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1 STATEMENT: Opening Tongass National Forest to Logging Is Shortsighted Move
2 STATEMENT: California's Action to Combat Climate Change Is the Leadership From States That We Need, CAP's Neera Tanden Says
3 STATEMENT: Trump Elevates Far-Right Politics Over Rule of Law With List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees, CAP's Maggie Jo Buchanan Says
4 STATEMENT: Supreme Court Recognizes Trump Is Not Above the Law, CAP's Sam Berger Says
5 STATEMENT: CAP's Sam Berger Condemns Trump's Blatant Effort To Sabotage the Post Office and Deny Americans Their Right To Vote
6 RELEASE: It's Past Time To Grant Statehood to Washington, DC
7 STATEMENT: Statehood for Washington, DC Is Long Overdue, CAP's Neera Tanden Says
8 STATEMENT: CAP, VoteVets, and Veteran Members of Congress Urge Senate To Fund Vote by Mail Efforts
9 STATEMENT: Senate Ignores National Crises to Push Anti-Health Care Judicial Nominee, CAP's Maggie Jo Buchanan Says
10 RELEASE: Congress Should Amend Insurrection Act To Prevent Abuse, CAP Analysis Says
11 RELEASE: Federal Bench Needs More Professional Diversity, CAP Analysis Finds
12 STATEMENT: State Department Report Damages US Position on Human Rights, CAP Leaders Say
13 STATEMENT: Justice Department Move To Drop Flynn Charges Puts Trump and His Cronies Above the Law
14 STATEMENT: High Court Ruling Erodes Separation of Church and State, CAP's Maggie Siddiqi Says
15 RELEASE: CAP Highlights 20 Ways Cities Can Promote Safe and Effective Elections in November
16 STATEMENT: Trump Administration's Reckless Approval of Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Will Not Stand, CAP's Matt Lee-Ashley Says
17 RELEASE: CAP Report Finds Turkey's President Erdoğan Is Losing Ground at Home Among Conservatives
18 RELEASE: Faith Leaders Express Deep Concern Over State Department's Human Rights Report
19 RELEASE: CAP Report Shows Need To Bolster Protections for Fisheries
20 STATEMENT: Supreme Court Rejects Misguided Effort To Distort Meaning of Religious Freedom, CAP's Maggie Siddiqi Says
21 RELEASE: Justice Department Loses Integrity, Independence Under William Barr, CAP Column Says
22 ONLINE EVENT ADVISORY: The Importance of Term Limits for the Supreme Court
23 STATEMENT: Trump Administration Action To Open Offshore National Monument to Fishing Is Illegal, CAP's Christy Goldfuss Says
24 RELEASE: States Are Creating a Blueprint for Nationwide Action on Climate Change
25 RELEASE: CAP Report Shows Need for Much Greater Professional Diversity on the Federal Appellate Bench
26 STATEMENT: US Senate Report Confirms Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia, CAP's Neera Tanden Says
27 RELEASE: CAP Analysis Shows How Partisan Gerrymandering Limits Voting Rights
28 RELEASE: Veterans Know, Trust, and Need Vote by Mail, Analysis From CAP and VoteVets Finds
29 RELEASE: New Report Shows Racial and Economic Disparities in Access to Nature
30 RELEASE: Congress Should Extend Renewable Energy Tax Credits and Make Them Refundable, CAP Analysis Says
31 PRESS CALL ADVISORY: Sen. Udall To Join Leading Scientists To Discuss the Nexus of Coronavirus and Nature Crises
32 RELEASE: All Americans Should Have Access to Online and Same-Day Voter Registration During the Coronavirus Pandemic, CAP Column Says
33 RELEASE: Kosovo-Serbia Peace Talks at White House Should Not Cut Out European Union, CAP Column Says
34 RELEASE: CAP Report Shows How White Supremacy Returned to Mainstream Politics
35 RELEASE: Restoring and Protecting 30 Percent of US Lands Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis, CAP Brief Finds
36 RELEASE: Trump's Removal of Inspectors General Is New Front in Attack on Oversight
37 RELEASE: Coronavirus Relief Package Must Help Americans With No Access to Clean Running Water
38 STATEMENT: Passage of Great American Outdoors Act Shows Growing Power of America's Conservation Movement
39 RELEASE: CAP Proposes 'Race for Nature' Plan To Save Family Farms and Conserve Natural Places
40 RELEASE: Censorship in Turkey Fuels Greater Distrust, More Misinformation on Social Media
41 STATEMENT: Supreme Court Ruling To Require Unanimous Jury Verdicts Is a Victory for Civil Rights and Criminal Justice, CAP's Ed Chung Says
42 RELEASE: The COVID-19 Response in Indian Country: A Federal Failure
43 RELEASE: Proposed Defense Budget More Than Meets US National Security Needs, CAP Analysis Finds
44 RELEASE: How Congress Can Help States Weather the Oil Bust Without a Bailout for Big Oil
45 RELEASE: More Than 800 Public Health Experts Urge Congress To Fund Vote by Mail in November
46 RELEASE: CAP Announces 15 Faith Leaders To Watch, With a Focus on Voter Engagement
47 RELEASE: Trump Is the Most Anti-Nature President in US History, CAP Analysis Finds
