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Result Content Idea Research
1 The LG Wing presents a 'radically sensible' evolutionary step in the future of smartphones…
2 sarang sheth visualizes dyson's futuristic air purifying headphones
3 sarang sheth envisions apple's design patent for a revolutionary curved unibody iMac Pro
4 Is this the new Google Pixel 5?
5 The streamlined Audi e-tron GT looks like it was inspired by a wind-tunnel test!
6 This backyard cabin gives you an incredible view while you WFH!
7 Xbox Cloud's controllers attach to your phone for a handheld Xbox-gameplay experience!
8 This Montblanc-inspired motorcycle is the most luxurious crossover ever!
9 This natural Air Purifier uses a miniature forest to rapidly clean your atmosphere!
10 The Moto Razr 2019 is the perfect fusion of futurism and nostalgia
11 Mouse, touchpad, laser pointer, this revolutionary device is a combination of them all!
12 This convertible full-body jacket was designed to give you 100% protection from the outdoor elements
13 The Ford Mustang Mach-F concept makes the electric vehicle look 'muscular' again
14 These sleek reusable earplugs use recycled materials to cut plastic as well as noise pollution
15 This futuristic wireless charger doubles as a magnetic power bank
16 The Display Away Cabinet lets you showcase your belongings, with a sense of mystery
17 YD Talks: Coronavirus will spur the growth of freelance designing and in-house prototyping
18 Designing for a better tomorrow – the innovative spirit that drives the Lexus Design Award 2020
19 SATECHI's magnetic dock lets you charge your Apple Watch using your iPad Pro!
20 What if you could mine crypto-coins with your car's excess energy and use it to pay for fuel?
21 The BMW R100 gets an absolutely gorgeous custom steampunk makeover!
22 The Alfa Romeo Nivola concept was named after the legendary Italian racing driver
23 Jaguar just released a 4-part masterclass on their car design process!
24 The ultra-minimal Zooz Concept 1 is an e-motorcycle that looks like nothing we've seen before
25 The Suisei Kiridashi EDC is a practical blend of compactness and comfort
26 The innovative ideas of the Good Design (GD) Selection Award 2019 winners!
27 The Mercedes Redsun concept transforms the company's logo into an iconic headlight!
28 This genius combination of a whiteboard and a post-it is a great productivity booster!
29 Someone built the most realistic lightsaber, and you can buy one for $199
30 Sony's PlayStation 5 is easily the world's most beautiful looking gaming console
31 Stunning translucent motorcycle concept allows you to see the chassis through its bodywork!
32 The ZERO headphone stand has the appeal of a minimalist desk-sculpture
33 The most unique pen in the world is made from a material found at the bottom of oceans
34 Innovative seating designed using clever surface projection!
35 The world's first magnetically modular multitool lets you pick and choose your attachments!
36 Public seating with a functional twist!
37 These self-bonding charging cables were designed to NEVER get entangled…
38 A designer created a Pagani hyperbike concept… and it looks like a beast on two wheels!
39 The ShiftCam ProGrip turns any smartphone into a full-fledged professional DSLR camera
40 Anker's Soundcore Life earphones combine all the best bits of the AirPods designs
41 A Microsoft xCloud Adaptive Controller that brings mobile cloud-gaming to the specially-abled
42 Aston Martin's first ever motorcycle would look gorgeous with James Bond riding it
43 Google teases image of what the Nest Home smart-speaker will look like in 2020
44 This Rimac Cyberbike channels the Tesla Cybertruck's charm… without those breakable windows
45 The sleek aluminum Molabox is the lunchbox's Macbook Air moment
46 The Canoo is a car-membership you can use when you need and pause when you don't
47 The custom-made BMW R9T looks like a post-apocalyptic steampunk beauty!
48 The iconic Audi TT Quattro gets a slick, futuristic redesign!
49 BMW's classic E24 gets a modern makeover but retains the iconic sharknose design
50 The Koenigsegg RAW is an entry-level hypercar concept that reinterprets the Agera One:1
