 Cincinnati Reds Show This Weekend
61 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things': Why did anybody begin?
62 Actress, Producer, Rod Serling's Widow Carol Passes Away
63 Board of Trustees member Carol Serling dies
64 Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics Unearthed Two Tales Of Terror
65 New Graphic Novel Enters ‘The Twilight Zone’ To Explore Rod Serling And The Birth Of TV
66 The legacy of Rod Serling, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Night Gallery’: An indelible imprint on television and the power of imagination
67 Rod Serling
68 GUEST APPEARANCE: Rod Serling — Imagining 'The Twilight Zone' Part 1
69 A classic 'Twilight Zone' episode warns us how not to behave during a pandemic
70 Recapping the best Twilight Zone episodes
71 WVXU to Premiere Radio Play Based on Rod Serling's '50s Comedy About Russians and the Reds
72 Burt Prelutsky: Democrats Finally 'Telling' the Truth — The Patriot Post
74 WVXU revives Serling comedy about Russians and the Reds
75 John Cusack on the Inspiration for His 'Utopia' Character & That Season Finale
76 Rod Serling And 'The Twilight Zone': New Book Examines His Life, Work And Imagination
77 How Rod Serling Fought Injustice
78 Rod Serling Historian Plans Two Talks Here
79 The Writings Of The Man Behind "The Twilight Zone," Rod Serling
80 WVXU To Produce Rare Rod Serling Show About Cincinnati Reds
81 Meet The Players From Our 'O'Toole' Baseball Program
82 'O'Toole From Moscow' Now Available As A Podcast
83 Anne Serling To Be Part Of WVXU's 'O'Toole From Moscow' Written By Her Dad
84 Serling Fest celebrates 60th anniversary of “The Twilight Zone”
85 The Twists and Turns of the New Twilight Zone
86 'Donnie Darko' Director Richard Kelly Developing Rod Serling Biopic
87 When 'Twilight Zone' feels familiar to self-quarantine reality
88 Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone reboot, currently o.. captures the essence of Rod Serling’s original series
89 New Rod Serling Book Explores His Cincinnati TV Work
90 LI author chronicles 'Twilight Zone' creator's life
91 'Twilight Man' Pulls Back the Curtain on 'Twilight Zone' Creator Rod Serling
92 Flick: As the `Twilight Zone' goes live …
93 SVA Alumnus Koren Shadmi on "The Twilight Man," a Graphic Novel about Rod Serling
94 New Rod Serling book looks at entire writing career
95 The Twilight Zone: 10 Essential Episodes | ScreenRant
96 Rod Serlings The Twilight Zone remains startlingly relevant almost 60 years after its debut
97 Rod Serling’s Daughter Says He Would Be ‘Stunned’ That ‘Twilight Zone’ Remains So Relevant
98 Robert Englund Takes a Page From the Rod Serling Playbook With Travel Channel's "True Terror" [Interview]
99 16 of the best TV shows to put you in the fall mood
100 Looking back on Rod Serling's legacy for the Twilight Zone's 60th anniversary