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1 Was Roger Ebert Ever "Wrong" About a Film?
2 Ramin Bahrani Talks The Unexpected Relevance Of 'The White Tiger,' His Friendship With Roger Ebert & More [The Playlist Podcast]
3 Is Save the Last Dance Worth Rewatching?
4 For Richard Kelly, Southland Tales Never Ends
5 Now Playing! SF Latino Film Festival and 'The Reason I Jump'
6 ‘Outside the Wire’ Review: At War With the Robots
7 Every Dolly Parton movie, ranked according to critics
8 50 best gangster movies of all time | Entertainment
9 How to Write a Great Movie Review Step by Step
10 50 worst TV series of 2020 | Science |
11 Michael Apted, filmmaker behind innovative ‘Seven Up!’ documentary series, dies at 79
12 Netflix's 'Night Stalker' shocks viewers with graphic scenes
13 ‘Bring It On’ Writer Remembers Her Father Confronting Roger Ebert Over Negative Review
14 'Goodfellas': Preview Audiences Hated the Movie and Would Walk Out of the Theater
15 Lights, camera ... Southwest Florida: Movies filmed in Fort Myers, Naples area
16 Celebrating Roger Ebert's Great Movies
17 2021 Roger Ebert's Film Festival moved to September
18 2001: A Space Odyssey & 9 Other Classic Avant-Garde Films Fans Need To Check Out
19 Happening at the Great Neck Library
20 Chaz Ebert Debuts Song "I Remember People," Performed Quarantine-Style by The Chicago Soul Spectacular
21 12 of Roger Ebert's best movie reviews
22 Coder and critic Odie Henderson reflects on Jersey City upbringing
23 Award winning director gave us ‘7 Up’ and sequels
24 That time Roger Ebert said games will never be as worthy as movies
25 2020 Ebert Symposium to explore changing times in film, media
26 John Prine’s first review: When Roger Ebert discovered the singer in 1970
27 The Best Folk Albums of 2020
28 Sam Feder On How 'Disclosure' is a Call for Action for Hollywood
29 What Can Star Trek Teach Us About Empathy in 2021?
30 Fitzcarraldo: 10 Crazy Behind The Scenes Facts About The Movie
31 9 Terrible Movies That Roger Ebert Loved
32 Academy executive featured in Ebert Symposium on media representation
33 2020 Roger Ebert's Film Festival canceled | Illinois
34 You need to watch the best epic trilogy of all time before it leaves Hulu this month
35 10 Beloved Movies That Roger Ebert Hated
36 Will critical praise for Carrie Coon in ‘The Nest’ lead to an Oscar nomination?
37 Uncut Gems & 9 Other Movies You Didn’t Know Martin Scorsese Produced
38 Roger Ebert, Movie Critic of the Mainstream, Dies at 70
39 Ebert Film Fest will get creepy with 'Hereditary' and Hitchcock
40 Roger Ebert dies at 70; Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic
41 Aperture's online screening of Roger Ebert's documentary "Life Itself"
42 OPINION | PHILIP MARTIN: Thinking of Del
43 How an Unplanned Roger Ebert Review Launched John Prine's Career
44 50 Movies Roger Ebert Really Hated
45 15 Terrible Movies That Roger Ebert Loved | ScreenRant
46 10 of Roger Ebert’s Best Pieces of Writing on Movies and ‘Life Itself’
47 Roger Ebert 1942
48 Ebert Film Fest to feature remastered 'Cotton Club,' Farrelly brothers comedy
49 Clem Snide Preview Upcoming Album ‘Forever Just Beyond’ With New Song ‘Roger Ebert’
50 Chaz Ebert discusses “Life Itself,” the biography of Roger Ebert, being added To Magnolia Pictures’ Favorite Documentary Series
51 The Thriller That's Getting Another Chance On Netflix
52 Why Roger Ebert Was The Greatest Movie Reviewer
53 7 of Roger Ebert's Most Brutal Movie Reviews
54 The Morning Watch: Siskel & Ebert on Johnny Carson in 1986, The Layers of 'Mad Men' & More
55 Roger Ebert's legacy lives on with the 20th edition of Ebertfest
56 Roger Ebert, X'70, film critic and longtime Graham School lecturer, 1942-2013
57 Roger Ebert Wiki: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About The Film Reviewer
58 Every Star Wars movie reviewed
59 Movie Review: Mank
60 Sun-Times: Famed movie critic Roger Ebert dies
61 We give a thumbs up to this trivia question : SPlog
62 Five Foreign-Policy Movies Worth Watching About Journalists
63 Roger Ebert Fellows Preview The 2020 Oscars
64 How 'Promising Young Woman' Subverts The Revenge Thriller : Pop Culture Happy Hour
65 Diane Keaton Dismissed ‘The Godfather Part III.’ Then She Saw the New Version
66 Marlene Gelfond, 81, assistant to Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert
67 Roger Ebert cared to make his case
68 Five Movies That Roger Ebert Arguably Got Wrong
69 Roger Ebert: A Critic Reflects On 'Life Itself'
70 The Cannes Film Festival—With Roger Ebert As Your Tour Guide
71 Chicago Sports 2021: This Is A Major Market?
72 Roger Ebert Cancer Battle
73 The Career of Film Critic Roger Ebert
74 Best-Picture Winner ‘Crash’ Just Turned 15. Is Anybody Celebrating?
75 Roger Ebert Talks Friendship, Food (And Missing It), And Living 'Life Itself'
76 ‘WandaVision’ reviews: What are they saying so far?
77 ‘Life Itself,’ Reminiscences of Roger Ebert
78 Roger Ebert: the man who revolutionised movie criticism gets his own film
79 Will Ferrell’s Roger Ebert Movie Is Officially Dead: ‘Russ & Roger’ Producer Explains the Reason Why
80 Roger Ebert Statue Unveiled Outside Illinois Theater
81 Roundtable on the film “Roma” with the 2019 Roger Ebert Fellows
82 Roger Ebert's Wikipedia [Citation Needed]
83 'Lupin' is one of Netflix's biggest hits of all time: viewership data
84 This Oregon-Based Vlogger Might Be the Closest Thing Video Games Have to Roger Ebert
85 Roger Ebert Dies at 70
86 Disney fumbles live-action adaptation of Mulan
87 Great movies and bombs, according to Roger Ebert
88 Chaz Ebert's mission goes on
89 ‘The Shining’ Debuted on This Day 40 Years Ago, but Critics Tore the Masterpiece to Shreds
90 There's An Official Roger Ebert Podcast
91 Ebert Symposium to focus on inclusion in movies and media
92 Passes for revamped Roger Ebert's Film Festival go on sale Nov. 1
93 Ebert Symposium to feature film director Gregory Nava
94 15 classic movies turning 50 in 2020
95 When Siskel and Ebert Defended 'Star Wars' After It Was Called Not Cinema
96 Roger Ebert Doc 'Life Itself' Debuting on CNN Sunday
97 A Year After His Death, Roger Ebert Is 'Talking More Than Ever'
98 The real Roger Ebert revealed, ‘warts, waistline and all’
99 The story of Roger Ebert through the prism of his wife, Chaz
100 Film Publications Refuse to Review ‘New Mutants’ Until Disney Offers Safe Screening Options