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1 OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F
2 Senate confirms Russ Vought to be White House budget chief
3 The partisan warrior leading the White House’s shutdown response
4 Press Briefing by Acting OMB Director Russ Vought
5 Trump to nominate Russell Vought as budget chief | TheHill
6 House Committee Chairs Warn OMB Against 'Midnight' Rulemakings
7 Russell Vought, budget director critiqued for religious views, up for Senate confirmation
8 Trump Moves to Cancel Contracts for Government Sensitivity Training
9 Budget nominee looks set to clear at least one Senate hurdle
10 Trump to nominate Russell Vought to be OMB director amid staff shake-up
11 Maloney, Chairs Seek Info on Efforts to Withhold Funds from 'Anarchist Jurisdictions'
12 White House budget head says he doesn’t anticipate more Ukraine money holdups
13 Trump’s pick for budget chief unlikely to get much support from Democrats
14 Trump's budget chief pick prepares to run confirmation gantlet
15 Acting OMB Head Russell Vought Urges Agencies to Leverage 'Acquisition Flexibilities', Domestic Production
16 In a rare move, Trump appointees bust union, hit federal immigration judges
17 Russell Vought Releases OMB Memo on FY 2022 Gov't R&D Priorities
18 Trump OMB nominee OK'd by Budget panel, ready for floor vote
19 Bernie Sanders's Religious Test for Christians in Public Office
20 Russ Vought Senate-Confirmed to Lead OMB Full Time
21 Trump Administration Finalizing Last-Minute Safety Net Cuts
22 White House Threatens Discipline for Employees Engaging in 'Divisive' Training, Calls for Political Watchdogs
23 Cuomo Responds to Trump's Threats to 'Defund' Democratic Cities
24 Trump's Proposed Budget Is Expected To Include Spending Cuts
25 U.S. Budget Deficit Hit $3.1 Trillion Amid Virus Spending Surge
26 Acting U.S. Budget Chief Seeks Reprieve on Huawei Ban
27 The Trump Administration Is Giving Political Appointees Power Over Apportioning Federal Funds
28 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and OMB Acting Director Russell Vought
29 Trump Led From Briefing Room After a Shooting Outside the White House
30 Trump budget nominee gets first Senate committee nod
31 OMB urges 'maximum telework flexibilities' for DC-area feds
32 New White House Guidance Says Agencies Should 'Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions'
33 I On Politics
34 Trump's OMB nominee gets first Senate committee nod
35 Career White House budget official expected to break ranks, testify in impeachment inquiry
36 Billy Butcher Stars In Big Trouble In Little China In The Boys Artwork
37 White House Asks Congress for Billions to Fight Coronavirus
38 Mulvaney allies to try to stonewall Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, officials say
39 Trump Names Mark Meadows Chief of Staff, Fires Mick Mulvaney
40 First Amendment may protect feds who run afoul of Trump diversity EO, attorneys say
41 White House Gives Agencies 14 Days to Detail Their Plans to Slash Regulations
42 Trump Budget Director ‘Not Yet Ready to Reveal’ Obamacare Replacement
43 White House shifts more budget authority to political appointees
44 74 Senators Call for Fed Ad Dollars to Help Local Media
45 Trump’s Executive Order 13,891 Creates Portals For Federal Agency Guidance Documents; And Here They Are
46 Inside the Failure: 5 Takeaways on Trump’s Effort to Shift Responsibility
47 Democrats blast Puerto Rico aid hold at budget hearing
48 Coronavirus Roundup: Over 130 Secret Service Officers are Quarantining; HHS Announces Vaccine Partnership with Pharmacies Nationwide
49 Pipeline Proposal Leads the Week
50 Why OMB has not released a more concrete plan for federal reopening
51 Corrections: Sept. 4, 2020
52 A two-page White House ‘race’ memo became a flash point in Tuesday’s debate
53 Trump signs memo to defund 'lawless' cities but experts raise legality doubts
54 Trump Attack on Diversity Training Has a Quick and Chilling Effect
55 White House rolls out operational pivot to manage pandemic
56 Exclusive: New Unredacted Emails Show How Deeply OMB Misled Congress on Ukraine
57 POLITICO Playbook: What Chuck Schumer wants vs. what Mitch McConnell wants
58 Sanders Didn't Call Christianity Insulting
59 President Trump taps Russ Vought to be OMB deputy director
60 Trump's plan to burn the civil service to the ground is moving forward at this major agency
61 Immigration Officers Face Furloughs as Visa Applications Plunge
62 The White House Staff Is Freaking Out and So Is Mitch McConnell's Senate Majority
63 Trump budget chief holds firm on CDC cuts amid virus outbreak | TheHill
64 OMB Director Defends Cuts to IT Oversight Budget – MeriTalk
65 ‘It’s depressing, isn’t it?’: With little protest, GOP succumbs to Trump on spending
66 Columnist Andrea Ayvazian: The hard work of anti-racism training
67 White House Recommends Telework for Certain Feds
68 Trump's budget director refused to say under congressional questioning whether jobs were created under Obama
69 OMB Director Vought: Trump Protecting Cities With Funding Threat
70 Impeachment investigators issue subpoenas to 3 top Trump officials
71 Palazzo: Senate Democrats Denying Small Business Relief is Reprehensible
72 EDITORIAL | There's nothing 'un-American' about equity, inclusion
73 White House details plan for feds returning to work, resuming operations amid COVID-19
74 POLITICO Playbook: Trump's 46 percent presidency
75 White House Moves to Gain More Control Over Federal Regulations
76 Behind the Ukraine Aid Freeze: 84 Days of Conflict and Confusion
77 Trump, Vought, DeVos and Keim call out Marxist indoctrination in colleges and government agencies
78 Office of Management and Budget
79 White House Directs Agencies to Plan for Presidential Transition
80 Testimony and Evidence Collected in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry (Published 2019)
81 23 Dangerous Propositions the Senate Just Ratified
82 The Health 202: Bernie Sanders assures voters 'he's fine.' But he still won't release his complete medical history
83 White House to skip economic forecast this summer showing depth of the downturn
84 Sanders hits Trump nominee who called Islam ‘a deficient theology’ | TheHill
85 Trump policy, coronavirus leave citizenship agency bankrupt
86 Why the Trump administration is slashing anti-discrimination training
87 White House political appointees overrode career staffers before freezing Ukraine aid
88 Examining Trump Administration Aims To Change Disability Benefits
89 Let’s talk about those reopening plans
90 Analysis | The articles of impeachment against President Trump, annotated
91 How Mick Mulvaney Found Himself at Center of Impeachment | Time
92 Trump Admin to Block Agencies From Contractors Using Products From Five Chinese Firms
93 OPM looks to its own reopening
94 Acting OMB director says he will not testify in impeachment inquiry | TheHill
95 Trump's White House says critical race theory is anti-American. Here's the truth.
96 OMB Isn't Requiring Agencies to Extend Public Comment Periods for Rulemaking During Coronavirus
97 As Trump Seizes Wall Money, Congress’s Spending Power Weakens
98 In Presidential First, Trump Will Attend Anti-Abortion March for Life
99 The House Is Making This Fight Too Easy for Trump
100 Trump executive order targets regulations waived during pandemic for potential permanent repeal