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1 Flowers! Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
2 Prior to the Chicxulub impact, rainforests looked very different
3 Mysterious living monuments Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
4 How the Chicxulub impactor gave rise to modern rainforests
5 Space Tech Research Institutes to Advance Propulsion, Entry Systems
6 Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Probably Created the Amazon Rainforest, Study Suggests
7 Official tells Iranian state TV that 'accident' strikes electrical distribution grid of Iran's Natanz nuclear facility
8 The Same Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Likely Made Earth's Rainforests
9 Asteroid Ending Age of Dinosaurs May Have Formed Earth’s Rainforests
10 Is odor the secret to bats' sex appeal?
11 Citing Rapid Improvement, Mediabrands Strikes Exclusive, 3-Year Deal With TikTok 04/06/2021
12 Smithsonian scientists reduce uncertainty in forest carbon storage calculations
13 Modern rainforests were born when the dinosaurs died, a new paper explains
14 First DNA extracted from modern, ancient and fossil tropical shells
15 Baby vampire bat adopted by mom's best friend
16 Scientists uncover the mysterious origin of canal grass in Panama
17 Fish invasions follow Panama and Suez canal expansions
18 How do giraffes and elephants alter the African Savanna landscape?
19 One-two punch: Sea urchins stuck belly-up in low-oxygen hot water
20 Disproportionate extinction of South American mammals when Americas collided evident today
21 Strianassa lerayi anker, new shrimp species from Panama's Coiba national park
22 Recycling old genes to get new traits -- How social behavior evolves in bees
23 Male bats with high testosterone levels have large forearm crusts when females are fertile
24 STRI Group and WANDA CTI agree facility development alliance for the Chinese sports market
25 New nemertean species found in Panama represents the first of its genus from the Caribbean
26 Invasive lionfish may be a selective predator
27 DNA in fringe-lipped bat poop reveals unexpected eating habits
28 Scientists identify a temperature tipping point for tropical forests
29 Mother bats use baby talk to communicate with their pups
30 Biodiversity may limit invasions: Lessons from lizards on Panama Canal islands
31 Fossil trees on Peru's Central Andean Plateau tell a tale of dramatic environmental change
32 STRI perfects stem-cell pluripotency to enable 3D printing of human organs
33 Long-term consequences of river damming in the Panama Canal
34 0 EPG joins STRI Group
35 New evidence found of the ritual significance of a classic Maya sweat bath in Guatemala
36 Bryophytes | Tiny plants in a big changing world | Smithsonian Voices | Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
37 Native trees thrive in teak plantations and may protect the Panama Canal
38 Modern computational tools may open a new era for fossil pollen research
39 Risky business: Courtship movements put katydids in danger
40 NASA Space Technology Research Institutes Appendix Released
41 New bird checklists from Coiba National Park, Panama
42 TECI presents 'Stri Shakthi Awards' to women achievers in events industry
43 New deep-water coral discovered
44 A new social role for echolocation in bats that hunt together
45 Stri Sewa Sabha Donation Boosts Heart Hospital
46 The Darwinian diet: You are what you eat
47 STR Holdings, Inc. Completes Asset Sale to H.B. Fuller Company
48 Malott scores game winner as Manitoba Moose top Belleville Senators 3-2 in OT
49 Stri Purush Tulna: Modern India’s First Feminist Text, By Tarabai Shinde
50 New shrimp species discovered in Panama's Coiba National Park
51 Bats use leaves as mirrors to find prey in the dark
52 Acquisition for turf specialist
53 EPG Australia joins SportsTurf Consultants as part of STRI Group
54 Even fake illness affects relationships among vampire bats | EurekAlert
55 Long-term consequences of coastal development as bad as an oil spill on coral reefs
56 Humpback whales may risk collision with vessels in the Magellan Strait
57 Churchill To Undertake $10 Million Turf Course Replacement; No Stabling At The Track Next Summer
58 STRI Group forms partnership with Auburn University
59 Services trade restrictions increased in 2020, compounding COVID-19 economic shock
60 Bound by blood
61 How does an intersex bee behave?
62 Two new porcelain crab species discovered
63 Imprinting on mothers may drive new species formation in poison dart frogs
64 Is evolution predictable?
65 Stri Sewa Sabha contributes $37,277 towards buying equipment for Sai Sanjeevani Children's Heart Hospital
66 The skin of the earth is home to pac-man-like protists
67 Bats share social information through echolocation calls •
68 New directors join the board of Harden sports turf group
69 Jaguars could prevent a not-so-great American biotic exchange
70 Hunting habits of fringe-lipped bats revealed in their poop •
71 Diverse tropical forests grow fast despite widespread phosphorus limitation
72 Researchers observe novel bat behavior in Panama
73 Worker resistance grows internationally as governments push premature return to work
74 STRI constructs ambitious and sustainable turf racetrack in Saudi Arabia
75 Microplastics are new homes for microbes in the Caribbean
76 Winter restricts innovation
77 New fossil shrimp species from Colombia helps fill 160 million-year gap
78 Maxar's Vricon Awarded Phase 2 of U.S. Army's One World Terrain Contract
79 Traditional fisherfolk help uncover ancient fish preservation methods
80 Giant 10-Million-Year-Old Fossil Tree in Peru Reveals Surprises About Ancient Past
81 STRI and Surface Performance collaborate to improve artificial sports surfaces
82 Fossils help identify a lone 'bright spot' in a similar state to coral reefs before human impact
83 Bayer demonstrates new fungicide formulations at STRI research day
84 Tropical forest seeds use three strategies to survive
85 Tracking Aedes mosquito invasions in Panama
86 Services Trade Restrictions Increased In 2020, Compounding COVID-19 Economic Shock, OECD Finds | Scoop News
87 Russia 2018 LOC, FIFA and STRI conduct World Cup pitch inspection
88 Stowe appoints STRI to design new nine-hole course
89 Avalon Park Woman Fatally Shot by Deputies Served in Army
90 NEWS FROM ITEC: Army Beefing Up its Cyber Training Infrastructure
91 Video captures tadpole escape artists in Panama
92 Scientists edit butterfly wing spots and stripes
93 White-tailed deer were predominant in pre-Columbian Panama feasts
94 India finds OECD index for services trade faulty
95 New porcelain crab species from Colombia named
96 Deep time tracking devices: Fossil barnacles reveal prehistoric whale migrations
97 Parents unknown: Mysterious larvae found in Panama's two oceans
98 Study reveals unusually high carbon stocks and tree diversity in Panama's Darien forest
99 New study looks at costs and benefits of paying for ecosystem services
100 0 Golf Environment Awards 2020 winners announced