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1 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces $150 million for infrastructure improvements
2 Matt Gaetz and Ron DeSantis: Too close for comfort?
3 Gov. DeSantis announces $42.9M state grant to clean up Lakeland's Lake Bonnet
4 Fake news? Ron DeSantis event not what right wing broadcaster billed
5 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discusses legislation to strengthen police protection and prevent riots
6 Could Ron DeSantis Be Trump’s G.O.P. Heir? He’s Certainly Trying.
7 Ron DeSantis might already be running for president. Donald Trump could help – and hurt – his plans
8 Why Ron DeSantis’s 2024 Stock Is Rising
9 One-on-one with Governor Ron DeSantis
10 'A nicer version of Trump': GOP donors flock to DeSantis
11 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues order prohibiting state from issuing 'vaccine passports'
12 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slams Google, YouTube for censorship
13 Opinion | Liberals for Ron DeSantis*
14 Florida Governor DeSantis to Forbid 'Vaccine Passports'
15 '60 Minutes' just gave Ron DeSantis a massive gift
16 Florida pausing use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Gov. Ron DeSantis says
17 Lawmakers to consider Ron DeSantis' teacher, first responder $1000 bonus
18 Ron DeSantis Is Very Pleased With Himself
19 20210413 Governor Ron DeSantis Announces COVID-19 Vaccination Site at Florida Memorial University
20 Ron DeSantis' Florida boast is falling apart
21 Florida's DeSantis positions himself as Trump's heir to the White House
22 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Receives Single-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine
23 Ron DeSantis and ‘Resistance Journalism’
24 DeSantis, who got J&J shot, urges calm after FDA calls to pause vaccine
25 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants 'criminal aliens' removed from US
26 DeSantis orders worsened spring break COVID surge, mayors say
27 Florida's 'anti-riot bill' now on Gov. DeSantis' desk
28 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vows to close wastewater plant for good after near "catastrophic" breach: "We want this to be the last chapter of the Piney Point story"
29 Anti-Ron DeSantis group launches video of Matt Gaetz bromance with Ron DeSantis
30 Ron DeSantis on the Pandemic Year: Don’t Trust the Elites
31 How the wealthy cut the line during Florida's COVID vaccine rollout
32 Opinion | A Public Health Lesson for Ron DeSantis, From Harvard
34 '60 Minutes' hit job on Ron DeSantis is everything that is wrong with journalism today
35 20210325 Governor Ron DeSantis Announces New Eligibility Guidelines for COVID-19 Vaccinations
36 Gov. Ron DeSantis declares state of emergency in Manatee County
37 The Promise of Ron DeSantis
38 DeSantis hires top GOP operative for 2022 campaign
39 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ anti riot-bill expect to pass, will make penalties harsher
40 Progress Florida poses questions for Ron DeSantis about Matt Gaetz
41 ‘Help Is On The Way’: Gov. Ron DeSantis Files Lawsuit Against Feds, CDC To Reopen Cruise Ship Industry
42 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pressures CDC to allow cruises by July
43 Gov. Ron DeSantis says NW Florida has been the ‘leader’ during the pandemic
44 Ron DeSantis touts Florida's new comprehensive 'anti-riot' bill
45 Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Nearly $150 Million in Awards to Florida Communities for More Resilient Infrastructure
46 ‘If there is a valid reason, then tell me:’ DeSantis challenges CDC cruise line restrictions
47 previousDarn it, is Ron DeSantis right again?
48 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says YouTube, Google are a 'council of censors'
49 Ron DeSantis says YouTube, Google are a 'council of censors'
50 What Ron DeSantis should know about the whitewashing of American history | Editorial
51 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Holding News Conference in Panama City
52 Ron DeSantis blames 'vaccine hesitancy' on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
53 WATCH: Governor Ron DeSantis holds press conference in Panama City
54 nextRon DeSantis denounces Critical Race Theory as 'Marxism'
55 Coronavirus: DeSantis lays groundwork to overturn local mask mandates, chides 'lockdown' states
56 Gov. Ron DeSantis Appoints Former Akerman Litigator to Northern Florida Appellate Court | Daily Business Review
57 Ron DeSantis leads poll of New Hampshire Republicans if Donald Trump sits 2024 out
58 Republican Governors Association to launch statewide TV ad for Ron DeSantis
59 Pro-choice EMILY's List targets Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio
60 Stuck with Cuomo, DeSantis in a post-truth U.S. | Will Bunch Newsletter
61 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Open-for-Business” Policy Is Backfiring in Miami Beach
62 Florida Governor Signs COVID-19 Liability Protection Bill
63 Letter writers on Cal Thomas, Stumpy Harris and Ron DeSantis
64 JONAH GOLDBERG: Future of the GOP may hinge on Florida
65 Jerry Demings to Ron DeSantis: Let locals tailor vaccination strategies
66 Gov. DeSantis Vs. YouTube, And Effort To Ban Transgender Student Athletes
67 DeSantis Recognizes the Threat Posed by Climate Change, but Hasn’t Embraced Reducing Carbon Emissions
68 Letters: DeSantis undermines cruise line safety efforts
69 Governor Ron DeSantis Directs DEP To Develop Long-Term Closure Plan For Piney Point
70 DeSantis’ political fortunes a focus of Manatee vaccine event, texts show
71 Ron DeSantis and the Most Politically Potent Path Past Trump
72 How Ron DeSantis became the hottest name in the 2024 race
73 Ron DeSantis and his warped priorities for Florida
74 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis calls for restrictive new voting laws
75 His idol dethroned, Gov. Ron DeSantis is fashioning a fascist, gun-happier Florida | Opinion
76 Gov. Ron DeSantis targets Big Tech with new legislation
77 Democrats seek governor candidate, hope to oust Ron DeSantis
78 Gov. Ron DeSantis says 'there are no lockdowns in Florida'
79 DeSantis won’t answer questions about anything. Where has he been?
80 Gov. Ron DeSantis' leadership during COVID analysis
81 Florida governor signs order clearing restaurants and bars to fully open
82 Gov. Ron DeSantis: insurrection was ‘really unfortunate’
83 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Addresses COVID-19, Jobs, Schools & Economy During State Of The State
84 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pledges to keep state open, downplays rise in coronavirus cases
85 Gov. Ron DeSantis gives update from South Florida
86 DeSantis delivered Florida for Trump. Was it enough?
87 South Florida leaders say Gov. Ron DeSantis 'inadvertently' sending wrong message to ignore coronavirus restrictions
88 Putting 'politics in front of lives': DeSantis faces criticism over Florida's Covid-19 response
89 How Florida Gov. DeSantis misled the public on COVID crisis
90 Florida's governor was spotted mask-less at the Super Bowl. His reason is, uh, not great.
91 Even by Florida standards, Gov. Ron DeSantis is a covid-19 catastrophe
92 DeSantis vaccine performance earns Fox love and MSNBC scorn
93 DeSantis refused to disclose White House coronavirus report that contradicts him
94 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ midterm report card: D-minus | Editorial
95 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Biden administration butt heads on COVID-19 vaccine rollout
96 Florida Governor Ron Desantis Says Trump Loss Could Affect Florida
97 DeSantis’ top legislative priority: Stopping censorship of conservatives online
98 Ron DeSantis: Any municipality that ‘defunds’ police will lose state funding
99 ‘She’s got issues’: Florida governor lashes out at Rebekah Jones
100 Ron DeSantis Is TNR's 2020 Scoundrel of the Year