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1 Sadiq Khan urges PM to ban household visits in London to tackle Covid
2 Heckling of London mayor Sadiq Khan during protest condemned
3 Sadiq Khan's 15-point plan for curbing Covid hike in London
4 Sadiq Khan urged to boycott Saudi-hosted G20 mayors summit
5 Sadiq Khan torn apart as London Mayor's 'biggest failure' exposed by Shaun Bailey
6 Sadiq Khan has delivered a London lockdown plan to government
7 Rashford receives support from Sadiq Khan in child poverty fight
8 Croydon shooting: Sadiq Khan's 'heart goes out to the family' of police officer shot dead
9 Freeze rents in London to avert mass evictions, urges Sadiq Khan
10 Sadiq Khan has failed our community, says Labour councillor in wake of stab death
11 Sadiq Khan faces calls from Labour to scrap Silvertown road tunnel
12 London mayor Sadiq Khan says he wants facemasks worn in ALL the capital's public spaces
13 Sadiq Khan releases Covid advice videos in South Asian...
14 Sadiq Khan calls drive to get workers back to office 'OFFENSIVE'
15 London Mayor Sadiq Khan opens up on LBC about the abuse he receives
16 Sadiq Khan rides to work on trendy e-bike (while his security team follow in a Range Rover)
17 Dramatic moment black cab drivers heckle and chase Sadiq Khan and accuse him of 'destroying London'
18 Protestors swear at Sadiq Khan in widely condemned attack | East London and West Essex Guardian Series
19 Coronavirus: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan 'frustrated' over 'lack of information' about contact tracing app
20 Sadiq Khan brands mission to get workers back to the office ‘OFFENSIVE’ & rubbishes claims home work is less p
21 London Mayor Sadiq Khan welcomes plans for a new market for Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre traders as historic market closes after more than half a century
22 Sadiq Khan backs striker Marcus Rashford's food poverty work
23 Sadiq Khan’s knife crime record SAVAGED after Patel jibe–‘Don’t need lessons from Labour’
24 Sadiq Khan sparks fury after urging Boris Johnson to act fast to save London economy
25 Sadiq Khan tells ministers to 'put their money where their mouth is' to fix Hammersmith...
26 London facing additional coronavirus lockdown measures
27 End of London's black cabbie? Sadiq Khan sparks fury after road plans crush iconic taxi
28 Uber braces for clash with Sadiq Khan and TfL over London licence
29 Time running short to seal new Transport for London funding deal, Sadiq Khan tells London...
30 London Assembly sets out 'formal objection' to Sadiq Khan plan to relocate City...
31 Sadiq Khan blasts 'mind-boggling' decision not to share London test-and-trace app trial data
32 Sadiq Khan's favourite cycle routes in London
33 Local lockdowns imposed in several cities as UK cases rise
34 London's New Year's Eve Fireworks Are Cancelled This Year
35 Sadiq Khan's own council SCRAPS his £33million green traffic scheme for causing 'chaos'
36 Household mixing ban in London 'very likely' amid 'worrying' riots prospect, David Lammy says
37 Spotlight: UK could face "third wave" of coronavirus, government adviser warns
38 Coronavirus: More than a quarter of UK under stricter rules
39 Khan on police practices after fatal shooting of officer
40 UK coronavirus LIVE: Tracing app issues continue as Sadiq Khan calls for urgent action to control Covid in London
41 I'll give all taxi drivers interest free loans to buy EV taxis, says London Mayoral candidate Bailey
42 Lockdowners v libertarians: Britain’s coronavirus divide
43 Nations divided as Europe battles to contain virus surge
44 MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: PM needs experts to steer us away from fear and towards freedom
