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1 GALAH+ survey: Third data release | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
2 Mysterious hydrogen-free supernova sheds light on stars' violent death throes
3 The Royal Astronomical Society is searching for the UK's "Moon Trees"
4 Mysterious Hydrogen-Free Supernova Sheds Light on Massive Stars’ Violent Death Throes
5 Royal Astronomical Society on the hunt for Apollo 14 moon trees
6 Investigating the role of magnetic fields in star formation using molecular line profiles
7 Black hole is closest to Earth, among the smallest ever discovered
8 Radio Astronomers Discover 8 New Millisecond Pulsars With MeerKAT Telescope
9 Non-Kolmogorov turbulence in multiphase intracluster medium driven by cold gas precipitation and AGN jets
10 'Spaghettified' star wrapped around a black hole spotted for the first time
11 Be/neutron star system Swift J004929.5-733107 in the Small Magellanic Cloud–X-ray characteristics and optical counterpart candidates
12 NAOC scientists make further step towards understanding dark energy
13 Scientist Spot Star That's Been Stretched Out and Wrapped Around a Black Hole
14 Astronomers Discover Closest Known Black Hole Candidate | Astronomy
15 Scientists discover the closest black hole to Earth so far, dubbed 'The Unicorn'
16 Two UCSC geophysicists honored by Royal Astronomical Society
17 Seven Ponds Astronomy Club to host program on unnoticed, double stars | The County Press
18 Satellite skyglow may mean light pollution is unavoidable
19 Watch today's major announcement from the Royal Astronomical Society – Astronomy Now
20 Hints of life on Venus Royal Astronomical Society
21 Newfound black hole may be the closest to Earth
22 Barnstable High grad overcomes challenges to become top astronomer
23 A proliferation of space junk is blocking our view of the cosmos, research shows
24 Planetarium is shaping the world of astrophysics for the next decade
25 Shiny Satellites, Space Junk Blocking Our View of the Universe: Study
26 Dust entrainment in galactic winds | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
27 New study finds satellites contribute significant light pollution to night skies
28 infancy of core-collapse supernova remnants | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
29 ALMA Spots Gravitatinally Lensed Rotating Galaxy in Early Universe | Astronomy
30 Very low-frequency oscillations from the 11 Hz pulsar in Terzan 5: frame dragging back on the table.
31 Multifrequency observations of SGR J1935+2154 | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
32 UCSC professor awarded Royal Astronomical Society gold medal in geophysics
33 A breakthrough astrophysics code rapidly models stellar collisions
34 Record-breaking black hole discovered; Named "The Unicorn"
35 New study suggests supermassive black holes could form from dark matter
36 Spectacular 'honeycomb heart' revealed in iconic stellar explosion
37 Space plasma and exoplanet experts receive Royal Astronomical Society awards
38 Vankleek Hill skies helped inspire 'The Backyard Astronomer' as a young man
39 Synchrotron emission from a nearby zone of SgrA*
40 Mysterious rapid radio burst captured live
41 Anomaly detection in the Zwicky Transient Facility DR3
42 Discovering strongly lensed QSOs from unresolved light curves
43 Gaia: astronomers to release most accurate data ever for nearly two billion stars
44 Atmospheric circulation of brown dwarfs and directly imaged exoplanets driven by cloud radiative feedback: effects of rotation
45 Asteroseismic analysis of 15 solar-like oscillating evolved stars
46 Baryons shaping dark matter haloes | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
47 Galactic merger implications for eccentric nuclear discs: a mechanism for disc alignment
48 ESO telescopes record last moments of star devoured by a black hole
49 Characterizing outflows in the Cygnus X region | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
50 The Royal Astronomical Society at 200
51 Remembering the life of Newark's finest astronomer
52 Lyrid meteor shower about to peak, but poor conditions expected for many Canadian viewers
53 Taking Stock of Cosmic Rays in the Solar System
54 Royal Astronomical Society honours team behind first picture black hole with 2021 Group Achievement Award
55 The Royal Astronomical Society gets a mesmerising new logo
56 ALMA discovers rotating infant galaxy with help of natural cosmic telescope
57 Astronomers Are About to Make a Major Mystery Announcement
58 Astronomers model, determine how disk galaxies evolve so smoothly • News Service • Iowa State University
59 'Aliens are coming': Alberta RCMP 911 dispatchers fielding calls about UFO sightings
60 National astronomical society launches high school outreach programming
61 Physicists guardedly optimistic about UK's new DARPA-like funding agency
62 Phosphine Detected In The Atmosphere of Venus
63 2 killed, 23 hurt when boat capsizes off San Diego coast
64 UCL is celebrating double honours in the prestigious annual Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) awards.
65 Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 4
66 "How satellite 'megaconstellations' will photobomb astronomy images
67 Satellites contribute significant light pollution to night skies
68 The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare
69 Birmingham astronomers honoured in Royal Astronomical Society bicentenary awards
70 Astronomers Discover New Way to “See” Elusive Dark Matter Halos
71 Cosmic X-rays reveal an indubitable signature of black holes
72 Astronomers discover new 'fossil galaxy' buried deep within the Milky Way
73 Springhill area teen's nebula photo featured in astronomical society 2021's calendar | Saltwire
74 Space junk is blocking our view of the stars, scientists say
75 Look closely in the sky this December to see something not seen in 800 years | iNFOnews | Thompson-Okanagan's News Source
76 Seeing dark matter in a new light
77 UMD astronomers find x-rays lingering years after landmark neutron star collision
78 Details of UK-led solar science mission revealed at National Astronomy Meeting
79 Vera Rubin, astronomer extraordinaire — a new biography She confirmed dark matter, probed spiral galaxies and fought
80 RAS warns of growing light pollution as satellite fleets expand – Astronomy Now
81 8 extremely rare 'millisecond pulsars' discovered inside globular clusters
82 Dawson honored with Helen B. Warner Prize for Astronomy | Penn State University
83 Chandra Spots a Cosmic Amethyst in a Dying Star
84 Breakthrough narrows intelligent life search in Milky Way
85 Sensing suns
86 Collect the cosmos in stamps |
87 Today's Top 5 From Purdue University
88 Astronomers spot bizarre activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe
89 Govind Swarup, the towering force of Indian Astronomical Society
90 Giant Radio Galaxies: Cosmic Beasts and Where to Find Them
91 Star’s Death by Spaghettification: Shredded by Black Hole As Astronomers Record
92 Royal Mail Issues 8 Stellar Stamps for Astronomical Society Anniversary
93 Astronomers find the first galaxy whose ultraviolet luminosity is comparable to that of a quasar
94 Study finds nowhere on Earth is safe from satellite light pollution
95 Big Data to model the evolution of the cosmic web
96 The space rock that hit the moon at 61000 kilometers an hour
97 Nick Kaiser receives Royal Astronomical Society's highest award | University of Hawaiʻi System News
98 Cosmic beasts and where to find them
99 Galactic bar paradox resolved in cosmic dance
100 Student astronomer finds galactic missing matter