51 The Lancia Stratos Zero makes a conceptual comeback with its iconic wedge-shaped design
52 This Ford F-150 fan-made concept looks arguably better than the original
53 A Tesla e-bike would help rapidly electrify the two-wheeler industry
54 These biodegradable takeaway containers are molded from recycled cocoa beans!
55 Portable sanitizer bottle comes with a UV chamber to store/disinfect your face mask
56 Finally, a transparent face mask that allows us to breathe clean air but still be social!
57 This VFD Nixie watch looks cooler than any smartwatch I've ever seen
58 If MARVEL's Black Panther ever rode a motorbike, this would probably be it.
59 Hyperion's futuristic hydrogen-powered supercar can hit speeds as high as 220 mph
60 There's a simple joy in the way this wallet/card-holder opens up like an accordion!
61 A first look at Google's Project Stream Gaming Controller!
62 This tiny pod-shaped device is the world's smallest reusable water purifier
63 At 205 mph top speed, this salt-lake racer aims at being the world's fastest e-bike
64 This flatbed laser engraver lets you creatively customize any of your products in mere seconds
65 Popular SUVs redesigned as Sedans are difficult to un-see!
66 This small, wireless sound-card can turn your phone into a professional podcast studio
67 This Bugatti-inspired espresso machine is here to supercharge your day with caffeine!
68 Move over, PopSocket… The Ohsnap smartphone grip-stand is razor-thin, magnetic, and more versatile
69 The Bugatti Gangloff concept feels like an aesthetic blast-from-the-past!
70 This entire shoe can be made in a single 3D print cycle
71 Futuristic Footwear for the 'space-age' showcases an innovative outsole
72 Here's that all-in-one charging dock Apple should have made for its products
73 A designer imagines what a Bugatti Luxury SUV would look like…
74 This Spaghetti-inspired spoon brilliantly re-imagines the pasta shape with functionality!
75 Issey Miyake's perfume-bottle design language, channeled into wristwatches
76 This series of sheet-metal lamps look like Suprematist hanging planters
77 This e-bike changes the fundamental visual template of motorcycle design
78 Here's what Dyson's 'air-purifying' headphones could (possibly) look like…
79 A look at how architecture after COVID-19 will openly embrace and integrate the outdoors
80 The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is a Moto Razr-style foldable clamshell phone… without the nostalgia
81 Google Pixel 5 design reveals a radical new camera
82 A circular Apple Watch seems very unlikely, but it sure looks beautiful!
83 The MINUS calculator explores extreme minimalism without sacrificing functionality
84 A designer fused a Lamborghini, Cybertruck, and DeLorean into one badass automobile
85 The folding ruler gets immortalized with a beautiful all-metal construction
86 The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic just got a clean, hip new revival!
87 How Lamborghini successfully carried over its racecar design language onto a luxury yacht
88 The URÆD wristwatch pays tribute to the creator of the world's first closed lifeboat
89 Gravity sketch launches collaborative tool to let remote teams design together in virtual reality
90 This Teenage Engineering-inspired smartphone fits an entire synthesizer into its body!
91 These offline TWS earbuds help translate up to 40 languages in real-time
92 Google Pixel Smartwatch, it's finally your time to shine
93 Apple's magic mouse wishes it was as slick and luxurious as the Asus Artone
94 This combination of a gardening kit and stool gets a green thumb's up!
95 The scooter gets its first radical redesign in nearly a 100 years with an expanded storage chamber
96 This handheld hydraulic stabilizer works without a battery to give you shake-free camera videos
97 Ingenious cup uses a camera-inspired aperture closing system to become water-tight!
98 These augmented reality glasses project a virtual running partner to help you crush your goals
99 This IKEA-worthy self-cleaning litter box is possibly the best looking one we've ever seen
100 What if Luigi Colani and Bugatti collaborated on a motorcycle concept?