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1 SDNY Rules that Trump Campaign Non-Disclosure is too Broad to Enforce
2 Lev Tahor Leaders Charged With Child Exploitation Offenses
3 Majeed Pleads Guilty To Passport Fraud Conspiracy in SDNY Sentencing July 21
4 McMahon Tells White House She's Stepping Down as SDNY Chief Judge, Taking Senior Status April 10 | New York Law Journal
5 Reality Show Cast Members Charged With Running Nationwide Telemarketing Fraud Scheme
6 SDNY Ruling Opens Door To Class Challenges In 2nd Circ.
7 Honduran National Convicted On Drug Trafficking And Weapons Charges
8 Doctor Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison In Widespread Scheme To Defraud Medicare And Other Health Insurance Providers Of Millions Of Dollars
9 SDNY Judge Refuses To Toss Ghislaine Maxwell Indictment
10 Transnational Money Launderer Sentenced To 50 Months In Prison
11 SDNY Dismisses Conspiracy Allegations Against Large Banks
12 Man Done In By Confidential Source Gets SDNY Adjournments Now Rhinebeck Program
13 A Riskier Approach: How 3 Ex-Feds Persuaded the SDNY to Drop Criminal Charges Against Former Brixmor Execs | New York Law Journal
14 Florida Plaintiff Sues Orange County NY Hotel Under ADA Via Massachusetts Lawyer in SDNY
15 Donziger Asked Zoom Access To SDNY Trial Citing George Floyd on TV But Denied Again
16 Bronx USPS Crash Leads to SDNY Lawsuit With NY Case Cited on Summary Judgment
17 Bank Employee Arrested For Defrauding Her Employer Of $1.7 Million
18 Donziger Asks Zoom Access To SDNY Trial Citing George Floyd Case TV Access & COVID
19 Chase Bank Sues In SDNY Seeking A Deposition Citing A Case in New Jersey
20 Three Defendants Charged In $1.6 Million Covid-19 Fraud Scheme
21 Fifth Avenue Freight Elevator Injury Leads to SDNY Lawsuit With Photos and Loss Reports
22 UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. Announces Progress in U.S. Patent Infringement Disputes
23 Disbarred Attorney Sentenced To 51 Months In Prison For Stealing 9/11 Victim Compensation Funds
24 SDNY Jury Convicts 2 Of Tricking Banks On Pot Transactions
25 Accused Slasher of Witness Neck Still on Trial in SDNY, Q of Expert Detective at Montefiore
26 SDNY Vacates Arbitration Award in International Maritime Shipping Dispute
27 New York City Man Arrested For Carrying Out Hoax Bomb Threat At Manhattan Restaurant
28 The Former Biglaw Attorney Poised To Be The First Black U.S. Attorney At S.D.N.Y.
29 Subprime Successors Still Slug It Out In SDNY Over Servicing of Saxon By Owcen Now PHH
30 Man Charged With Pot Violation of Supervised Release Wants Hearing in SDNY Not on Zoom
31 CEO Of NYC Non-Profit Charged In Bribery And Kickbacks Scheme Involving Publicly Funded Housing And Social Services
32 SDNY Dismisses Conspiracy Allegations against Large Banks
33 In SDNY Ahuja and Shor Case Now Motion to Dismiss Indictment or For A New Trial
34 Drugs and Gun Trial in SDNY Pushed to August on Bandwidth With Suppression Hearing Before
35 US Mission to the UN Sued For Discrimination Now On Question to Harry Ting Seeks Sealing
36 Case: Wage & Hour/Settlement Agreement (S.D.N.Y.)
37 SDNY Crack Defendant Smith Faced 87 Months But Got 72 Depression Air-Brushed in PSR
38 Former Honduran Congressman Tony Hernández Sentenced To Life In Prison And Ordered To Forfeit $138.5 Million For Distributing 185 Tons Of Cocaine And Related Firearms And False Statements Offenses
39 Dying Polar Bear Video In SDNY Lawsuit Cites 2d Circuit Met Summary Order, No Precedent
40 SDNY Defamation Suit Has Demand To Know How Case Assigned, Previous One Dismissed
41 Felon in Possession Trial Moved Up To May 5 in SDNY Jury Said Picked By Lunchtime
42 In SDNY Prince Uko Was Bailed On Bank Fraud Charges Now Pleads So Sentencing July 2
43 Nasty Talk in Columbia U Public Health School Triggers SDNY Lawsuit Citing Gaslighting
44 Donziger Asks For 4 Hours For SDNY Opening But Is Told To Confer With Government
45 In Lawsuit Against ICE Detention in New Jersey US Contests SDNY Venue, Files Redacted Brief
46 Compliance Hot Spots: Infrastructure Lobbying Ramps Up | Schumer Makes SDNY Recommendation | Compensation and Client Snapshots: Latest Financial Disclosures for WH Lawyers | New Compliance Hires
47 Gun Sale In Port Authority Bus Terminal Bathroom Triggers SDNY Plea and 24 Months
48 Donziger Can't Get Livestream Of Upcoming SDNY Trial
49 After Ernest Murphy Got 260 Months in SDNY Lloyd Gordon As Supplier Who Pled Gets 90
50 In SDNY Jury Trial Approaches For 2 Delis on UWS With Tax Records & Verdict Forms Filed
51 Second Managing Partner Of Investment Advisory Firm Pleads Guilty To Defrauding Clients And Investors In Over $100 Million Ponzi-Like Fraud Scheme
