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1 The ‘SEC Shorts’ crew hand out final grades to each SEC team for the 2020 season
2 WATCH: Hilarious SEC Shorts grades for 2020 Alabama football and others
3 WATCH: SEC Shorts hands out season grades in hilarious video
4 SEC Shorts: Teams get their final 2020 season report cards
5 WATCH: SEC Shorts gives A&M high marks for 2020 season
6 WATCH: SEC Shorts hilarious quest to get two SEC teams in the playoff
7 Alabama football fan likes Rich Rodriguez over Nick Saban on SEC Shorts
8 WATCH: Notre Dame 2020 joins Playoff Failure Club on SEC Shorts
9 The battle for College Football Playoff spots featured on the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
10 SEC Shorts: 2020 team welcomed to the Notre Dame failure club
11 SEC Shorts: SEC fights to get two teams into the Playoff
12 'SEC Shorts' releases hilarious video about CFB playoff
13 Alabama filmmakers produce pigskin parodies with 'SEC Shorts'
14 WATCH: Georgia plays role in hilarious video taking aim at CFP committee controversy
15 The College Football Playoff breaks up with Florida in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
16 WATCH: Florida kicked out of playoff on SEC Shorts
17 Florida crowned the SEC East’s best team on the latest ‘SEC Shorts’ video
18 SEC teams learn how to play defense again in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
19 Alabama dynasty refuses to die on the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
20 National contenders try to talk their way into the College Football Playoff in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
21 Vanderbilt cautions new fans that its brand of football isn’t very exciting in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
22 Latest ‘SEC Shorts’ video features Iron Bowl rivalry pranks
23 Georgia does not appreciate the Alabama stats shared by its virtual assistant on the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
24 WATCH: ‘SEC Shorts’ releases hilarious video on how it would have covered 1998 college football season
25 Investor bets against the dollar are at their biggest in almost 10 years, but rising Treasury yields are ..
26 ‘SEC Shorts’ latest hilarious video rewinds the clock to the 1998 college football season
27 ‘SEC Shorts’ picks the scariest Halloween costume imaginable this fall, dresses as South Carolina fan
28 Watch: ‘SEC Shorts‘ details journey to 2020 college football season with hilarious video
29 LSU asked to answer for its poor showings this season on the new ‘SEC Shorts’
30 WATCH: Hilarious SEC Shorts on Sarah Fuller, low Vandy expectations
31 LSU pays the price in 2020 for 2019’s historic run in the latest ‘SEC Shorts’ video
32 SEC Shorts Film Makes Fun of Vandy Football
33 WATCH: SEC Shorts hilarious speed dating sketch for playoff contenders
34 Every SEC team gets a medical check up in the latest ‘SEC Shorts’ video
35 The home of SEC defenses not as scary as it once was during Halloween edition of ‘SEC Shorts’
36 Five Questions with 'SEC Shorts' creators Josh Snead and Robert Clay
37 WATCH: Hilarious SEC Shorts sends defenses to remedial class
38 ‘SEC Shorts’ returns to mock blue blood college football programs that have fallen on hard times
39 Game Highlights: LSU Basketball blows out Texas A&M 77-54
40 SEC Shorts hilariously mocks fans who moved weddings to the fall amid rumors of spring football
41 SEC Shorts delivers hilarious video of Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry moving to October
42 Big Ten, Pac-12 show up looking to get in on the 2020 road trip in latest ‘SEC Shorts’
43 WATCH: “It’s a Wonderful Life” Arkansas style, by SEC Shorts
44 WATCH: Funny SEC Shorts bit leaves the Big Ten behind
45 Texas A&M has its heart broken by the 2020 schedule in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
46 The SEC is looking for partners on a road trip to the 2020 college football season on the latest ‘SEC Shorts’
47 Arkansas fans live to see a miracle as the Razorbacks win conference game in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
48 WATCH: SEC Shorts hilariously roasts Michigan, Texas, other bluebloods
49 WATCH: SEC Shorts puts out hysterical Iron Bowl video
50 WATCH LSU sweep the Mississippi State game under the rug on SEC Shorts
51 With the season now over, the ‘SEC Shorts’ crew hands out report cards for every SEC team
52 SEC Shorts pokes fun at Tennessee having the Power 5’s longest winning streak
53 New 'SEC Shorts' pokes fun at LSU after loss to Miss. State
54 Arkansas and Missouri react to SEC’s decision to load up their upcoming schedules in the new ‘SEC Shorts’ video
55 Gaming the system: How GameStop stock surged 1500% in nine months
56 SEC Shorts: Conference teams get a medical check-up
57 No football, no problem? SEC Shorts prepares for year without football with virtual reality headset
58 North Carolina vs. Texas A&M Game Preview from ACC Digital Network
59 SEC Shorts hilariously breaks down Lane Kiffin’s clipboard throw from the clipboard’s point of view
60 Could you survive fall without college football? ‘SEC Shorts’ returns to offer advice on how to do just that
61 “I Thought You Were Serious This Year!”
