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1 Saddam Hussein's daughter refuses to rule out role in Iraqi politics
2 Saddam Hussein 'acted like Hitler' during Kuwait invasion, former UK PM Thatcher said
3 A timeline of disaster and displacement for Iraqi Christians
4 Saddam Hussein's daughter Raghad Saddam Hussein shares a heart melting story from childhood, interview viral
5 Saddam Hussein Trial Fast Facts
6 Saddam Hussein's Granddaughter Hareer Ignites TikTok with Her Workout Videos
7 Everyone has known that MBS is new Saddam Hussein: Georgetown University prof.
8 Controversy as Saddam Hussein's daughter appears on TV
9 American university hopes to fill higher-ed gap in Iraq
10 In Saddam Hussein's strongholds that fought America, Iraqis fear a US departure
11 How 3 US soldiers survived staring into the face of death—and Saddam Hussein
12 In Saddam strongholds that fought America, Iraqis fear a U.S. departure
13 In Iraq’s Christian Heartland, a Feud Over a Town’s Identity
14 Judiciary says to sue European firms for aiding Saddam's gas attacks on Iranians
15 Biden Will Work With Congress On Bill That Would Strip Him Of Decades-Old War Powers
16 Pope urges Iraq to embrace its Christians on historic visit
17 John Major, the quiet revolutionary who saved Kurdistanis from genocide and proved they have more friends than the mountains.
18 Bob Arum: Donald Trump cost me $2.5m... by using Saddam Hussein as an excuse!
19 What is Ur, the 'birthplace' of Abraham?
20 Desert Storm: 30 years on
21 The Country That Still Considers Saddam Hussein a Hero
22 A Top Aide to Saddam Hussein Is Reported Dead
23 SAS: Who Dares Wins hard man had boozy parties in Saddam Hussein's villa
24 ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY, December 30th, 2006 Saddam Hussein was Executed
25 Reporters
26 Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s right-hand man dies after years as fugitive
27 Saddam Hussein: How US forces captured him on December 13, 2003
28 False claim circulates that video shows body of Saddam Hussein 12 years after death
29 Former Denver FBI agent who helped capture Saddam Hussein dies
30 Fact-check: Saddam Hussein's dead body did not decompose after 12 years of burial?
31 Iran pursues German companies that gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons
32 2007 Photo Of Saddam Husseins Body Shared As Recent
33 This video does not show Saddam Hussein making a reference to COVID-19
34 False claim: Saddam Hussein spoke about coronavirus
35 Saddam Hussein: how a deadly purge of opponents set up his ruthless dictatorship
36 Banker's Masterclass to feature Interrogator who found Saddam Hussein
37 Squad member compares Trump Twitter ban to capture of Saddam Hussein
38 Iraqi Baath Party announces death of top adviser to Saddam Hussein
39 Amr Moussa: We Convinced Saddam Hussein to Bring Back Int'l Inspectors, But US Already Decided to Go to War
40 Native Detroiter Who Led FBI Team that Questioned Saddam Hussein Dies
41 Saddam Hussein's Romance Novel 'Zabiba and the King'
42 30 Years Later: Saddam Hussein's Fateful Decision to Invade Kuwait
43 15 Years After U.S. Invasion, Some Iraqis Are Nostalgic For Saddam Hussein Era
44 I was Saddam's prisoner
45 Saddam Hussein’s ‘Republic of Fear’ used death threats. Trump’s version defames the election and intimidates G
46 'Saddam Hussein' put up for sale on Wish, costs $20 after discount
47 Canadian intelligence assessments on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were accurate: new paper
48 Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, soldier and politician who served as Saddam Hussein’s right-hand man – obituary
49 Anger as Iraqi director 'glorifies' Saddam Hussein | Mena – Gulf News
50 Relative of Blackwater victim in Iraq says pardons 'unfair'
51 Iraq: Ferrari belonging to Saddam Hussein's son found
52 Iranian President Rouhani compares Trump to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein | Daily Sabah
53 Saddam Hussein Fast Facts
54 Iran FM: We will never forget US, Europe complicity with Saddam Hussein
55 How Iraq's relationship with Iran shifted after the fall of Saddam Hussein
56 Three decades on, Iraq and Kuwait haunted by Saddam's invasion
57 Saddam's daughter Raghad: Iran to blame for Iraq's ills
58 Saddam Hussein
59 FACT CHECK: Did Saddam Hussein warn about coronavirus 30 years ago?
60 Jon Stewart: Republicans weren't worried about Saddam Hussein statue
61 Jerrold Post: The man who analysed the minds of world leaders
62 30 years ago, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
63 Did Saddam Say US Threatened Iraq With Coronavirus in 1990s? No!
64 Death Of A Dictator: 10 Years Since Saddam Hussein's Execution
65 Cooking for dictators — chilling stories from the chefs of Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein
66 Why Saddam Hussein buried Iraq's air force in the desert
67 The Surprising Interrogations That Led to Saddam Hussein’s Capture
68 5 Things Saddam Hussein Has Been Praised for – Other Than Killing Terrorists
69 Saddam Hussein has been put up for sale on Wish and he'll cost you £15
70 How Iraqis used rumors as resistance against Saddam's regime
71 Defectors Killed After Return To Iraq Saddam's Sons-In-Law Gunned Down By Relatives Three Days After Coming Back To Baghdad
72 11 crazy facts about Saddam Hussein
73 How Saddam Hussein predicted America's failure in Iraq
74 PHOTOS: 15 years ago today, US troops captured Saddam Hussein
75 I lived through Saddam Hussein's fall – and the horror that came next
76 The Army built a fake base to fool Saddam Hussein — and it worked
77 Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Defense Minister – Sultan Hashim Dies In Prison
78 This Iraqi Doctor Says He Has the Rope That Hanged Saddam Hussein. Here’s Why He’s Keeping It
79 Brothers reunited 40 years after Saddam Hussein threw their family in prison
80 Iraqi Who Toppled Saddam Hussein Statue 15 Years Ago Regrets His Action
81 Alt News No, Saddam Hussein did not say US had threatened Iraq with coronavirus in 1990
82 Oklahoman Who Aided In Capturing Saddam Hussein To Speak At Owasso Event
83 No evidence Saddam Hussein said this about American politics
84 Saddam's 'Disney for a despot': How dictators exploit ruins
85 Saddam Hussein should have been left to run Iraq, says CIA officer who interrogated him
86 Sentenced to death
87 Fighting Saddam Hussein to American success Kadhim Al-Waeli
88 The American Soldiers Who Grieved for Saddam Hussein
89 Our new Saddam Hussein
90 “Looking for Elvis”: An Oral History of Saddam Hussein's Capture
91 Trump’s Saddam: Terror killer or terror patron?
92 The ex-CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein
93 The Iraqi Guy Who Toppled Saddam Hussein's Statue in 2003 Wants Saddam Back
94 Saddam Hussein destroyed the biblical Eden. This cross-cultural partnership could restore it.
95 Join The Hunt For Saddam Hussein's Son's Abandoned Ferrari F40
96 New book: Saddam Hussein's U.S. guards viewed him like a 'grandpa'
97 History of Iraq part II: the rise of Saddam Hussein
98 Brutal crackdown on Iraq protests echoes Saddam Hussein era
99 12 years after his death, where is Saddam Hussein’s body?
100 Sadam Hussein's Son's Ferrari F40 Found? That was Quick