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1 Rudy Giuliani Called Police After ‘Absurd’ Sacha Baron Cohen Interview Prank
2 Rudy Giuliani called NYPD on Sacha Baron Cohen following failed prank
3 Giuliani suggests Trump may have fired Manhattan US Attorney Berman due to investigations
4 Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter ‘a Marxist organization’
5 Rudy Giuliani blasts Democrat-led states following George Floyd protests
6 Rudy Giuliani says Black Lives Matter 'wants to come and take your house away from you' in Fox News rant
7 Giuliani No Longer Worst Lawyer in Country
8 What Happened to America’s Mayor?
9 The Bigoted, Conspiratorial Rants of Rudy Giuliani’s Radio Show
10 Rudy Giuliani may have said the dumbest thing yet uttered about the coronavirus
11 Rudy Giuliani's SDNY saga: from top prosecutor to subject of scrutiny
12 Rudy Giuliani: What to know about the former NYC mayor
13 Rudy Giuliani Has Made It Out of the Tabloid Wilderness
14 What Happened to Rudy Giuliani?
15 New questions about Rudy Giuliani
16 How Rudy Giuliani Landed A Role At The Center Of The Ukraine Affair
17 The Fog of Rudy
18 Rudy Giuliani once had a real chance of becoming president – and he blew it
19 Rudy Giuliani Is Living the Dream
20 A Conversation With Rudy Giuliani Over Bloody Marys at the Mark Hotel
21 What's up with Rudy Giuliani?
22 How Rudy Giuliani’s Pursuit of Money and Power May Cost Donald Trump Dearly
23 Giuliani Is Said to Be Under Investigation for Ukraine Work
24 Rudy Giuliani's own words tell the tale of the Ukraine scandal
25 Rudy Giuliani's long history as a Trump friend and associate
26 Giuliani attacks foes, claims again to have 'insurance' to stay in Trump's good graces
27 Rudy Giuliani Once Fought Corruption, Now He Is Embroiled in It
28 To Drain the Swamp, Start With Rudy Giuliani
29 Legal storm clouds gather over Rudy Giuliani, America's tarnished mayor
30 The Weekly | How Did Rudy Giuliani Get Here?
31 Rudy Giuliani consulting firm eyed in federal subpoenas, report says
32 Whom Rudy Giuliani is talking to, what he’s doing — and what comes next
33 What was Rudy Giuliani Doing in Fresno?
34 Transcript
35 A ‘minor player’ and a ‘shiny object’: Trump’s legal team tries to explain away Rudy Giuliani
36 Rudy Giuliani is still Trump's attorney but won't deal with Ukraine matters, source says
37 'Talk to Rudy': Impeachment transcripts detail Giuliani's outsized influence in Ukraine policy
38 What happened to Rudy Giuliani? It's a long story
39 Watch Rudy Giuliani and Piers Morgan duke it out on air
40 Rudy Giuliani's Time As New York Mayor
41 Rudy Giuliani’s rise and fall, explained
42 Rudy Giuliani's divorce battle ends, but legal troubles continue for Trump lawyer
43 What Is Rudy Giuliani's Role In The Trump Administration?
44 Rudy Giuliani mixed White House role, personal business in cybersecurity
45 'You have to ask Rudy': 5 key things to know about Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the Ukraine affair
46 Rudy Giuliani is looking for a defense attorney, sources say
47 Where Did Rudy Go?
48 Rudy Giuliani Doesn’t Know What He’s Going To Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak
49 Will Rudy Giuliani Be the Next Trump Associate to Be Indicted?
50 The Evolution Of Rudy Giuliani
51 Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in bitter row with former America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan over George Floyd
52 EXCLUSIVE: Rudy Giuliani speaks to FOX26 during stop in Fresno
53 Rudy Giuliani’s high-dollar foreign clients could present legal problems: Experts
54 Rudy Giuliani's former DOJ colleagues believe he committed crimes in pushing Biden probe
55 The Rudy Giuliani of today is just the same old Rudy
56 Rudy Giuliani Appears Quite-to-Very Screwed
57 New charges likely in case against Rudy Giuliani associates, prosecutors say
58 Rudy Giuliani: ‘You Should Be Happy for Your Country That I Uncovered This’
59 Rudy Giuliani’s path from New York mayor to Trump and Ukraine
60 Rudy Giuliani says he won't testify without consulting Trump
61 Who is Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani?
62 New Rudy Giuliani letter destroys Trump defense in Ukraine controversy
63 Rudy Giuliani tells CNN he's unaware he's under investigation for Ukraine involvement
64 Trump-Ukraine scandal puts spotlight on Rudy Giuliani's business ties. Is he a 'foreign agent'?
65 Rudy Giuliani: 'America's mayor' or 'conspiracy nut,' friends and critics see both sides
66 We have no idea who is paying Rudy Giuliani
67 Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, defies subpoena in impeachment inquiry
68 Rudy Giuliani fires back at former White House aide who accused him of spreading ‘completely false’ theory
69 Trump Backs Rudy Giuliani After Hedging on His Status as Personal Lawyer
70 Washington Post: Feds advanced Giuliani investigation as impeachment wrapped and DOJ reviewed his Ukraine tips
71 How Rudy Giuliani’s epic slide, from crime buster to conspirator, reveals America’s broken windows | Will Bunc
72 Rudy Giuliani offers ways for NYC to return to more normal existence: 'We have to get something started'
73 Fact-checking Rudy Giuliani's newest allegations from his Ukraine trip
74 Trump says he hopes his lawyer Rudy Giuliani doesn't get indicted
75 Did President Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, break the law with his Ukraine meetings?
76 Rudy Giuliani makes coronavirus pivot as Trump's new 'science adviser'
77 Part attorney, part investigator. How Rudy Giuliani's many roles for Trump could play out in impeachment inquiry
78 How Rudy Giuliani Became Trump’s Shadow Secretary of State
79 Giuliani Says He Has "Five Friends Left" After Forgetting To Hang Up The Phone With Reporter
80 Can a presidential candidate really skip the early states? Ask Rudy Giuliani
81 Giuliani says Democrats want to 'execute' him
82 Rudy Giuliani Is Like a Bomb That Won’t Stop Exploding
83 Giuliani launches 'common sense' podcast, urges impeachment case be dismissed
84 Rudy Giuliani Is Looking for $10 Million to Finance a Ukraine-Biden Film
85 Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s Legal Representative, Under Criminal Investigation
86 House Subpoenas Giuliani, Trump’s Lawyer, for Ukraine Records
87 Giuliani role unnerves some congressional Republicans
88 Giuliani contradicts himself over Ukraine probe of Biden
89 The unravelling of Rudy Giuliani
90 Rudy Giuliani says he "never ever" discussed Ukraine military aid with President Trump
91 Why Hasn’t Trump Thrown Rudy Giuliani Under the Bus?
92 Twitter deleted a tweet by Rudy Giuliani for spreading coronavirus misinformation
93 Rudy Giuliani is the weakest link in Trump-Ukraine scandal
94 Trump backs Rudy Giuliani after report says president's lawyer is under investigation
95 Why hasn't Rudy Giuliani been disbarred yet?
96 Is Rudy Giuliani going to jail?
97 Why was Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine this week?
98 Did Rudy Giuliani Nullify His Attorney-Client Protections?
99 Giuliani Says Trump Should '100%' Investigate Biden After Expected Senate Acquittal
100 Rudy Giuliani’s remarkable fall from grace