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Result Content Idea Research
1 A Conversation with Kyoto Prize Recipient…
2 “Cool metal gas search!” Thanks! It was automated.
3 New Breakthrough Towards Understanding Dark Energy
4 OSHA Proposes Changes to the Hazard Communication Standard
5 SDSS grads selected in CFL Draft
6 INVESCO OFFICE J-REIT, INC: Notice Concerning Submission of Written Request Regarding Petition for Urgent Injunction Order Against the Tender Offer by Starwood Capital Group
7 Sloan survey gives Yale astronomers an eye in the sky
8 End of an era for SDSS rugby program
9 Simpsons writer to offer advice to student finalists in creative writing competition
10 Moon, Mars and a Meteor Shower
11 Astronomy surveys aim to up the pace with army of tiny robots
12 Sask. dental students hope to be part of COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan
13 Digital Sky Survey maps the entire sky, providing new data to Vanderbilt astronomers
14 Groundbreaking All-Sky Survey Will Bolster Our Understanding of the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies
15 H i and stellar mass bivariate distribution of centrals and satellites for all, late- and early-type local galaxies
16 Galaxy formation with L-GALAXIES: Modelling the environmental dependency of galaxy evolution and comparing with observations
17 Next-generation astronomical survey makes its first observations | Penn State University
18 Extreme emission-line galaxies in SDSS – I. Empirical and model-based calibrations of chemical abundances
19 Yale astronomers to benefit from new Sloan Digital Sky Survey data
20 No need to mind the gap | Penn State University
21 Completed SDSS-IV Extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: N-body Mock Challenge for Galaxy Clustering Measurements
22 Web of the Giant: Astronomers Spot Six Galaxies around Monster Quasar | Astronomy
23 Massive Cluster's Gravity Magnifies Light from Extremely Distant Star-Forming Galaxy | Astronomy
24 UW Students Compile Largest-Ever Catalog of Quasars | News
25 Stouffville columnist thinks church leaders should make decisions on attendance
26 Speedy robots gather spectra for sky surveys
27 IR35 – pandemic unlikely to impact on SDSs
28 SDSS students spread holiday cheer for seniors
29 SDSS grad committee launches sponsorship campaign
30 Wandering Supermassive Black Hole Detected in Distant Spiral Galaxy | Astronomy
31 Hubble Space Telescope Sees Beautiful Result of Galaxy Merger | Astronomy
32 SDSS runners win BC Cross-Country Pandemic Challenge
33 Hubble Views a Galactic Waterfall
34 new determination of the primordial helium abundance using the analyses of H ii region spectra from SDSS
35 Thermonuclear Supernova Ejects White Dwarf from Binary System | Astronomy
36 Hubble Gazes Upon Cosmic Wonderland
37 OSHA to Update Hazard Communication Standard | Beveridge & Diamond PC
38 OSHA HazCom Updates Include Labeling, SDS Requirements
39 Astronomers discover new 'fossil galaxy' buried deep within the Milky Way
40 OPINION: SDSS Student Council co-presidents speak out on racism in community
41 You Can Actually See the Milky Way’s Wave When You Map Its Stars
42 Georgia State Astronomers Take Part In Groundbreaking All-Sky Survey
43 SDSS First to Release Report on Campaign Costs
44 SDSS grads taking their football careers to Calgary
45 Take a Flight Through the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Universe Ever Made
46 New extremely variable quasar discovered
47 27 million galaxy morphologies quantified and cataloged with the help of machine learning | Penn Today
48 IR35 Off-Payroll Rules
49 The Most Comprehensive 3D Map of Galaxies Has Been Released
50 Former SDSS standout among top prospects in CFL Draft
51 20th anniversary of first light for SDSS telescope
52 At the Edge of Time, a Litter of Galactic Puppies
53 SDSS grads invited to 2021 CFL Combine
54 January Stargazing: Mapping the Universe
55 UK Seafood Disruption Support Scheme opens, meets with criticism from industry
56 Astronomers Find Three Luminous Dual Quasars | Astronomy
57 Parents host Night to Remember for SDSS grads
58 Two New Faculty Members Expand Physics Department and Bring the Cosmos to Campus | Newsroom
59 Croatia Offers Deputy PM Post to Serbian Party MP
60 UK Professor Leads Effort to Develop World's Largest, Most Inclusive 'Stellar Library'
61 Graduate student's BADASS code has astronomical benefits
62 Army of robots pushes the limits of astrophysics (w/video)
63 SDSS football grads earn invite to College Showcase in Texas
64 Hubble Space Telescope Catches Giant Cluster: SDSS J1050+0017 | Astronomy
65 Next Generation Of The Sloan Digital Sky Survey To See First Light In 2020
66 Superflare detected on an ultracool star
67 Alkali Metals from Rocky Planets Found in Atmospheres of Nearby White Dwarfs | Astronomy
68 COVID-19 variant of concern exposure at Delta high school
69 Astronomers develop new tool to find merging galaxies
70 Pupovac: Milanović Destabilising Constitutional Order
71 Craft astrophysics | symmetry magazine
72 Event Listing | Understanding the Content of SDSs/eSDSs | Events & Training
73 Robert Lupton, David Weinberg Awarded 2021 Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics
74 Sun Devils dribbling around COVID pandemic
75 Vietnam: Questions raised over nominating substances in mixtures not listed on SDSs
76 Has the hidden matter of the universe been discovered?
77 Unexpectedly, The Universe Is Getting Hotter And Hotter as It Expands
78 Tampa Electric wants to raise base rates, again
79 The Milky Way does the wave
80 California will require SDSs for cosmetic products to be publicly available
81 Free-Floating Planet-Mass Objects are Common in Galaxies | Astronomy
82 "Fossil galaxy" found in the heart of the Milky Way
83 See a 3D model of the universe
84 Hubble Uses Gravitational Lensing to View Galaxy Cluster SDSS J0915+3826
85 Astronomers Discover First Pulsating White Dwarf in Eclipsing Binary System | Astronomy
86 Scientists unveil largest 3D map of the universe ever
87 Streamline Your Chemical Management with SaaS
88 Ithos Global relaunches IngredientSAFE with self-serve SDS authoring
89 Gravitational Lens Takes Hubble Deeper into Universe | Astronomy
90 Hybrid SDSs: OSHA Explains
91 Hubble Image of the Week
92 New quest to map stars and galaxies across the entire sky | Penn State University
93 Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe
94 Spectacular! Hubble Captures a Galactic Waterspout
95 MaNGA data release includes detailed maps of thousands of nearby galaxies
96 Sloan Digital Sky Survey — including UW — now to view entire sky
97 SDSS grad shares her volunteer experience at rural hospital in India
98 SDSS football talent taking his career to Calgary
99 Changes to EU safety data sheet (SDS) requirements
100 SDSs haunting southeastern Iran, dozens hospitalized