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1 Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston loses seat after party switch
2 Tory MP proposes bill that could discourage politicians defecting to other parties
3 MPs who switch parties could be forced to fight by-elections, under Tory MP’s proposals
4 Sarah Wollaston faces defeat as a Lib Dem
5 Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston joins the Liberal Democrats
6 Former Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston calls for public inquiry into Covid crisis | ITV News
7 Dr Sarah Wollaston moves to the Lib Dems
8 British MP Sarah Wollaston joins Liberal Democrats
9 Sarah Wollaston: I'll keep providing scrutiny, says newly independent MP
10 We need a real-time coronavirus inquiry
11 Sarah Wollaston calls for doctors to “apply for my job” and represent NHS in parliament
12 What does Totnes think of Sarah Wollaston, its defecting MP? | 1 September 2019
13 What happens next for MPs who have lost their jobs
14 Tory Brexit rebel Wollaston ‘prepared to step down’ to help a Remain alliance
15 Sarah Wollaston: Corbyn government may be 'lesser of two evils'
16 Dr Sarah Wollaston leaves Change UK after four months
17 Former GP Dr Sarah Wollaston among latest MPs to join breakaway group
18 Totnes Tories gripped by ‘toxic’ fight over MP’s future
19 Independent Group MP Sarah Wollaston: “Do I think that we cut too much? Yes, I do”
20 Johnson accused of avoiding scrutiny after postponing committee appearance
21 'Brexit will have terrible effect on NHS', says Lib Dem Dr Sarah Wollaston
22 EU referendum: MP Sarah Wollaston swaps sides over 'untrue' Leave claims
23 Coronavirus: Lewes MP Maria Caulfield returns to nursing
24 Iain Dale repeatedly challenges Sarah Wollaston for "consistently" changing parties
25 Former Totnes MP says Dominic Cummings should be sacked
26 Sarah Wollaston pushes for MPs' vote on second Brexit referendum
27 Sarah Wollaston backed mandatory by-elections for party switchers
28 EXCL Sarah Wollaston slams 'crass' Tory whips for ordering her from Commons office while caring for ill relative
29 Dr Sarah Wollaston quits Tory party over Brexit
30 'Betrayed!' Furious fisherman demands Sarah Wollaston fight by-election after defection
31 Death threats leave TIG MP Sarah Wollaston too afraid to advertise public meetings
32 Boris Johnson seems determined to ignore any lessons from coronavirus. It’s not good enough
33 Ex MI6 spy’s dossier accuses China and Huawei of orchestrating ‘covert campaign to target MPs to become ‘us
34 Senior medics urge GMC to set up central register of doctors' declared interests
35 I welcome a new obesity strategy but its modest proposals kick in too late
36 Coffin protest 'crass' and 'offensive', says MP Sarah Wollaston
37 Public inquiry into UK's response to covid-19
38 ANDREW PIERCE: Turncoat Tory Sarah Wollaston causes trouble for the Lib Dems
39 How family GP Sarah Wollaston became Devon's most influential MP
40 Why we decided to call for deselection | News
41 'Not fit for purpose': UK medics condemn Covid-19 protection
42 Why I changed my mind over Brexit
43 ‘The New Church of England’: Coronavirus Renews Pride in U.K.’s Health Service
44 Here's to Sarah Wollaston: the Tory tweeter who cannot be silenced
45 No way back for defecting MPs as all 11 fail in bid to win re-election
46 Tory MP pledges second referendum amendment to May's Brexit plan
47 Sarah Wollaston: GP, mother and Conservative Parliamentary candidate
48 Leaders in pre-election clash over NHS, Brexit and economy
49 Independent ex-MPs who left Labour and Tories fail to win
50 COVID-19: General Medical Council Allows More Doctors Back to Work
51 Sarah Wollaston: Veil debate should be wake-up call for feminism
52 David Cameron text Tory defector Sarah Wollaston to rethink her decision to leave the party and join the
53 Why Totnes does not have a Green election candidate
54 Dr Sarah Wollaston Interview: A different kind of politician
55 General election 2019: five GPs elected as three lose seats
56 Sarah Wollaston's road back to Europe
57 Jeremy Hunt vies for health select committee chair role
58 General election 2019: Anna Soubry disbands Independent Group for Change
59 The week ahead in Parliament
60 Sarah Wollaston MP leaves Change UK after four months to sit as an Independent | ITV News
61 Sarah Wollaston MP: Jeremy Hunt should practise what he preaches
62 Amber Rudd hits out at 'rude' Oxford students after talk cancelled
63 Sarah Wollaston: Why am I being blamed for Nigel Evans sex case?
64 Sarah Wollaston MP: ‘I left the Conservatives because I was disgusted’
65 Change UK MPs Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston may join Lib Dems
66 Tory MP Sarah Wollaston says she WON'T vote for Budget
67 Public Health England scrapped as government creates National Institute for Health Protection
68 COVID-19: GMC Invites More Doctors Back to Work
69 Exams, Williamson and the lash: whip photo sparks Twitter intrigue
70 General Election 2019: Five things to watch out for on the night
71 ANDREW PIERCE on how GP-turned-MP Sarah Wollaston can keep her seat until the next General Election
72 My Daughter And 8 Of Her Doctor Friends Have Quit Britain, Reveals Tory MP
73 Boris Johnson accused of avoiding MPs' scrutiny over Parliament suspension
74 Dr Sarah Wollaston MP calls Government's response to NHS crisis 'dismal'
75 Sarah Wollaston: Tory MP says having overcome depression makes her better at her job
76 Still no breakthrough on Orkambi talks, MPs want answers
77 Tory Brexit splits deepen as Sarah Wollaston and Sir Alan Duncan facing deselection votes
78 Boris Johnson warned to 'get Brexit right' as coronavirus piles on pressure
79 More Tory MPs prepare to defect to the Lib Dems
80 Decriminalise drug possession to stop rising deaths, say MPs
81 UK needs urgent Covid-19 inquiry before we are hit by a second wave
82 GP MP appointed to House of Commons NHS scrutiny body
83 Two GPs selected for House of Commons health committee
84 Brexit deal delay could put NHS patients at risk, Tory MP warns
85 The Secretive Group Guiding the U.K. on Coronavirus
86 Caroline and Sarah – cuckoos in the Totnest
87 Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston rejects government job
88 A year on, did Change UK change anything?
89 Totnes General Election 2019 results live
90 Dr Sarah Wollaston elected as health committee chairwoman
91 Tory MP Sarah Wollaston in Brexit Bill rebellion
92 Dr Sarah Wollaston: 'Public health risks to data sharing for immigration purposes'
93 Sarah Wollaston interview: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it … but it is a bit broke'
94 Women MPs say abuse forcing them from politics
95 How each MP in Devon and Cornwall voted on today's Brexit deal
96 Role of PM's inquisitor to be decided
97 Brexit betrayal unmasked: Remainer MP attacked Swinson's party before joining Lib Dems
98 EXCL Boris Johnson accused of 'running from scrutiny' as he misses fresh committee grilling deadline
99 It's not 'remotely possible' for Theresa May's Brexit deal to pass Parliament, UK lawmaker says
100 Will Tory flagship Cities of Westminster and London be taken by Chuka Umunna?