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Result Content Idea Research
1 Samjiyon and Hyesan locked down after woman crosses border
2 Two more N. Koreans crossed border into Samjiyon on Aug. 20
3 Preferential treatment toward Samjiyon stokes discontent
4 North Korea crisis: Kim Jong-un puts two cities in lockdown after major security breach
5 Samjiyon Construction Spreads to Several Towns Across the Region
6 Yanggang Province is in the midst of blueberry picking season
7 North Korea just opened its socialist ‘utopia’ town. Similar endeavors elsewhere are crumbling away.
8 Samjiyon projects face continued obstacles to completion by Oct. 10
9 North Korea unveils newly-reconstructed "utopia" town in Samjiyon
10 Samjiyon Market closed as rumors fly about Kim Jong Un visit
11 Source: Rumors suggest that KJU recently stayed in Samjiyon
12 North Korea delays the start of the school year, again
13 North Korea's socialist 'paradise' city Samjiyon — in pictures
14 In Samjiyon visit, Kim Jong Un says construction a blow to US-led "enemies"
15 Ask a North Korean: what was life like on the construction sites at Samjiyon?
16 Imagery reveals scope of Samjiyon reconstruction project's "third stage" | NK PRO
17 Report: DPRK leader expresses thanks to Samjiyon builders
18 Group wedding held for injured Samjiyon construction workers
19 Following recent reconstruction, North Korea declares Samjiyon its newest city
20 North Korean Citizens Living Near Samjiyon Fed Up With Being Mobilized to Prepare for Kim Jong Un Visits
21 Has North Korea firmly decided to head down a "new path"?
22 Kim Jong Un extols progress in Samjiyon County's construction projects
23 Giant construction project takes shape in remote North Korea
24 Some Samjiyon evictees face the coming winter cold in tents
25 Kim Jong Un condemns sanctions at Samjiyon County
26 North Korea builds ‘socialist utopia’ but it’s running short on labour
27 North Korean Soldier Assigned to Samjiyon Allegedly Kills Family of Three While Attempting Robbery
28 Dozens of buildings completed in Samjiyon county, North Korea says
29 Women in Samjiyon's work units fall victim to sexual assault
30 Samjiyon work brigade laborer dies while stealing corn
31 Forced mobilization of North Korean residents continues at Samjiyon project site
32 North Korea's Hyesan-Samjiyon Railroad plagued with poor conditions, accidents
33 Daily NK snapshots from North Korea
34 N. Korea purchases "premium" construction materials from China
35 The rise of the technocrats: Kim Yong Hwan and Ri Tae Il
36 North Korean workers rebel against orders to work at the Samjiyon construction site
37 Alleged leaker of Kim Jong Un's whereabouts executed
38 Baekdu Mountain in N. Korea
39 N. Korea's state media stays mum on Kim's public activities for 2 weeks
40 Samjiyon County construction project includes 400+ new buildings, images reveal
41 Samjiyon officials selling off apartments to cover construction budget shortfall
42 North Korea reveals October 2020 deadline for Samjiyon construction project
43 N. Korean soldiers increasingly strained by construction projects
44 Construction of stalled China-DPRK tourist zone near Samjiyon sees new progress | NK PRO
45 North Korean State Media Keeps Kim Jong-un Alive For Now
46 North Korea rounds up people with "unclear residence"
47 North Korea calls for 'second phase' construction in Samjiyon County
48 N. Korean factories ramp up production to meet year-end quotas
49 Soldiers sent to Mt. Kumgang construction sites from last year
50 North Korean shock brigade workers face horrific conditions at Samjiyon site
51 Residents from other areas of North Korea to receive Samjiyon housing
52 N. Korea increases production of glass panels
53 North Korean women in Hyesan voice discontent over forced labor
54 Sources: N. Korea's schools to reopen on Apr. 17
55 Kim's aunt reemerges after years of speculation about fate
56 North Korean neighborhood watch heads share stories about Samjiyon construction site conditions
57 Kim Jong Un oversees opening of Yangdok Hot Springs and ski resort
58 North Korean Would-Be Defectors Arrested in Emergency Operation Near China Border
59 Kim Jong-un says pain caused by US turned to rage
60 North Korea says no need to sit down with U.S. for talks
61 N. Korea's planned leaflet drop is a no-go, for now
62 Amid health worries, Kim Jong Un's role looms large
63 Kim Yo Jong and the "Party Center"
64 N. Koreans increasingly seek out homegrown electronics
65 Yanggang Province building projects suspended due to COVID-19 measures
66 N. Korea arrests suspects allegedly involved in information leak
67 Kim Jong Un orders expansion of Pyongyang artillery test site
68 Freight train carrying cement derails en route to Samjiyon
69 Air Koryo to restart twice-weekly Pyongyang-Samjiyon flights: Arirang-Meari
70 Kim Yo Jong is reviewing North Korea's public bonds program
71 Kim Jong-un launches massive development project
72 Under lock down, Kaesong residents request help from relatives outside city
73 Kim Jong Un's aunt makes surprise appearance six years after husband's execution
74 Neighborhood watch directors refuse to mobilization orders to Samjiyon construction site
75 Source: N. Korea's DMZ shooting was accidental
76 N. Korean innkeeper arrested for defying COVID-19 prevention rules
77 North Korean Orchestra Plans to Perform in South Korea During Winter Olympics
78 North Korea: Kim Jong-un promotes Samjiyon as potato production hub
79 North Korea's 'socialist utopia' needs mass labor. A growing market economy threatens that
80 Forget The Nexus 7, Meet The Samjiyon, North Korea's Tablet
81 Local residents supplying food for university students at Samjiyon site
82 How Kim Jong Un Keeps Advancing North Korea's Nuclear Program
83 Kim Yo Jong orders production of new works of literature
84 Yanggang Province farmers ordered to collect more grass than usual
85 Kim Jong Un tells shipbuilding facilities to build more boats
86 South Korea's push for tourism in North poses tricky balancing act
87 "Thousands" of students working at Samjiyon construction site, state media says
88 North Korean merchants punished for doing business near major construction site
89 NKHR nonprofits reject unilateral "office inspections" by MOU
90 Hyesan's MSS director still in office despite security leak
91 Rapid progress at Samjiyon construction project since summer, imagery reveals | NK PRO
92 N. Korean farmers are showing up to work less than before
93 N. Korea orders workers in China to stay until end of the year
94 North Korea cuts communication with 'enemy' South | Asia – Gulf News
95 Kim again rides horse up sacred peak as nuke deadline nears
96 North Korean leader inspects Samjiyon County
97 Here's a look at North Korea's first musical performance in South Korea in 12 years
98 Spotlight: DPRK vigorously promotes socialist economic construction
99 North Korean Orchestra Gives an Emotional Concert in the South
100 Kim Jong-un promotes Samjiyon as hub for potato production in North Korea