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1 Fitch Affirms Rosalind Franklin University's (IL) Revs at 'BBB+' and Assigns IDR; Outlook Negative
2 115-foot parachutes to deliver UK's first rover 'Rosalind Franklin' to Mars in 2023
3 Rosalind Franklin University dean serving as adviser for COVID-19 vaccine development
4 Rosalind Franklin rover: Mars mission on track after successful parachute test
5 Two 115-feet parachutes to help UK’s first rover ‘Rosalind Franklin’ land safely on Mars
6 Four new statues to end Trinity Long Room’s ‘men only’ image
7 Rosalind Franklin was so much more than the 'wronged heroine' of DNA
8 Moneycontrol Daily: Your Essential 7
9 Southampton Professor shares in Rosalind Franklin Medal and Prize
10 Who Is Rosalind Franklin?
11 Evangelical welcomes new primary care physician | News, Sports, Jobs
12 Podcast: A world without Rosalind Franklin
13 How COVID-19 threatens the careers of women in medicine
14 Rosalind Franklin the Scientist
15 Debunking the myth of Rosalind Franklin as ‘feminist icon’
16 PostEra and NeuroLucent collaborate on identifying small-molecule therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease
17 Rosalind Franklin centenary: 'She would have been totally amazed'
18 Trinity College To Display Sculptures Of Women For The First Time
19 New High Performance Computing Facility To be Established at University of Birmingham
20 The Life and Times of Rosalind Franklin
21 1953: Rosalind Franklin
22 English Heritage calls for more blue plaques for scientists
23 Burden of Ocular Trauma Quantified for 2010 to 2019
24 A New Place to Look for Life on Mars
25 Principal Beamline Scientist
26 ExoMars parachute testing moves forward
27 New £4m high performance computing facility to be established at University of Birmingham
28 Clay subsoil at Earth's driest place may signal life on Mars | Cornell Chronicle
29 Rosalind Franklin University's Innovation and Research Park Lands First Occupant: Inspirotec, Inc. Signs Five-Year Deal
30 In Covid year, why ‘unsung heroine of DNA’ Rosalind Franklin needs to be remembered for more
31 2020 AAAS Fellows approved by the AAAS Council
32 Reimagining the radio play as creative port in a COVID storm
33 Rosalind Franklin and the damage of gender harassment
34 Babbage
35 Rally at Rosalind Franklin University calls attention to medical school admission decisions deemed racist by organizers
36 Emily Leproust, Ph.D., to Receive 2020 Rosalind Franklin Award
37 Rosalind Franklin: British scientist celebrated with commemorative 50p coin
38 Danish study on mask efficacy only tells us half the story
39 Acidic Fluids: Finding Evidence of Life on Mars Just Got Harder
40 Protesters gather at Rosalind Franklin University with ‘the common goal to dismantle racism at its core’
41 Q&A: Who would come to your fantasy dinner party?
42 Medical and Sports Cardiologist Eli Friedman, MD, FACC, joins Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute: SF STAT!
43 Durham University Prof Carlos Frenk's prize a 'huge honour'
44 Rosalind Franklin University Researcher Awarded NIH Grant For Promising Pediatric Genetic Disease Therapeutic Approach
45 Artist pays tribute to DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin with DNA-laced paint and DNA-coded images
46 Rosalind Franklin University Biomedical Incubator Gains Support from AbbVie
47 Rosalind Franklin
48 Rosalind Franklin University Brain Disease Conference Explores The Burden Of Neurological Diseases In The US: New Initiatives For Diagnosing And Treating Brain Diseases
49 Rosalind Franklin's Numerical Data Went Farther Than One Double Helix Picture
50 The Scientist Who First Showed Us The Double Helix: A Personal Look At Rosalind Franklin
51 ExoMars Rosalind Franklin: Rover mission delayed until 2022
52 Rosalind Franklin still doesn't get the recognition she deserves for her DNA discovery
53 Happy Birthday, DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin
54 John Gapper’s fantasy dinner: Joseph Bazalgette and Rosalind Franklin
55 'Rosalind Franklin': Europe's Mars rover heads for fit checks
56 Europe's Rosalind Franklin Mars rover to make 'pit stop' for repair
57 Rosalind Franklin University Announces Research Collaboration With Exicure
58 The people who can make Brexit Britain shine
59 'Photograph 51' asks: Did DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin get the credit she deserves?
60 Rosalind Franklin University celebrates 'Science Saturday' grads
61 Rosalind Franklin: Mars rover named after DNA pioneer
62 Rosalind Franklin: Biography & Discovery of DNA Structure
63 Rosalind Franklin and the Double Helix: Physics Today: Vol 56, No 3
64 United Kingdom: DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin features on latest “Innovation in Science” coin series
65 Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University names first recipient of the Bako Medical Education Foundation Scholarship
66 'Rosalind Franklin' Mars rover edges closer to launch
67 Engineered llama antibodies neutralize COVID-19 virus
68 Rosalind Franklin Died 60 Years Ago Today Without The Nobel Prize She Deserved
69 Rosalind Franklin Facts
70 5 facts about Rosalind Franklin, DNA pioneer
71 Rosalind Franklin: Navigating workplace politics to gain recognition in science
72 4th Wall production Photograph 51 sheds light on woman scientists obscured role in DNA discovery
73 Unique Holiday Gifts on Uncommon Goods
74 Inspirotec Expands Into RFU Innovation and Research Park
75 Than A Prize Unwon: The Manifold Legacies Of Rosalind Franklin
76 Celebrating Women in STEM: Dr. Rosalind Franklin | University News
77 Rosalind Franklin, 'scientist, spinster' and genius, gets doodle nod
78 Coronavirus: Llamas provide key to immune therapy
79 AAAS announces leading scientists elected as 2020 fellows
80 Rosalind Franklin University announces new board officers
81 ExoMars 2022: ESA rover Rosalind Franklin to deliver surface platform to the Red Planet
82 Google Doodle Honors Legendary Female Scientist Rosalind Franklin
83 Rosalind Franklin's Discovery is in Everyone's DNA – Now. Powered by
84 ESA's Mars rover named for Rosalind Franklin | Space
85 Rosalind Franklin: the hidden story of DNA
86 Five Discoveries Made By Women That Were Credited To Men
87 Meet the woman who helped discover DNA — and whose work was nearly forgotten by history
88 Why has James Watson Road in Norwich changed to Rosalind Franklin Road?
89 'Photograph 51' Exposes Pattern of Delayed Recognition for Rosalind Franklin
90 6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism
91 'Photograph 51' offers tantalizing views of DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin
92 Rosalind Franklin Mars rover nears completion
93 Podcast: Remembering Rosalind Franklin: The overlooked scientist who helped discover the DNA double helix
94 Accepted by more than 1 medical school? Consider these factors
95 Parachute problems could delay Europe's ExoMars rover launch to 2022: Report
96 Opinion: Scoundrels, Saints, and the Fiction of Individual Genius
97 Sexism in science: did Watson and Crick really steal Rosalind Franklin’s data?
98 Rosalind Franklin: Mars rover control centre opens
99 Pharmacy and Telehealth: An Interprofessional Model at a Student-led Free Clinic
100 Rosalind Franklin Award Recognizes Young Women at the Forefront of Genetics Research