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1 Bastrop County Confederate monument relocation committee seeks donations
2 Court Stops Execution of Rodney Reed in Texas After Outcry
3 What to Know About Texas Inmate Rodney Reed's Case | Time
4 Supreme Court won't take up Rodney Reed appeal
5 Rodney Reed's call for a new judge is denied
6 Rodney Reed Set for Execution in Texas, Despite New Evidence
7 Rodney Reed's execution was set for Wednesday. A Texas court stopped it.
8 The Rodney Reed execution has been stopped
9 Rodney Reed Faces Execution Despite Evidence of Innocence
10 Was Rodney Reed subjected to double jeopardy after acquittal in Wichita Falls rape case?
11 Texas Court Halts Rodney Reed Execution Over Questions of Withheld Evidence, False Testimony
12 The outcry to stop the execution of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed is growing. The support has 'bolstered him,' his attorney says
13 Rodney Reed is set to be executed in Texas this month. A new witness claims he's innocent
14 New date set for Rodney Reed appeal hearing, now February 2021
15 Death row inmate Rodney Reed maintains innocence weeks before execution: 'They're going to be executing an innocent man'
16 Not Just Rodney Reed: New Evidence Taints More Death Row Convictions
17 Rodney Reed Case Assigned New Judge
18 Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed's family says he'll be exonerated if he gets a new trial
19 TX Supreme Court tosses Rodney Reed’s latest attempt to have judge removed
20 Rodney Reed has First Court Hearing Since Stay of Execution
21 Regulators: Rodney Strong wine spill in Sonoma County violated state, federal laws
22 Rodney Reed's mother speaks out after stay of execution was granted
23 Kim Kardashian West discusses moment Rodney Reed learned of halted execution
24 Supreme Court Denies Appeal Of Texas Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed
25 Legal battle over Rodney Reed judge continues weeks past execution date
26 Rodney Reed given a stay of execution, new trial judge
27 Longtime Rodney Reed defense attorney exits case for NYC role
28 New Rodney Reed witness claims fiance bragged about murder
29 Stacey Stites' Sister Speaks Out on Rodney Reed's Stay of Execution
30 Justice for death row inmate Rodney Reed
31 Rodney Reed murder case could be heard by U.S. Supreme Court
32 Texas appeals court blocks Rodney Reed's execution
33 Rodney Reed Gets Execution Stay, New Hearing: New witnesses, debunked forensic evidence, and DNA testing to be considered in 2020
34 Austin bishop, Texas pastors call on Gov. Abbott to stop execution of Rodney Reed
35 Texas representative, law enforcement join forces in Rodney Reed case
36 New witnesses come forward in defense of death row inmate Rodney Reed
37 Attorneys cite new evidence in attempt to halt Rodney Reeds execution
38 Justice for Rodney Reed!
39 No. 4: Death row inmate Rodney Reed gets late reprieve
40 Sonoma County water regulators say Rodney Strong wine spill violated state, federal laws
41 Rally for Rodney Reed held in Bastrop County
42 Rodney Reed rally to take place in Bastrop on his 52nd birthday
43 Rodney Reed’s attorneys file opposition to new judge appointed to case
44 Commentary: Rodney Reed deserves a new trial
45 Rodney Reed case to be featured on 'The Dr. Oz Show'
46 Kim Kardashian West asks Texas governor to 'do the right thing' for death row inmate
47 DENIED: TX appeals court will not rehear Rodney Reed’s latest motion on judge’s appointment
48 True Crime: Rodney Reed Death Sentence Suspended After Kim Kardashian Outcry: What Happens Now?
49 Death row inmate's attorneys ask Texas governor to postpone execution
50 Rodney Reed judge: Retires, questions own ability to handle cases
51 Rodney Reed: Slated to die next month, though experts call prosecution theory "impossible"
52 New judge for Reed case following canceled execution
53 The fight to save Rodney Reed from execution in Texas
54 Advocates Ramp Up Efforts To Get New Trial For Rodney Reed As His Execution Date Nears
55 Texas appeals court denies Rodney Reed motion on judge appointment
56 Water Regulators Say Rodney Strong Wine Spill Violated State, Federal Laws
57 Rodney Reed attorneys want new judge to review case days after other judge assigned
58 Innocence Project pens 14-page letter to Gov. Abbott, believes new information is enough to grant 30-day reprieve for Rodney Reed
59 Family of Rodney Reed rally at U.S. Supreme Court steps ahead of Nov. 20 execution
60 Rodney Reed execution set 20 years ago delayed due to new evidence
61 Justice is served: Rodney Reed's life no longer at risk
62 Sen. Kirk Watson joins growing effort to stop Rodney Reed’s execution
63 Rodney Reed asks U.S. Supreme Court to halt execution
64 US Supreme Court denies hearing for Rodney Reed
65 New Judge Assigned To Rodney Reed’s Execution Case
66 Did Rodney Reed get a fair trial? Dr. Phil says hell no
67 Witnesses Come Forward, Claim Rodney Reed is Innocent
68 Justice for Rodney Reed! Family, supporters press Texas governor for new trial for man on death row
69 Judge in Reed’s case denies defense’s request for trial delay
70 Dr. Phil examines new theories in Rodney Reed case
71 Cousin says she believes Fennell, not Rodney Reed, killed Stacey Stites
72 Texas court delays execution of Rodney Reed – Florida Courier
73 Innocence Project files petition for U.S. Supreme Court to hear Rodney Reed's death row case
74 Rodney Reed supporters demand governor stop Nov. 20 execution
75 As Rodney Reed’s execution date approaches, week-long rally to be held at Texas Capitol
76 Richard Parker: Gov. Abbott, delay this execution [Opinion]
77 TX appeals court split over Rodney Reed judge’s authority to decide motions
78 Rodney Reed supporters rally at Texas capital
79 Family and nun fight for retrial as man convicted by all-white jury faces death
80 Rodney Reed Update: Supreme Court Will Not Hear Appeal
81 Trump Readies Court Pick, Kremlin Braces for Biden: Weekend Reads
82 Commentary: Why Support For The Death Penalty Is Higher Among White Americans
83 How a Wichita Falls rape case helped put man convicted of murder on death row
84 Rodney Reed's family holds rally, asks for re-trial
85 Reed’s bid for new judge in murder case denied by Texas Supreme Court
86 California regulators identify violations after Rodney Strong wine spill, but no fine yet
87 Court rejects latest appeals from death row inmate Rodney Reed
88 Texas death row: Calls for Rodney Reed's exoneration
89 DNA Experts Say Death Row Inmate Convicted Of Killing White Woman Is Innocent
90 Crowdsourcing Justice: Rodney Reed's Execution Stayed
91 Bastrop County man scheduled for execution amid claims of innocence
92 Judge sets Nov. 20 execution date for Rodney Reed
93 New filings show judge in Rodney Reed case ‘no longer sitting’
94 DNA Testing Could Save This Texas Man's Life. But Prosecutors Are Opposing It.
95 Could New Evidence Free Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed? | The Takeaway
96 Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed seeks stay
97 Bastrop court sets Rodney Reed’s execution date
98 Sid Miller's Facebook rhetoric, Rodney Reed finds bipartisan allies
99 Prosecutors seek Nov. 20 execution for Rodney Reed; defense objects
100 Execution date set for Rodney Reed, convict in 1996 Bastrop murder