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1 This new brewery taps the name of a classic Bisbee brand
2 Taste of Sacramento: Stretch of Del Paso Boulevard offers drinks, sushi and soul food
3 "Cronk Is Good" and the Story Behind 2020's Oddest Drink Revival
4 'Cronk rules everything around me': long-lost beverage resurrected after 120 years
5 Sarsaparilla and Root Beer: Old-Fashioned Drinks You Can Make at Home
6 Cold Garden Beverage Company Releases Cronk
7 'Cronk is the drink!' And Calgarians will soon be able to sip the sarsaparilla-based brew
8 Who said Cronk was dead? Long-lost beverage rediscovered thanks to Twitter and a micro-brewery
9 Calgary brewery recreates 19th century brew, 'Cronk” sells out quick
10 Mystery drink Cronk returns after century-long hiatus
11 'Cronk is the drink' old newspaper ads capture attention of Calgary researcher and twitterverse
12 Ask the Pharmacist: Sarsaparilla herb is good for more than just root beer
13 Corona beer has nothing to do with coronavirus. These brands also suffered PR nightmares
14 Cracking Open a Bottle of Calgary’s Past
15 Vintage root-beer maker embraces its Miami Valley roots as part of resurgence
16 Ask Hutch: Fueling up on flavor
17 How a Viral Tweet Brought Back a Boozy Root Beer Called Cronk
18 Cronk goes viral. Cronk returns.
19 ‘Cronk is the drink’: Calgary brewery revives 19th century beverage
20 Pandemic hobbies: How to home brew something other than beer
21 We taste-tested 16 flavors of A-Treat soda and our favorite may surprise you
22 Float hopes: Is there a world of floats beyond root beer?
23 Urban Family Brewing opening Friday in Ballard
24 Keep Your Favorite Soda Cold in This $29 Dr Pepper Mini Fridge
25 Go-Fast Sarsaparilla: Style Meets Substance In This Restomod 'Vette
26 Alberta company looks at the science of award-winning beer
27 Beer of the Week: Pioneer Room
28 Corona Beer vs coronavirus: effects on the company's brand and its response
29 Birch Beer: The Best Soda You've Never Tried
30 Century-old elixir kombucha growing popular in Kansas
31 Outdoors: Poachers not welcome, shut down at Canal
32 What is root beer, anyway?
33 Pennsylvania Dutch Brand Birch Beer BBQ Sauce | A Coalcracker in the Kitchen
34 A Popular Soda with Historic Roots
35 Root beer's Philadelphia roots
36 5 Minnesota brewers proving root beer is craft, too
37 Distillery offering bourbon, moonshine and more opens in Lehighton
38 Hoja santa: How Dallas chefs are using Mexican cuisine’s root beer-tasting leaf
39 DIY Your Way to Root Beer Greatness
40 Leftovers: Coffee and carbonation: VIVIC launches a sparkling brew
41 You Can Get In Free To More Than 25 Sacramento-Area Museums This Saturday
42 Five to Find: Root beer floats you won't want to miss
43 Try these new coffee shops in Las Vegas right now
44 Band of Bohemia: Chicago's most interesting brewery
45 The newest, hippest drink pouring into a glass near you: Craft soda
46 Sonoma Cider to release sarsaparilla-inspired cider
47 The ginger elixir of the gods – The Crow's Nest at USF St. Petersburg
48 Sande's Picks: Summer a grand time to sample Maine 'tonic'
49 Craft beer and beyond: For a unique flavor combination, try Freethought Brewing Co. Shibumi
50 Strange Fellows Brewing Releases Nostrum Dark Saison
51 New chapter in root beer history
52 Brewery & Beer Lineup
53 Bottling nostalgia: The rise and fall of Australia's old-fashioned soft drink industry
54 Coca-Cola Just Dropped a New Cherry Vanilla Flavor Along With a Zero Sugar Version
55 Blending bikes and brews at Catalina Brewing Company
56 Dead Bird is nearly ready to open its Halyard Park brewery & taproom
57 Pocatello's craft beer pioneer says added competition has been good for business
58 Root beer: The revival of an all-American
59 9 Sonic Secret Menu Items for Your Next Trip to the Drive-In
60 Regional Sodas We Wish Were National
61 Half Hours On Earth Releases You Got Me Floatin' Root Beer Float Sour IPA
62 Wild West whistler-whetters: Sampling four types of Sioux City sodas
63 Make Homemade Root Beer Today
64 Connecticut's Best Soda | FOOD & DRINK
65 Knott's Berry Farm enters 2020 with Knott's PEANUTS Celebration
66 Dead Bird moves closer to Milwaukee taproom/brewery opening
67 Why almost all Japanese people hate root beer
68 The Best Root Beers for Making Root Beer Floats
69 Sassafras Tea: Health Benefits and Side Effects
70 Panoringan: Post-Valentine Love, Shiny and New Ways to Treat Your Significant Other
71 New Sandy businesses driving economic development | Sandy Utah News
72 Alcoholic root beer keeps taking off. I find that hard to swallow.
73 Super Bowl Bingo Makes Watching Commercials Even Better
74 Nannari syrup with soda makes for great root beer
75 What Is Sassafras and Is it Safe? | HowStuffWorks
76 5 hard root beers to try when you've had enough ales and wines
77 No Alcohol, But Is This Beer Halal?
78 A&W is giving away FREE root beer this month | Dished
79 Edgewood’s newest eatery has sandwiches, brew and a game table for kids big and small
80 Frostop Launches Black Cherry
81 Developing Film With Beer and Other Nostalgia
82 Roots in root beer | News, Sports, Jobs
83 Trend: Mocktails | Happy Hour Guide | Bend
84 A tasting of nine "natural" root beers yields surprising results
85 Vivic Adds a Bit of Vim and Vigor to the Canned Cold Brew Aisle
86 St. Patrick's Day: 17 places to eat and drink on March 17
87 U.S. Highway 395 Leads Back Into California History, by Travel Writers
88 Brew Backyard Root Beer
89 From the Herd Shop | Bundaberg Root Beer
90 The Mouthful: The roots of root beer
91 A Drink in Search of a Frosty Mug
92 Corona, Zika Or SARS? Brands That Got Hit Hard In The Virus Name Game
93 Root beer is the hot 'new' beer flavor | lifestyle |
94 Brew and a Bite: Try some Best Damn Root Beer this summer
95 A&W Canada is brewing root beer with natural ingredients Français
96 Lehigh Valley readers share A-Treat soda tributes
97 A taste of Root Beer Falls
98 Tulsa's five best root beers | Food & Cooking
99 Bottles are back for nostalgia-minded A-Treat fans
100 A&W Canada launches new root beer