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1 Rodrigo Duterte: The Weak Strongman of the Philippines
2 Asia Today: Duterte extends virus calamity status by a year
3 Four years on, Philippine President Duterte is still struggling to show the benefits of being pro-China
4 Duterte orders customs chief to shoot, kill drug smugglers
5 Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte pardons U.S. Marine in murder of transgender woman
6 UN must intensify pressure on Philippines to end killings as impunity reigns
7 Duterte tells Facebook: Why keep operating in PH if you can’t help us?
8 Duterte not keen on extending term — Palace
9 'If it’s drugs, you shoot and kill,' Duterte orders Philippine custom chief
10 ‘I offered to resign’ because of endless corruption, says Duterte
11 In UN speech, Philippines’ Duterte defends drug war, South China Sea claims
12 Philippines extends partial coronavirus curbs in Manila until Oct 31
13 In Reversal, Duterte Backs South China Sea Arbitral Ruling
14 Duterte Tells China Defense Chief to Follow Law in Sea Dispute
15 Palace: Duterte to consider declaring climate emergency
16 South China Sea: China holds drills amid new tension
17 Facebook Shuts Down Fake China-Based Accounts Backing Duterte
18 Duterte Gets Tough on China, Leaning Back to Old Ally America
19 Cayetano, Velasco to meet with Duterte to settle speakership row
20 Marine’s pardon a ‘charade’ to keep US military in Philippines: family’s lawyer
21 Killings in Philippines Up 50 Percent During Pandemic
22 The Mortician of Manila: Inside the Philippines' 'war on drugs'
23 Duterte's Rejection of Calls for 'Revolutionary Government' Met With Doubt in the Philippines
24 Duterte keeps Metro Manila under GCQ for entire October
25 Philippines warns against complacency as virus spread slows
26 U.S. Marine Pardoned for Killing Transgender Woman Is Deported From Philippines
27 Duterte extends term of Yolanda task force until 2022
28 Philippines Troll Patrol: The woman taking on trolls on their own turf
29 Duterte calls out telcos anew to improve services in PH
30 South China Sea: Duterte’s UN speech wins praise, even from critics
31 In leaders' UN videos, the backgrounds tell stories, too
32 China or US ? Philippines Foreign Policy Plays Both Sides
33 Philippines' Duterte tells China defense chief to follow the law in South China Sea dispute
34 A photo of Gloria Arroyo surfing has been shared in misleading context
35 Manila will not seek pardon for Filipino drug dealers convicted in Middle East
36 He Killed a Transgender Woman in the Philippines. Why Was He Freed?
37 Duterte's anti-corruption body investigating 40 PhilHealth officials
38 Telling COVID's story: At UN, leaders spin virus storylines
39 The women challenging some of the world's strongmen leaders
40 Times investigation bares: Trump, firms paid more taxes to PH than US
41 Duterte extends term of ‘Yolanda’ task force – The Manila Times
42 Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte takes 8-day medical leave
43 Sotto, Lacson slam Duterte's defense of Duque
44 Duterte declares July 17 as ‘National Physiatry Day’
45 Critics are accusing the Philippines government of using the coronavirus lockdown to crack down on dissent
46 Senate approves new coco levy bill on 2nd reading
47 World leaders' UN video call backdrops – ranked!
48 Rodrigo Duterte: 'I'm not joking
49 The Paradox of Rodrigo Duterte
50 Rodrigo Duterte Critic Found Guilty of Libel in the Philippines
51 Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte's Response
52 Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown
53 The Latest: Nigeria Urges Vaccine to Be Available to All
54 Philippines drugs war: UN report criticises 'permission to kill'
55 Rodrigo Duterte Goes Even Farther in Using COVID-19 to Crack Down
56 Duterte Signs Antiterrorism Bill in Philippines Despite Widespread Criticism
57 Philippine President Duterte may be injected with Russia's coronavirus vaccine by next May
58 Rodrigo Duterte Will Not Go Gently
59 Opinion: Rodrigo Duterte undoes democracy in Philippines
60 Concerns In Philippines After Duterte Given Emergency Powers To Fight COVID-19 Spread
61 “Shoot them dead”: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy
62 Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte's dictatorship sinks to new depths with closure of main broadcaster
63 Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte takes aim at the oligarchs
64 Duterte threatens arrests, government vows to step up testing
65 Duterte Orders Cabinet Not to Visit U.S. After Official’s Visa Is Denied
66 Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte has backflipped on his divorce plans with the US military — why?
67 Philippines' Duterte says Trump deserves to be re-elected
68 Duterte trots out tired tropes in key speech
69 Duterte puts Philippines under quarantine, says 'we are in the fight of our lives'
70 Duterte uses Covid-19 response to broaden reign of fear and repression
71 Philippine official defends US pact after Duterte threat
72 The Philippines’ Duterte is trying to trump Trump
73 Major Philippines broadcaster regularly criticized by President Duterte forced off air
74 Populist Duterte Risks Public Dismay After TV Giant Is Shut Down
75 Coronavirus rumours prompt Duterte to address citizens on Facebook
76 Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens to end U.S. military pact
77 Four Ways the Philippine Strongman Rodrigo Duterte Could Fall
78 Duterte's four years in power — extrajudicial killings, rights abuses and terror
79 The myth of Rodrigo Duterte's “independent” foreign policy
80 Rodrigo Duterte: What to know about the controversial Philippines president
81 PNP not affected if US suspends assistance; Duterte's support more important- Cascolan | Philippines
82 Philippines: President Duterte's fierce rival becomes new drug czar
83 Rodrigo Duterte: 5 shocking quotes from the Philippines president
84 Why Rights Groups Worry About The Philippines' New Anti-Terrorism Law
85 No school until coronavirus vaccine is available: Duterte
86 ‘200 million for Duterte’s head’: Filipinos arrested for online threats
87 Duterte Is Turning Philippines Into A More Corrupt And Less Democratic State
88 Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens martial law-like enforcement
89 Philippines' Duterte U-turns on scrapping of U.S. troop deal
90 Duterte presidency unravels as coronavirus ravages Philippines
91 Duterte Takes On Philippine Elite and Ends Up Even More Popular
92 Rodrigo Duterte could be administered Russian vaccine in May, Manila says
93 Duterte turns to drug war tactics to fight pandemic in the Philippines
94 Exposing Rodrigo Duterte's War on the Free Press
95 Philippine Leader Rodrigo Duterte Says He Has Neuromuscular Disease
96 Rodrigo Duterte paying Filipinos to move from Manila to country
97 Asia Today: Philippine capital's virus lockdown to be eased
98 Duterte's decision to end the alliance with the US is reckless
99 Supreme Court battles symbolize an age when political opponents are also sworn ideological enemies
100 Philippines' Duterte threatens martial law if communist rebels disrupt aid