62 SEC Shorts Video Hilariously Sums Up The State Of The 2020 College Football Season
63 Alabama NewsCenter: Alabama Filmmakers Produce Pigskin Parodies with 'SEC Shorts'
64 WATCH: 'SEC Shorts' releases funny video about breaking up with the Big Ten
65 Let’s dance! SEC Shorts parodies Jeremy Pruitt trying to become first former Alabama assistant to beat Nick Saban
66 SEC Shorts hilariously spoofs Texas A&M Aggies football schedule
67 SEC Shorts: UGA tries out virtual head coach; it doesn't go well
68 Honestly, We May Have Had That One Coming
69 Latest ‘SEC Shorts’ pokes fun at vastly different preseason expectations for LSU and Georgia
70 ‘SEC Shorts’ hilariously captures the conflict that can rise when rival fans start dating
71 ‘SEC Shorts’ crew argue on which teams belong in Playoff stew heading into Week 12
72 SEC Shorts: Alabama is not welcome at team support group
73 College Football World Speculating About SEC Announcement
74 Latest ‘SEC Shorts’ chronicles Tennessee’s epic comeback to bowl eligibility
75 Oklahoma parents don’t have the heart to tell their Sooner child what happened against LSU in the latest ‘SEC Shorts’ video
76 Football & Social Media Are The Perfect Mix To Go Viral
77 ‘SEC Shorts’ uses shock therapy to get Alabama fans to say something nice about Auburn
78 WATCH: Latest SEC Shorts video captures wounded Alabama being mocked by its league rivals
79 WATCH: The Big Ten hijacks ‘SEC Shorts’ to explain why their league is better than the SEC
80 Robert Clay
81 Watch Nick Saban, Alabama football on this virtual reality headset
82 Latest ‘SEC Shorts’ features Florida fan trolling Georgia’s inability to beat backup QBs
83 WATCH: SEC Shorts joins forces with SEC Network to create hilarious video celebrating network’s fifth anniversary
84 WATCH: SEC Shorts appreciates Tua Tagovailoa
85 Watch now
86 SEC Shorts Video Perfectly Sums Up The 2020 College Football Season (VIDEO)
87 Video mocking B1G for backing out of season is going viral
88 WATCH: Latest ‘SEC Shorts’ hilariously captures how rival coaches reacted to Nick Saban’s hip surgery recovery
89 Watch: Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa Alabama-LSU horror film on SEC Shorts
90 WATCH: SEC Shorts creates hilarious new drug to help Auburn fans cope with watching Tigers
91 Fortune telling machine gives SEC fans a hilarious dose of reality for 2019 season in latest ‘SEC Shorts’
92 Elon Musk’s Short Shorts Sell Out in Minutes
93 WATCH: ‘SEC Shorts’ crew deliver fresh loss to Kentucky fans to start conference play
94 Elon Musk taunts the SEC again amid surge in Tesla stock price
95 WATCH: Fairy godmother grants hilarious preseason wishes to teams in latest ‘SEC Shorts’ video
96 Watch: SEC Shorts hilariously mocks Tennessee's loss to Georgia State
97 SEC Shorts bury Florida's SEC East Hopes After Loss to Georgia
98 SEC Shorts: Teams line up to speed-date the College Football Playoff
99 WATCH: ‘SEC Shorts’ crew shows how poorly Matthew McConaughey reacted to LSU beating Texas in Austin
100 Arkansas Football Gets the Jimmy Stewart Treatment