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1 Why Senate Republicans are still playing defense for Donald Trump
2 While America was sleeping
3 America's national healing depends on Donald Trump facing real punishment
4 The case for (and against) wearing two masks
5 Trump's horror show isn't nearly over: The coup wasn't defeated, only slowed down
6 Biden promised "no malarkey" — he can start by ignoring McConnell and nuking the filibuster
7 Sen. Tom Cotton campaigned on his "experience as an Army Ranger" — but he didn't have any
8 Tom Cotton's "Army Ranger" dissembling goes back at least eight years
9 The shock and awe of Donald Trump's final days
10 No one should be afraid of Donald Trump: He is the biggest loser in U.S. political history
11 Biker group gave Rep. Lauren Boebert a Glock with congressional seal — likely an illegal gift
12 Trump named Capitol riot lawyer to federal board — as one of his final acts
13 Virginia "Trump in heels" candidate says Capitol attack was justified — because of COVID rules
14 Astronomers discover a bizarre string of five planets that "dance" in perfect resonance
15 White House sign language interpreter linked to right-wing group, appeared in video attacking Biden
16 Grading Biden's first week: Public health experts give new president an 'A' for COVID-19 response
17 Trump's coup didn't fail just from incompetence — credit the progressive activists who stopped him
18 Two GOP congressmen sought pardons for their connection to Capitol attack: report
19 "Miss Scarlet" and the case of the Victorian outsiders
20 George Conway hands Biden's DOJ a roadmap to make sure Trump ends up in jail
21 Sidney Powell releases Kraken — on herself, with new super PAC not far from Mar-a-Lago
22 Fox News is now defending QAnon
23 McConnell's plan to derail Democrats' takeover — and nuke the economy — is already in full swing
24 TakingCaraMAGA: What to do when your favorite mommy influencer is outed as a Trump supporter
25 Texas lawyer fired after Capitol riot files ambitious suit: Dissolve Congress, don't arrest him
26 Kevin McCarthy to have “conversation” with Marjorie Taylor Greene over support for killing Dems
27 Author Rick Perlstein on the challenge ahead: "Biden knows that he is managing a dying regime"
28 The pandemic will end someday. The trauma will linger
29 The FBI, terrorism and the progressive left: This is a job for Kamala Harris
30 Trump's Diet Coke button is a reminder of the most laughable, hypocritical parts of his presidency
31 Why California's vaccine roll-out has been such a mess
32 "Affirmation of complete incompetence": Biden team says Trump vaccine distribution plan nonexistent
33 My grandfather survived the Holocaust. Here's what his story tells me about today
34 Dear Mr. President: You inspired us — but "unity" with Republicans and Trumpists is a trap
35 “It's over and nothing makes sense”: QAnon believers struggle to cope with Biden inauguration
36 Trump is gone. Now we face the real question: Does Biden have what it takes to save us?
37 U.S. exceptionalism is dead: long live U.S. uniqueness?
38 Fueled by tips from family and friends, FBI ramps up arrests of Capitol rioters
39 After ominous news on mutant COVID-19 strains, vaccine-maker Moderna tries to reassure the public
40 10 reasons for hope after Inauguration Day
41 Dominion sues Giuliani for $1.3 billion over his “demonstrably false” stolen election claims
42 Educator Spotlight: Natasha Bhalla's Simple Tips to Manage Stress
43 Paleontologists may have found the largest dinosaur of all time
44 Is it safe to go to the dentist?
45 Joe Biden outlines ambitious climate change agenda: “Environmental justice will be at the center"
46 A new coronavirus strain discovered in Los Angeles may be behind the surge in cases there
47 There's a little bit of Larry King in every decent interviewer, whether they like it or not
48 Insurrectionist senators are co-conspirators and should not sit in judgement at Trump's trial
49 How long will the ghost of Trumpism haunt the GOP?
50 How cognitive bias can explain post-truth
51 My grandfather was a Nazi. Our family's story of complicity shows where the road to extremism leads
52 Cardiac arrest deaths are rising — and the culprit may be "stealth" opioid overdoses
53 Why physicist Avi Loeb thinks there's a "serious possibility" that 'Oumuamua was an alien spacecraft
54 "Men don't wear make-up": GOP civil war heats up as Liz Cheney mocks Matt Gaetz
55 Trump is a historic loser: No other one-term president has refused to leave office
56 Thanks to a new fossil discovery, we suddenly know a lot more about dinosaur sex
57 Syfy's charming "Resident Alien" lets its star(man) shine, despite muddled metaphorical aspirations
58 The anticipated violence at Biden's inauguration never happened — thank Trump's Twitter ban
59 How two friends' farcical, failed schemes ended with the biggest fail of all: Stop the Steal
60 Amid donor blowback, Josh Hawley's fundraising problems get even more complicated
61 "Harry Potter" & the problematic creator – What's left for a fandom raised on false tolerance?
62 Arrested Proud Boys chairman has history of business failure, apparently lives with mom
63 Capitol riot moms stand behind — or alongside — their sons
64 AOC pulls out the receipts on Ted Cruz's coup attempt after he calls her a "liar"
65 The South African coronavirus mutation can infect multiple times, could hamper vaccine
66 What is the “Molten Ring” that Hubble saw?
67 Betsy DeVos and the politics of fear: A not-so-fond farewell to Trump's education secretary
68 California Lifts Stay-at-Home Orders: Salons to Reopen
69 Salons Sue California Governor Newsom
70 Joe Biden's first week: The President goes around Congress to fulfill campaign promises
71 Besides getting them high, catnip may help cats ward off pests
72 The hero biochemist who pioneered COVID vaccine tech was professionally spurned for years prior
73 Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden's 100-day deportation moratorium after Texas sues admin
74 What will happen to the environmental resistance movement now that Trump is gone?
75 QAnon congresswoman who live-tweeted Nancy Pelosi's location to rioters now facing calls for arrest
76 DOJ watchdog opens new probe into Trump's effort to overturn the election results
77 Biden admin pauses deportations for 100 days, suspends "remain in Mexico" policy for asylum seekers
78 Nature lovers see the ravages of climate change up close
79 "Jim Crow relic": Progressives push Chuck Schumer to dump Senate filibuster
80 Donald Trump started no new wars — but he is one of history's biggest war presidents
81 Who is Victoria Nuland? A really bad idea as a key player in Biden's foreign policy team
82 The "WandaVision" TV homages aren't mere storytelling gimmicks – they're strategic metacommentaries
83 HBO's messy "Tiger" treats the controversial golf icon as salacious entertainment
84 Republicans greet Joe Biden's inauguration with vows to fight his agenda
85 Can oyster reef restoration across the US impact what we eat?
86 Trump is going overboard in his final days
87 Republicans enabled Trump for four years — of course he's betraying them in the 11th hour
88 and Microsoft News Enter Multi-Year Content Licensing Agreement |
89 Best of 2020: "Low class" Donald Trump and the Wasps
90 Loeffler didn't disclose top donors own multibillion-dollar company cited for illegal hiring scheme
91 Trump's loss was radicalizing: His promise to "cheat" the system has further deluded his fans
92 However the election ends, white supremacy has already won
93 Another accelerant could fan COVID-19 surge: Donald Trump
94 Trump's supporters haven't budged, despite everything. WTAF?
95 Republicans want more than a coup: Trump's loyalty test exposes their hatred for democracy
96 Remember that stupid thing Donald Trump did? Hard as it is to pick, here are the top 10
97 Trump can't do the job
98 Goodbye, right-wing populism
99 Will Trump attempt a coup on January 6?
100 As Biden prepares to take over, media normalizes Republican obstruction