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Result Content Idea Research
1 The State of the European Union | SOTEU 2020
2 SOTEU : EU Commission must pursue the sustainability of the economic recovery.
3 European Commission unveils first-ever LGBT+ strategy
4 SOTEU 2020 was business as unusual, says FEPs Secretary General László Andor
5 Action Plan to turn the tide in the fight against racism
6 State of the Union: Commission raises climate ambition
7 A Welcome Fresh Start
8 Partnership missing: SOTEU ignores the calls of Eastern allies for positive political signals
9 Tweets of the Week: SOTEU, Forest Cities, Good Friday Agreement
10 State of the EU debate: how to follow and get involved | News
11 EP TODAY | News
12 EU Ramps Up Climate Ambition, But Risks Undercutting National Action
13 Cohesion
15 Business leaders embrace Europe's new green reality for investment and growth
16 As Von der Leyen Boasts Climate Action, EP publishes vote to make gas eligible for funding through Just Transition Fund
17 DAX Index Poised for a New High According to Elliott Wave Theory
18 Towards a better Europe
19 Report shows 1 in 8 deaths in EU linked to pollution
20 State of the Union 2018: Stronger anti-money laundering supervision for a stable banking and financial sector – Questions and Answers
21 Juncker's State of the Union speech summarised in 11 points
22 Reactions to Juncker's State of the Union speech show the difficulties in creating a European public sphere online
23 Commission President says Turkey has no excuse to intimidate neighbours
24 State of the Union: Juncker's 'big day'
25 Irish Examiner View: Suaad Alshleh an example of a refugee success story
26 Europe’s double bind
27 Plenary highlights: State of the EU, Covid-19, recovery plan | News
28 Commission's VP Dombrovskis warns of no-deal Brexit
29 The Brief, powered by ESA
30 Brussels urges EU countries to overcome differences on rule of law
31 The provincial German-Polish relationship
32 The threat posed by foreign interference in elections is serious, urgent, and international
33 Juncker’s (virtual) second term
34 European Agenda on Migration 2015-2020
35 Germany Agrees to Take Another 1,500 Refugees from Greece
36 Juncker gives first State of the Union speech
37 #Brexit
38 Farm-to-Fork – helpful step on the road to sustainable supply chains after COVID — | EU news, business and politics
39 Reactions to state of the union speech
40 Meet the European Parliament's twittersphere
41 A trial and error response to the Coronavirus
42 Europe will never accept racist attacks in Brexit Britain, warns Juncker
43 Comitology: Commission proposes more transparency and accountability in procedures for implementing EU law
44 Brexit deal cannot be disregarded or disapplied, warns EC president
45 Rule of law in Hungary
46 Brexit absent from Commissioners' input for state of the EU speech
47 Giving Juncker’s Proposed European Labour Authority Real Clout
48 From negotiation to imposition: Trump’s Israel-Palestine parameters
49 State of the Union: Juncker snubs Poland, overwhelms Romania, Bulgaria
50 Von der Leyen's safe Commission
51 European Sovereignty – European Council on Foreign Relations
52 France leading the campaign for EU military HQ
53 Net zero emissions feasible by 2050 if EU economy goes cross-sectoral, new report says
54 Von der Leyen Commission already historic, says former EU employment chief
55 EU 'ready to explore' free InterRail tickets for European teenagers
56 Support for arms industry will not make the world a safer place
57 Orban vows to oppose EU border-guard plan at Salzburg summit
58 Juncker’s one-president proposal draws few cheers
59 Spain election: A win for "No pasarán"?
60 Iran: The case for protecting humanitarian trade
61 First #JunckerPlan project in #Malta brings broadband to 70,000 homes
62 Business lobby prepares pushback against EU climate goals update
63 The new tyranny of the dollar
64 Behind-the-curtain of the EU's 2050 climate plan
65 The strange influence of the Macedonian model
66 Israel's foreign policy after its snap election
67 Tusk: EU situation not the same as in 'The Leopard' novel
68 MacMeltdown: Understanding the political crisis in Macedonia
69 Misunderstanding migration in North and West Africa
70 Edging Towards Compromise? Johnson Reportedly Set to Address Concerns of Tory Rebels on Brexit Bill
71 Mark Leonard – European Council on Foreign Relations
72 Berlin’s European agenda
73 EU regulations for businesses trading online pass key hurdle
74 The European border guard: New in name only?
75 African Security – a bright spot for Sino-European cooperation
76 CFL considers free wifi extension