48 RELEASE: Future Stimulus Package Can Help Renewable Energy Industry Overcome Impact of Coronavirus
49 RELEASE: 1000 Public Health Experts Urge Congress To Fund Vote by Mail and Safe In-Person Voting in November
50 RELEASE: Climate Action Can Offer More Than $8 Billion a Year to Farmers and Rural Communities, CAP Analysis Finds
51 RELEASE: Analysis From CAP and NAACP Highlights Need To Preserve In-Person Voting Options as States Expand Vote by Mail
52 ONLINE EVENT ADVISORY: How States Are Laying a Roadmap for Bold Federal Climate Action
53 PRESS CALL ADVISORY: Sens. Klobuchar, Coons To Join CAP, Public Health Experts To Unveil Letter From Public Health Experts Urging Congress To Fund Vote by Mail and Safe In-Person Voting
54 EVENT ADVISORY: Former California Gov. Jerry Brown and German Green Party Co-Chair Robert Habeck To Discuss Climate Crisis
55 RELEASE: US Must Provide More Foreign Aid To Fight Coronavirus Pandemic at Home and Abroad
56 RELEASE: More Than 60 Percent of Oil and Gas Leases Offered in Water-Stressed Areas, CAP Analysis Finds
57 RELEASE: Interior Secretary Flouts Congress, Rule of Law to Push Anti-Conservation Agenda, CAP Column Says
58 RELEASE: New Drilling, Logging in Alaska's Protected Areas Could Release as Much Pollution as All the World's Cars Emit in a Year
59 RELEASE: Udall Announces Resolution to Protect 30 Percent of Nation's Lands and Oceans at CAP Event
60 RELEASE: CAP Issues Framework for 100 Percent Clean Future by 2050
61 STATEMENT: New Report on Impact of Climate Change on Oceans Shows Need for Action, CAP's Miriam Goldstein Says
62 RELEASE: A Vast Liquidation of Public Lands Is Underway in Alaska, CAP Analysis Says
63 STATEMENT: CAP's Kate Kelly Applauds Passage of Senate Public Lands Bill
64 Bernhardt Is Making It Harder for Environmental Watchdogs to Hold Interior Accountable
65 RELEASE: The Case for US Clean Energy Cooperation in Asia
66 STATEMENT: CAP's John Podesta Welcomes Climate Change Platform From Labor, Environmental Partners
67 STATEMENT: CAP's Kate Kelly Welcomes Introduction of House Bill That Would End the Wasteful Noncompetitive Leasing Program
68 STATEMENT: CAP's Mary Ellen Kustin Praises Public Lands Bill Becoming Law
69 STATEMENT: CAP's John Podesta, Neera Tanden Praise Green New Deal Resolution
70 RELEASE: US Should Protect More of its Oceans to Help Save Fisheries and Ocean Ecosystems, CAP Analysis Says
71 RELEASE: Alan Yu to Join the Center for American Progress as Senior Fellow and Director of International Climate Policy
72 STATEMENT: Myers Simply Not Qualified to Head NOAA, CAP's Miriam Goldstein Says
73 RELEASE: Nearly 82 Percent Reduction in Mercury Emissions from US Power Plants Since 2011, CAP Analysis Finds
74 RELEASE: Oil and Gas Companies, Speculators Take Advantage of Little-Known Government Leasing Program, CAP Report Finds
75 RELEASE: Congress Should Counter Trump Administration Efforts to Cut Climate Science Funding, CAP Analysis Says
76 RELEASE: Trump Administration Selling Western Wildlife Corridors to Oil and Gas Industry, CAP Analysis Finds
77 RELEASE: Opening Tongass National Forest to Logging Will Waste Taxpayer Funds, CAP Brief Says
78 Too many intellectually disabled are still excluded from the world of work, study says
79 Texas housing bias suit may make it to Supreme Court
80 The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration's Anti-Environmental Agenda in Georgia
81 US Supreme Court Limits Drunk Driving Test Law
82 RELEASE: Sam Ricketts to Join the Center for American Progress as Senior Fellow
83 It's Past Time To Grant DC Statehood
84 Trump's War on the Postal Service Hurts All Americans
85 Justice Thomas asks questions in court, 1st time in 10 years
86 Supreme Court justice took part in case despite wife's stock ownership
87 Partisan fights over Supreme Court nominations hurt the court’s image, Chief Justice Roberts says
88 Supreme Court sides with police officer in free speech case
89 End Gerrymandering To Help Prevent Gun Violence
90 Gorsuch sworn into Supreme Court, restores conservative tilt
91 High court considers appointment of labor board official
92 Judge sides with House GOP against health care law
93 Supreme Court will hear appeal on energy conservation rule
94 STATEMENT: CAP's Erin Cohan Applauds Introduction of the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act of 2020
95 ONLINE EVENT ADVISORY: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to Join the 2020 Innovations Conference
96 STATEMENT: CAP Tech Policy Vice President Adam Conner on Trump's Social Media Executive Order
97 STATEMENT: Trump's New Overtime Rule Is Another Assault on the Middle Class, Says CAP's Sam Berger
98 Scalia recalled as Supreme Court's 'man for all seasons'
99 Facebook Policies Tricky for Employers, Workers
100 Justices say law on offensive trademarks is unconstitutional