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1 New riot video shows Officer Goodman point Romney to safety
2 Romney treated at hospital after fall over the weekend but 'doing better'
3 Romney, Lee upset with Senate passage of $1.9 trillion COVID-19 package
4 The latest on the Covid-19 stimulus bill: Live Updates
5 Mitt Romney Pushes Back on Giving Some States COVID Relief, 'It Doesn't Make Any Sense'
6 Courtney: Senator Romney and Mayor Carter have it right. Just give people money.
7 Fact check: Impeachment or expulsion is required to remove Sen. Mitt Romney from office
8 Mitt Romney Fast Facts
9 Romney says Trump would win GOP nomination 'in a landslide' in 2024
10 POLITICS: Romney, Gina McCarthy once teamed on CO2. Will they again?
11 Mitt Romney left with black eye after being knocked unconscious in fall
12 Mitt Romney’s Former Aide Thinks He’s Gone Soft on the Poor
13 Mitt Romney's Party of One
14 Utah's Mitt Romney votes — again — for impeachment; Mike Lee opposes it as Senate acquits Trump
15 Sens. Mitt Romney And Mike Lee Divided On Trump's Hold Over The GOP
16 Opinion | Mitt Romney Has a Plan, and Joe Biden Should Borrow From It
17 GOP Sens. Romney, Cotton to propose minimum wage hike coupled with immigration enforcement
18 Opinion | The Biden and Romney Family Plans Go Too Far
19 Mitt Romney isn't the future of the GOP. He's the past.
20 Utah GOP defends Romney amid criticism over impeachment vote
21 Sen. Mitt Romney knocked unconscious in fall, but 'doing better'
22 Why Joe Biden and Mitt Romney both want to give you thousands of dollars
23 Romney talks of Trump impeachment stance in statement
24 Reporters in Senate chamber: Ron Johnson upset with Mitt Romney on witness vote
25 Romney May Be Biden's Best Hope For Progress On Immigration And The Minimum Wage
26 Romney's TRUST Act is a Trojan Horse to cut seniors' benefits | TheHill
27 DealBook DC Policy Project: Mitt Romney on the Search for Common Ground
28 Newly Released Capitol Riot Footage Shows Officer Goodman Telling Romney To Run, Pence Evacuating
29 Impeachment update: Sens. Romney, Lee submit questions for Trump lawyers
30 Sen. Romney's question at impeachment trial raises issue of what Trump knew and when
31 Republican plan would raise minimum wage to $10 but only if businesses are required to ensure worker legality
32 Letter: Censure of Mitt Romney is no different than cancel culture
33 Mitt Romney Has a Child Allowance Plan (and It’s Better Than Biden’s)
34 Opinion | The Romney Family Plan Sees the True Value of Parenting
35 CPAC 2021: McConnell, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley Not Going
36 Romney, 10 other GOP Senators push for targeted $650 billion COVID-19 relief plan
37 Neera Tanden OMB Nomination Opposed By Romney, Collins
38 Opinion | Why the U.S. Needs the Romney Family Plan
39 Romney’s lesson to Democrats on child poverty: Make welfare simple like stimulus checks
40 Mitt Romney tries to save policymaking with plan to reduce child poverty
41 Sen. Romney to serve as ranking member of subcommittee on China
42 Congressional bits
43 Republicans shouldn't be Democrats-lite
44 Romney's Family Security Act: Marginal Tax Rates on Labor Income
45 Graphic new footage shows mob breaking into Capitol, Pence and Romney rushing from danger
46 Hundreds of snowmen surround Utah Capitol as protesters urge Romney to take climate action
47 Romney to Schools: Bring Kids Back to Class for COVID-Relief Money
48 Utah GOP: Romney's 'Guilty' Vote on Trump Means He's Deep State
49 Romney declares opposition to LGBTQ Equality Act
50 Footage shows Officer Goodman directing Romney away from mob
51 FSU holding event with Senators Romney, Manchin
52 A New Progressive Era?: A Conversation with Robert Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett
53 Lee after Romney's impeachment vote: There's enough room in GOP 'for both of us' | TheHill
54 Letter: Romney’s Family Security Act looks promising
55 Romney knocked unconscious in fall
56 Romney, Cotton challenge $15 min wage with new proposal
57 Lee, Chaffetz offer Romney counterpoint at conservative conference dominated by Trump
58 1.9T virus relief bill passes with all Republicans, including Utah Sens. Lee and Romney, opposed
