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Result Content Idea Research
1 Address at the UN Conference on Financing SDG Implementation: The Role of Integrated National Financing Frameworks
2 Network Reviews Challenges for National SDG Planning During Pandemic | News
3 UN Secretary-General Releases 2020 SDG Progress Report | News
4 SDG No. 17, coronavirus and the battle for a collaborative future
5 How the Sustainable Development Goals can help cities focus COVID-19 recovery on inclusion, equity, and sustainability
6 SDG Setback 'Tremendous' as COVID-19 Accelerates Slide
7 Experts Set True Test of Effective SDG Financing | News
8 Guest Article: A Bold Call for Action Needed on Measuring SDG Indicators
9 Sustainable Development Goals: What to salvage from Covid-19
10 Public Consultations Underway on Releasing More SDG Finance | News
11 A look at how UN development funds are recalibrating SDG funding
12 Gridded Data Can Improve SDG Indicator Availability, Help Leave No One Behind | News
13 Guest Article: How Can Voluntary Local Reviews Contribute to the SDG Decade of Action? An Assessment of VLRs to Date
14 Global efforts remain insufficient to reach SDG 7 goal by 2030
15 Fair Trade Standards Organization Joins Gender-Responsive Standards Declaration | News
16 How the SDGs Can Power Innovation
17 Draft Resolution Provides HLPF Themes, SDGs, Areas for Acceleration in 2021-2023 | News
18 The SDGs, access to civil justice, and legal technology – PRIO Blogs
19 What do 'bad' SDG impact ratings mean?
20 World Hunger Day: Where India stands in meeting its SDG on hunger
21 DESA Announces Preparatory Process for 2020 HLPF Thematic Review | News
22 Responsible investors face limited universe of companies meeting...
23 “AKID2030
24 UN, Governments, Civil Society Generating Ideas for UN75 Declaration | News
25 Forty-eight VNRs Anticipated in Revised HLPF Schedule | News
26 No help with the heat in Cornwall, SDG
27 International Day on Biological Diversity Looks to Solutions Found in Nature | News
28 What India's performance in the Impact Rankings tells us
29 UN75 People's Forum Adopts Recommendations for Strengthening Multilateralism | News
30 Covid-19 intensifies need to expand sustainable energy solutions
31 UN Launches Socio-Economic Response Plan for 162 Country Teams | News
32 Countries Preparing for UNEA-5, Stockholm+50 | News
33 COVID-19 and SDG 6 goals: All that we need to learn and do
34 Opinion Pieces Discuss Various Aspects Of COVID-19 Pandemic, Including Vaccine R&D, Potential Impact On SDGs, Women's Health, Other Diseases
35 Countries Commit to Work Together to Combat COVID-19 at World Health Assembly | News
36 FfD Forum Highlights Calls for Debt Standstill | News
37 Virtual G20 Ministerial Events Spotlight COVID-19, Trade Impacts | News
38 Empowering community coaches to achieve SDGs through sports
39 UN Reports on System-wide Tools for SDG Data | News
40 UiTM and JAIST Sign a Joint Declaration on United Nation's SDGs
41 SpaceWatchGL Feature: Taking Action! A Dialogue on Space Protection
42 Historic salary hike sees prices soar in Sudan
43 The ‘SDG Effect’: The emerging Pittsburgh platform to deliver the global goals locally
44 Decade of Action – United Nations Sustainable Development
45 Coronavirus
46 Why Indonesia makes an impact in SDG-focused ranking
47 NDC Update: Rwanda is First LDC in 2020, Andorra Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050 | News
48 Better Together: How 2 Brands Are Collaborating to Provide Good Health & Well-Being During COVID-19 Through Positive Consumption (Mentally & Physically)
49 Building the SDG economy: Needs, spending, and financing for universal achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
50 SDG Ambition Supports Integration of Global Goals into Corporate Operations | News
51 Interactive Tool Helps Businesses Set Goals for SDG Action | News
52 US State of Hawai'i Sets SDGs as Framework for Prosperity, Sustainability | News
53 IAEG Proposes 36 Major Changes to SDG Indicator Framework | News
54 SDG Bel-Air 3.0 launched | 25 years in the making
55 Virtual UNECE Forum Recognizes Need for Accelerated SDG Progress | News
56 Supporting businesses critical to realizing SDGs
57 New UN Global Compact initiative aims to spur private sector progress towards the SDGs
58 OECD Introduces Checklist for Sub-National Action on SDG Implementation | News
59 Calibrating the COVID-19 Crisis Response to the SDGs | United Nations
60 UNDP invites 12 entrepreneurs from developing countries to pitch at SDG Finance Geneva Summit
61 Peru Shows How Data Measures Targeted at Vulnerable Populations Help Achieve SDG Target 16.9 | News
62 Guest Article: Will the SDGs Still be Relevant after the Pandemic? A Disability Rights Perspective
63 UNECE Releases Statistical Portrait of Region's SDG Progress | News
64 Plans Outlined for SDG Moment, Decade of Action | News
65 Guest Article: Deciding What to Think of the First Four Years of SDG Implementation
66 SDG Summit Highlights Need for Accelerated Action to Reach the Goals by 2030 | News
67 How companies can align their materials strategy to the SDGs
68 ESCWA Report Uses Microdata to Track Conflict's Impacts on SDG Progress | News
69 Closing the SDG Gap by Kevin Watkins
70 Digital financial services could fast-track UN SDGs
71 Guest Article: SDG Implementation Will Affect Forests and People
72 Businesses Around the World Provide Examples on Measuring SDG Impact | News
73 IUFRO WFSE Publication Analyzes SDGs for Forests and People | News
74 SDG progress 'in danger' of going backwards without change in direction, new UN report reveals
75 Asia-Pacific Off Track: 20% of SDG Indicators Predicted to be Worse in 2030 | News
76 Charts of the Week: The Sustainable Development Goals
77 Asia and the Pacific SDG Progress Report 2020
78 Sustainable Development Goals: A Misunderstood Market Opportunity?
79 Guest Article: An Accelerator Under-Used? New Report Explores the Place of Culture in SDG Implementation
80 UNECE Launches Data Dashboard for 80 SDG Indicators | News
81 City of Los Angeles Highlights SDG Efforts with Voluntary Local Review | News
82 City of Houston Gets SDG Data Dashboard | News
83 6 Ways Business Can Align with Sustainable Development Goals
84 Be more ambitious with the SDGs — for the world and business
85 Needed: A systematic effort to monitor and report greenwashing related to the SDGs
86 Gates Foundation Says World Not On Track To Meet Goal Of Ending Poverty By 2030
87 How to make the textiles sector fit for the future | Greenbiz
88 What do you know about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
89 'Concerted efforts' needed to meet 2030 Global Goals in Asia-Pacific region
90 New Indicators on AMR, Dispute Resolution, GHG Emissions Agreed for SDG Framework | News
91 These are the most essential highlights from the UN's SDG Summit
92 UN Statistical Commission Adopts 36 Changes to SDG Indicators | News
93 Get the Sustainable Development Goals back on track
94 UNECE Launches Regional Resources on SDG Statistics | News
95 Brookings Report Reflects on Africa's SDG Progress, Top Priorities to 2030 | News
96 GO for SDGs Initiative to Raise Ambition for Inclusive Economies | News
97 Dividend Announcement per share
98 New Google, UN partnership aims to 'turn on the tap' to SDG data
99 Amid the coronavirus, the SDGs will help us rebuild better
100 Here's How Some Travel Companies Are Working Toward the UN's SDG's