52 Case: Discrimination/Retaliation (S.D.N.Y.)
53 Saks Is Sued For Discriminating Against Returning Service Member Discovery Dispute
54 Willis Re Sued Herriott Then Wanted to Redact Contempt Motion Now Unsealed, MTD Denied
55 Bakers Pizza Owner Sued By Wheelchair Bound Man Then In Mental Ward But Case Proceeds
56 What Is “Chicken”? – More On Colorado’s Proposed Referendum On Animal Agriculture
57 Food & Beverage Litigation Update l April 2021 #2 | Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP
58 Case: Wage & Hour/Uncompensated Hours (S.D.N.Y.)
59 Southern District of New York Holds Contamination Exclusion is Ambiguous as Applied to Covid-19 Business Losses
60 Chairez Charged With 5 Kilos of Coke Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge for 97 to 121 Months
61 Guo Wengui With Bannon Cited Sued Strategic Vision Now Trial Day 1 Wallop and Waller
62 In Trial of Accused Slasher of Witness Neck Distinction of Cooperator and CI Objected To
63 In Ghislaine Maxwell Case Arraignment Allows Public In Jury Assembly Room & Call-In Line
64 Amid Reverse Mortgage Fraud Trial of Hild Closure Told By Lender Who Flew From Detroit
65 Photographer Sues BoredomTherapy For Wheelchair Pic Now Mediation Amid Discovery
66 Georgia Man Sentenced To 40 Months In Prison For Participation In Multimillion-Dollar Business Email Compromise Scheme
67 SDNY Trials Delayed Through Feb. 12, McMahon Says | New York Law Journal
68 Circuit Issues New §230 Ruling as Law's Future Remains Uncertain | New York Law Journal
69 Federal Judge Calls Out SDNY Investigative Practices; Not Her First Time
70 Bankruptcy Court Recharacterizes Alleged Loan as Equity Under Delaware Law
71 Connecticut Army National Guard Soldier And Rikers Correction Officer Charged With Defrauding The United States Department Of Veterans Affairs And The New York City Department Of Correction
72 Just Say No: Discovery In Chapter 15 Bankruptcies Is Asymmetrical
73 In Venezuela Sanctions Case Inner City Press Pushed To Unseal Now Review of Vault Ordered
74 Manhattan City Council Candidate Sues Cuomo For Exclusionary New Elections Rules
75 Southern District of New York (SDNY): Who Will Biden Pick as Next US Attorney?
76 SDNY Judge Rejects Trump's Objections to Manhattan Grand Jury Subpoena Seeking Financial Records | New York Law Journal
77 Attorneys And Managers Of Fraudulent Asylum Scheme Charged In Manhattan Federal Court
78 To UN vs Guterres Inner City Press Filed to PGA Now Omits Meeting SC Prez But Guterres Does
79 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Resolution Of Civil And Criminal Healthcare Fraud Charges Against Vascular Surgeon For Fraudulently Billing Medicare For Medically Unnecessary Procedures
80 John David McAfee And Executive Adviser Of His Cryptocurrency Team Indicted In Manhattan Federal Court For Fraud And Money Laundering Conspiracy Crimes
81 Judge Castigates SDNY Prosecutors' Conduct in Prosecution of Iranian Businessman | New York Law Journal
82 Defendant Charged In $1.4 Million Covid-19 Fraud Scheme | USAO-SDNY
83 SDNY Grapples with Judicial Rebukes
84 SDNY Judge Calls for DOJ Probe of Prosecutorial Misconduct in Iran Sanctions Case | New York Law Journal
85 SDNY Judge Rules Lenders Can Retain Mistakenly Paid Funds
86 Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard Indicted on Sex Trafficking, Racketeering Charges: SDNY
87 Amid Expected Rise in Investigations, Ex-SDNY Chief Counsel Returns to Arnold & Porter | New York Law Journal
88 SDNY Denies Motion to Dismiss Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Former Directors Based on Allegations That Approval of Leveraged Buyout Was Reckless
89 Life During COVID-19: SDNY Orders Video Testimony For Witness In Criminal Trial
90 Black Market Money Remitter Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court
91 Breaking News: Liebowitz Suspended In The SDNY
92 SDNY To Resume In-Person Civil Jury Trials In May
93 Liquor Entrepreneur Arrested For Defrauding Investors | USAO-SDNY
94 SDNY Suspends In-Person Operations Through January 15, 2021
95 California Attorney Arrested For Multimillion-Dollar Investment Fraud Scheme
96 SDNY Is Back in the Civil Jury Trial Business With $855 Million Verdict | New York Law Journal
97 SDNY Vacates Significant Part DOL’s Joint-Employer Rule
98 Halkbank Argues for Dismissal in SDNY Sanctions-Busting Case | New York Law Journal
99 United States v. Ghislaine Maxwell, 20 Cr. 330
100 Trump Can't Assume Manhattan Probe Is Limited to Alleged 'Hush' Payments, DA Tells SDNY Judge | New York Law Journal