59 Senator Mitt Romney Is Heckled While Traveling to D.C.
60 Romney calls for nation to 'get behind' Biden and says he has seen no evidence of voter fraud
61 Romney stands out, but doesn't surprise, in Trump rebuke
62 Sen. Mitt Romney calls out fellow Republicans for pushing stolen election myth, says it makes achieving unity more difficult
63 Romney: GOP 'has strayed' from what he once knew
64 Mitt Romney Will Support Taking Up Trump's Supreme Court Nominee
65 Mitt Romney, once standard-bearer of party, is now the lone GOP voice willing to stand up to Trump
66 WATCH: Romney says misinformation from Trump makes it difficult to convince voters of the truth
67 Politics Mitt Romney says he knows losing hurts, but blasts Trump for claiming fraud
68 Romney calls Trump's leadership on Covid-19 'a great human tragedy'
69 Why Mitt Romney loses points with Utah Republicans, but big with Dems
70 Romney decries state of America's 'vile, vituperative, hate-filled' politics, puts blame largely on Trump
71 Romney says he can't imagine 'a more undemocratic action' than what Trump's done
72 Poll: Utahns split on approval of Lee, Romney job performance
73 Romney on Barr resignation: 'Not surprised that he could no longer associate himself with the process that’s going on now'
74 Romney: Impeachment trial after Trump has left office is constitutional
75 Politics No, Mitt Romney is not leading the resistance
76 ‘Has ambition so eclipsed principle?’: Romney blasts GOP senators who plan to join Trump in effort to overturn election
77 Report: Sen. Mitt Romney voted, not for President Trump
78 Romney calls casting doubt on election integrity a self-inflected wound for GOP in Georgia
79 Mitt Romney not among GOP senators favoring $2,000 stimulus checks
80 Mitt Romney slams politicians attacking mail-in voting
81 Mitt Romney speaks up on impeachment, saying a trial for President Donald Trump can be handled simultaneously with the Senate preforming its other duties.
82 Mitt Romney says time for Trump to move on from election fraud claims
83 Politics Mitt Romney says Trump is threatening relief deal with demand for $2K checks
84 Romney: Trump has a 'blind spot' when it comes to Russia
85 Romney: Trump caused 'this insurrection' | TheHill
86 Romney Says Election an Endorsement of Conservative Views
87 Romney isn’t there yet, but he should consider a new party
88 Mitt Romney calls Trump's attempt to overturn Michigan election 'undemocratic'
89 Romney: Principles of Republican Party 'very much in question'
90 Romney and bipartisan group propose a $908 billion emergency COVID-19 relief package
91 Mitt Romney says consequences of lame duck period are 'potentially more severe' than delayed transition
92 Romney has a question for fellow Republicans suggesting U.S. unity and a second Trump impeachment trial cannot coexist
93 US Sen. Mitt Romney said he hopes that Republicans in Congress can find common ground with the new Biden administration on a pandemic relief package, but he knows that any agreement will be hard to come by.
94 Romney: ‘The best way we could show respect for the voters who are upset is by telling them the truth’
95 Romney Calls Trump's Election Fraud Claims 'Dangerous,' Decries Misinformation
96 Sen. Mitt Romney is an example of a strong leader | Letters
97 Romney supports 'constitutional' impeachment trial for Trump
98 How did Romney and senators’ sit-down with Biden on COVID-19 relief go?
99 Romney: Trump's election fraud claim wrong, 'reckless'
100 Texas GOP official suggests guillotine for Mitt Romney but calls it bad metaphor, not a call for beheading