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1 Is everything predetermined? Why physicists are reviving a taboo idea
2 Daily briefing: India's COVID surge puzzles scientists
3 Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder Challenges the Evidence for Cosmological Fine-Tuning
4 Is the Standard Model of Physics Now Broken?
5 Fine-Tuning, Free Will — Now We've Got Two Challenges for Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder
6 A Physicist Asks, Was the Universe Made For Us? She Says No
7 Sabine Hossenfelder: searching for beauty in mathematics
8 Determinism: Smart People and an Absurd Claim
9 The World Doesn't Need a New Gigantic Particle Collider
10 Stories by Sabine Hossenfelder
11 Theoretical Physicist Argues, the Sim Universe Is Pseudoscience
12 How physics is rocked by the waves of history Book Review | 06 APR 2020
13 Q&A with Sabine Hossenfelder: Consultant for Armchair Physicists
14 Policy & Ethics The Truth about Scientific Models
15 Physicist Trashes Simulation Theory, Says It's Basically a Religion
16 How Physics Lost Its Way
17 Black Hole Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Physics
18 Neuroscience Can Help Us Understand Why Free Will Is Real
19 ​Why the simulation hypothesis is pseudoscience
20 Space Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation
21 A Theoretical Physicist Grapples With the Math of Consciousness
22 ‘Lost in Math’ Review: The Beauty Myth
23 Beauty Does Not Equal Truth, in Physics or Elsewhere
24 The Crisis In Theoretical Particle Physics Is Not A Moral Imperative
25 Scientific Theory And The Multiverse Madness : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture
26 Physics Quantum Escapism
27 Weekly Space Hangout: Oct 24, 2018 – Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder
28 Is Another Monster Particle Accelerator Really Such a Good Idea?
29 What It Means To Be Anti-Science
30 Physicists riff on an REM classic, new strategy for finding a parking spot – Physics World
31 Was It All Just Noise? Independent Analysis Casts Doubt On LIGO's Detections
32 CERN's grand ambitions: are particle accelerators worth it?
33 Opinion | The Worth of Physics Research
34 Quantum supremacy is coming. It won't change the world
35 Determinism: A “Bizarre Position” Held by Scientists “with Great Confidence”
36 Do We Really Have Free Will? Four Things to Know
37 Warp Drives Are No Longer Science Fiction
38 Why Do We Believe the Whole Universe Is Made Like Us?
39 Breakthrough prize criticized for rewarding 'failed ideas' – Physics World
40 Has elegance betrayed physics?: Physics Today: Vol 71, No 9
41 Opinion | The Uncertain Future of Particle Physics
42 Scientists Announce a Physical Warp Drive Is Now Possible. Seriously.
43 Why an Old Theory of Everything Is Gaining New Life
44 Failure Is Relative
45 The End of Theoretical Physics as We Know It
46 Warp Drive Is No Longer Science Fiction. The Physics of Faster-Than-Light Travel
47 Opinion | Is Climate Change Inconvenient or Existential? Only Supercomputers Can Do the Math
48 In Praise Of ‘Normal Science’
49 Searching for microfibres in the snow, differential equations make the world go round, Isaac Newton first edition found while house clearing – Physics World
50 Scientists develop model for faster-than-light warp drive that bends spacetime to send ships to the stars
51 Determinism: “An Irrational Rejection of Evidence”
52 COVID Models Show How to Avoid Future Lockdowns
53 The Double Life of Black Holes
54 A scientist's crisis of faith
55 Physics Is Dark Matter Real?
56 Physicists Gotta Physics: Why New Experiments Are Inevitable
57 Physicists believe faster-than-light travel is indeed possible with new warp drive
58 Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, and other lies of physics
59 Physicist Pleads: Stop Building Stupid, Expensive Particle Colliders
60 CERN wants to build massive super-collider to unlock secrets about fabric of reality
61 Time crystals interact in rotating fridge, Cold Tube keeps you cool, singing physicist is back – Physics World
62 Daily briefing: How bats live with coronaviruses that are deadly to humans
63 Physicists propose measure of scientific 'broadness' – Physics World
64 New Study Proposes Warp Drive That Might Actually Work
65 The Future of CERN's Large Hadron Collider For Humanity: a
66 Lost in Math | Books, Et Al.
67 The Austerity Of Many Worlds
68 Is Space-Time Fluid? » IAI TV
69 Are We Living In A Simulation? Can Science Answer This?
70 A Materialist Gives Up on Determinism
71 Is Theoretical Physics Wasting Our Best Living Minds On Nonsense?
72 Why some scientists say physics has gone off the rails
73 What's Wrong with Physics
74 God, the Multiverse and You | Field Notes
75 Physics Is Not In Crisis
76 Can Physics Prove There Is No Free Will?
77 After death, Hawking cuts 'multiverse' theory down to size
78 A struggle for the soul of theoretical physics
79 Hubble trouble, fighting 'flat-Earthers' and blue lasers for batteries: the July 2020 edition of Physics World is now out – Physics World
80 Paradox-Free Time Travel is Mathematically Possible: Study | Physics
81 How Do You Pronounce Ψ? – Mother Jones
82 Faster than light 'warp drive' may be possible, says scientists
83 The silliest string-theory alternative yet draws inspiration from video games
84 Scientists Have Found A Way To Make Warp Drives A Reality
85 Unscientific science
86 String Theory Meets Loop Quantum Gravity
87 Why We Need A New Collider
88 Younger Thinkers Now Argue That Free Will Is Real
89 Particle Physics Is Doing Just Fine
90 Physicist: “Multiverse Is Religion, Not Science”
91 Black Hole Echoes Would Reveal Break With Einstein's Theory
92 Physicists are preoccupied with beauty. This is a problem.
93 Theoretical Physics, the Scientific Method, and the Damage Done
94 Physics' Beautiful Crisis | Field Notes
95 Why CERN's plans for a €20 billion supersized collider are a bad idea
96 Even after death, Stephen Hawking stirs up fresh cosmological tiffs and tributes
97 We don't need a bigger particle collider
98 Nobody Knows Where A Black Hole's Information Goes
99 Reality doesn't disappear just because it's quantum
100 Would New Physics Colliders Make Big Discoveries or Wander a Particle Desert?