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1 30 Days Of Art With NAC: The Children by Yu-Mei Balasingamchow
2 Mystery light was possibly a meteor, astronomer says
3 A hacking group is hijacking Docker systems with exposed API endpoints
4 Dine Savannah: New outposts set up for Auspicious Baking Co., Collins Quarter
5 Vector of Leishmaniasis, A Sand fly
6 WHO | WHO addressing leishmaniasis in high-risk areas of the Syrian Arab Republic
7 Victim named in fatal Charlotte Harbor boating incident
8 Patients cured of kala-azar can still transmit disease, says study
9 Novartis and Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) to collaborate on the development of a new oral drug to treat Visceral Leishmaniasis
10 19 Stunning Images of Abandoned Things Being Reclaimed by Nature
11 Disease-spreading flies torment West Bank, northern Israel
12 In Bihar, Stigma Is Hindering Access to Kala-Azar Treatment
13 Clinical trials on for an advanced oral drug for kala-azar
14 Ambulance driver dies when transporting medicine for Covid-19 patients
15 Disease-spreading sandflies plague West Bank settlement
16 Fishing, Surfing, Hunting Beckon New Zealanders After Coronavirus Lockdown
17 Study uncovers cause of aggressive leishmaniasis strain
18 New tropical disease detected in Brazil defies treatment
19 Heartland virus found in Illinois ticks, health officials warn
20 DDT fails against sandflies and kala-azar
21 County government partners with private sector to eliminate bedbugs
22 Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team seizes $4 million in cocaine during joint operation
23 Dosing cattle with insecticide to eliminate sandflies
24 County now sets 8 treatment centres for victims of ravaging skin disease
25 Poor GNA Policies Blamed for Spread of Skin Disease in Libya
26 Digging deep to combat salinity losses
27 Search for injured sea lion with fish hook piercing chest
28 Unforgettable summer: The Secret Diary of Adam Dudding Aged 19
29 First reported UK case of likely dog to dog transmission of leishmaniosis
30 With friends like these … the most recent American sellout of the Kurds
31 B.C. murder suspects face ‘swampy,’ ‘challenging’ terrain in northern Manitoba: RCMP
32 Sandfly infection: British hotelier dies from parasitic disease after retiring to Spain
33 Sunshine Coast midge outbreak worst in 50 years
34 Mum's strong message to careless drivers after crash
35 Dom Joly shares snaps of horrific injuries after suffering sandfly attack on The Island
36 Leishmaniasis, the disfiguring parasitic disease infecting a million around the world each year
37 Syria: Dire Conditions for ISIS Suspects' Families
38 Opossums are our best defense against Lyme disease, killing 5000 ticks per week each
39 The Anxious Comedy of Howie Mandel
40 A Genetic Link Found for Victims of Lethal Form of Leishmaniasis
41 ‘It looked like a gunshot wound’: how a flesh-eating parasite felled a British adventurer
42 Volume 06 Issue 39
43 Hyraxes may lose protected status in Israel to prevent spread of leishmaniasis
44 What's been ailing Kenyan children since the 1960s
45 Tests reveal young girl succumbed to Chandipura virus
46 Coronavirus discovery and necessary prevention
47 Jeffrey Aronson: When I Use a Word . . . Phlebotomy
48 Leishmaniasis types and causative agents
49 Heatwave brings the invasion of the sand fly to our beaches
50 Nature fix: Packrafting Pelorus River via Mt Richmond
51 Ancient parasite remains a modern scourge
52 Sentiment Speaks: 'This Market Makes No Sense'
53 Four die after outbreak of Kala azar in Marsabit County
54 Milford Track to partly reopen after storm damage
55 Coconut Oil An Effective Mosquito Repellent: 4 Other All-Natural Oils To Prevent Mosquito Bites
56 Fears over disfiguring parasitic disease as cases double in northern Pakistan
57 $4 million in cocaine seized in Savannah | Hilton Head Island Packet
58 As 'Flesh-Eating' Leishmania Come Closer, a Vaccine Against Them Does, Too | Research Horizons
59 John Travolta’s in Savannah, and it looks like he’s loving it. Here’s where he’s been
60 US billionaire golf tycoon's £10m plan for Scottish course to rival Trump's could be in ruins
61 'The Mosquito': Cataloging A History Of Devastation By 'Our Deadliest Predator'
62 After 3 years, Chandipura virus infects six in Maharashtra
63 Get Your Dog Vaccinated Against Leishmaniasis If You Live In Spain
64 Vaccine could prevent disease that causes facial 'craters'
65 Want to be a wildlife biologist? Beware the eyeball leeches and chest maggots.
66 12 Home Remedies for Bug Bites That Actually Work
67 Leishmaniasis affects hundreds in Bajaur, Mardan and Karak
68 The Kiwi attractions in Lonely Planet's Wonders of the World
69 How to Keep Bedbugs From Coming Home With You
70 Use A Hot Spoon To Relieve Itchy Insect Bites
71 Museum: How farmer settler William Gordon Bell helped shape NZ
72 Equine dentist sentenced for smashing pony's teeth
73 In north Syria, skin disease ravages young and old
74 Five-year-old Girl Dies of Chandipura Virus in Gujarat
75 Eliminating visceral leishmaniasis in South Asia: the road ahead
76 'Suitcase lab' in the fight against kala-azar
77 Liberals cut reserves' boil advisories, but water-system problems linger
78 Islamic State body dumping did not spread leishmaniasis
79 Mosquito protein controls blood feeding
80 The 20 deadliest animals on Earth, ranked (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)
81 30 Secret Places In Georgia To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer
82 AI: Researchers use machine learning to find source of viruses
83 Sculptures by the Sea artworks destroyed by huge waves at Bondi and Tamarama beaches
84 Hope in battle against 'deadliest disease you've never heard of'
85 CNT makes largest cocaine bust in Chatham County history
86 Military pushes war on sand flies
87 Parasitic skin disease detected in Pakistan
88 Scientists are investigating why Leishmania parasite easily develops resistance against existing drugs
89 Explorers find disease-cursed City of the Monkey God and nearly lose their faces to flesh-eating parasite
90 First Nation chief, council accused of spending band's social assistance money on personal items, face audit
91 China's rival to GPS 'BeiDou Navigation' to go global
92 Student's discovery brings hope of fatal flesh-eating disease cure
93 'Hospitals are for the dying': Medical negligence inside Egyptian prisons
94 Tom Barton: Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it
95 Dunedin: Where the city meets nature
96 Hong Kong protest gets physical at Auckland Uni
97 Newborn baby faces life of squalor
98 The shocking moment a tourist is nearly mauled by a sea lion as she provokes a group on the beach
99 GIs Battle 'Baghdad Boil'
100 Arab countries caught in a cycle of war and disease