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1 Spanish generals call for mass murder in fascistic leaked WhatsApp chats
2 Spain is playing with fire, and his name is Santiago Abascal
3 Santiago Abascal and Spain's Electric Electoral Slide to the Right
4 Ghosts of Past Haunt Struggling Spain
5 Vox’s motion of no confidence against the government: what you need to know about the two-day debate
6 Echoes of Franco as Spain’s far right tells PM his government is ‘worst in 80 years’
7 Leader of Spain’s Vox Party Angry At Twitter For Allowing “Kill Abascal” to Become a Trending Topic
8 Santiago Abascal, the far-right leader fighting ‘the traitors of Spain’
9 Protestors take to Spanish streets in vehicles, at anti-government marches organized by far-right Vox
10 Vox: Who are Spain's far-right party and what do they stand for?
11 The pox of Vox: The spread of far-right populism in Spain
12 Vox's Abascal Allegedly Descendant of Arab Leader Ab-Hascal
13 Santiago Abascal, VOX leader, becomes Trump of Spain
14 Vox party puts ‘menace’ of migrant children at centre of election drive
15 Cadiz stadium rename controversy: Estadio Francisco Franco and Estadio Santiago Abascal receive the most votes
16 Vox, unchallenged at TV debate, enjoys boost in the polls
17 Vox: how to understand the peculiarities of Spain’s hard-right movement
18 Andalusia's far-right Vox party espouses an 'anti-radical-feminist' platform
19 Iranian exile group paid salaries for two leaders of Spain’s far-right Vox
20 Vox: Who are the Trump-inspired far-right Spanish nationalist party and what do they stand for?
21 Far-right Vox challenges Spain's acceptance of LGBT rights
22 Spain’s far right hates not only immigrants, but also women
23 Spain's Vox Party Hates Muslims—Except the Ones Who Fund It
24 Spain’s far right leader slams Yair Netanyahu as ‘ignorant and frivolous’
25 Spanish elections: How the far-right Vox party found its footing
26 A duty to respond
27 A populist makes waves in Spain – and he’s proving popular
28 The Left Will Govern Spain, but the Far-Right Is the Real Winner
29 Spanish Vox party: Nationalists vow to 'make Spain great again'
30 Why Vox really is a far-right party
31 Spain’s acting PM accuses center-right of shunning “the wrong party”
32 VOX and the Spanish Muslim community: the new “Reconquista” of Spain
33 Conquering fears and bigotry in Spain || AW
34 Vox reinvents history to claim 'Reconquista' of Spain | Francis Ghiles
35 Vox leader in La Linea rebukes Abascal over border tweet, reflecting wider anger
36 Vox leader calls for law change so Spaniards can keep guns at home
37 Spain's far-right Vox party shot from social media into parliament overnight. How?
38 Likud official apologizes after posting tweet supporting far-right party
39 What is the real power of the far right in Spain?
40 How Spain’s far-right Vox created a winning social media strategy
41 Spain’s election officials suspend TV debate with far-right party Vox
42 Spain's far-right Vox surges in wake of Catalan independence protests
43 Vox Is Unreliable Partner for Spanish Right
44 The New Spanish Islamophobia
45 Dark Legacy: How Franco’s Ghost Continues to Haunt Spain’s Politics Today