45 Sadiq Khan’s next job
46 Mayor Sadiq Khan Urges Boris Johnson to Help Central London Restaurants
47 Metropolitan Police must make further budget cuts due to Covid-19 impacts, Assembly...
48 Sadiq Khan can’t contemplate Premier League action returning to London yet
49 Sadiq Khan demands emergency help for London services
50 End Our Cladding Scandal campaign relaunches with 10-step plan to tackle mounting crisis
51 Sadiq Khan accuses government over 'misleading' bailout statement
52 What Sadiq Khan gets right, and wrong, about statues
53 Sadiq Khan sets up £50m fund to reduce emissions in London
54 Sadiq Khan is killing London
55 Coronavirus ethnicity data must be published now, says Sadiq Khan
56 Whitehall ‘power grab’ raises fears about who's really running London
57 Sadiq Khan is a showboating mediocrity. London deserves better
58 Conservatives accuse Sadiq Khan of 'misleading' on City Hall move savings
59 'Please, please, please stop mixing': Sadiq Khan urges Londoners to stay at home – video
60 Sadiq Khan launches review of TfL in response to official inquiry
61 Self-isolate with... Sadiq Khan
62 UK’s Johnson warns of tougher measures in COVID-19 fight
63 Interview: Sadiq Khan on his struggles during lockdown in London
64 London’s Mayor Turns to Cycling to Solve Transit’s Coronavirus Problem
65 Sadiq Khan warns of coronavirus crime rise if poverty not tackled
66 London mayoral election 2020: Sadiq Khan promises rent controls
67 Sadiq Khan says that people do suffer as a result of racism in UK
68 Sadiq Khan asks Londoners to back his call for government to 'do right' by...
69 Sadiq Khan vows to make London carbon-neutral by 2030 if re-elected
70 Sadiq Khan is in a TfL mess of his own making
71 Coronavirus: London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for 'compulsory' face masks
72 Sadiq Khan is having a terrible coronavirus crisis. He must act now to end Tube overcrowding
73 Sadiq Khan: Labour must change 'the band' and 'music' to defeat Johnson
74 Sadiq Khan accused of ‘forgetting his roots and betraying his communities’ as Mayor
75 Londoners are paying the price for Sadiq Khan breaking the bank at City Hall
76 Sadiq Khan proposes moving City Hall to east London to cut costs
77 London Mayor says Trump appears to care only about white America
78 Sadiq Khan is wrecking London’s revival with an ideological war on motorists
79 London Mayor Sadiq Khan urges shoppers to return to West End
80 Sadiq Khan admits he has 'struggled' with mental health during lockdown
81 Sadiq Khan maintains big lead in latest London Mayor opinion...
82 Sadiq Khan mocked for 'remarkable achievement' of leaving London 'broke'
83 'You have failed!' Sadiq Khan squirms after his record as Mayor is savaged in on-air row
84 Sunday with Sadiq Khan: ‘With more than 30 of us, lunch at Mum’s is total chaos’
85 Sadiq Khan says it's 'astonishing' Boris Johnson hasn't spoken to him 'in months'
86 London Mayor Feud With Boris Johnson Over Transport Goes Public
87 Sadiq Khan says the UK should stop being 'sycophantic' to Donald Trump
88 Sadiq Khan: London would have 'difficulty' closing down whole areas and needs to know the local lockdown 'game plan'
89 Sadiq Khan admits failure to provide 'proper leadership' as he opens up about struggles
90 Coronavirus: Sadiq Khan quizzes Boris Johnson over plans to 'quarantine London inside M25'
91 Labour leadership: Sadiq Khan backs Starmer for top job
92 London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for probe into disproportionate COVID-19 ethnicity impact
93 Sadiq Khan pledges free London travel for disabled people's carers
94 'We forget at our peril: London mayor Sadiq Khan attends Auschwitz memorial
95 Sadiq Khan vows he'll stand up for London ahead of fight for City Hall
96 Sadiq Khan should get on with his day job
97 Sadiq Khan admits for first time that staff working from home is a 'BIG PROBLEM for central London'.
98 Sadiq Khan 'can't be trusted'
99 Sadiq Khan quizzed – can you name one achievement in FOUR years as mayor?
100 London mayor shares his biggest concern with Trump