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1 Game warden speculates 'Satanic ritual' after dead goats found in Northeast El Paso desert
2 Dead animals found in suspected satanic ritual in Texas
3 Decapitated, Gutted Animals Found in Texas Linked to 'Satanic Ritual'—Officials
4 QAnon Podcast Airs Bishop Larry Gaiters' Outrageous Claim of Biden's 'Satanic Sacrifice'
5 'I Was Doing Something To Appease The Devil': The 'Son Of Sam' Killings And The Satanic Panic
6 Epix Docuseries Fall River Looks at the Scourge of 'Satanic Panic'
7 What Sons of Sam Gets Wrong About Satanism | Screen Rant
8 Review: Lil Nas X is not promoting satanic worship in his new music video for 'Montero'
9 'The Sons Of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness:' Satanic Panic And The Obsession Surrounding The Son Of Sam
10 Civil Rights Activist Ted Nugent Defends the MyPillow Guy, Alleges “Satanic” Democrats Are in Favor of Stabbing Children
11 Animal carcasses found dumped near northeast El Paso intersection may be part of 'satanic ritual'
12 How QAnon uses satanic rhetoric to set up a narrative of 'good vs. evil' – Associated Press
13 This Christian group is trying to shut down a “Satanic” college radio station in New Jersey
14 Censorship? Satanic agendas? Kootenai County library board election turns partisan
15 'Fall River' Docuseries Offers New Look at 'Satanic Cult' Murders
16 Aubrey Plaza and Danny DeVito to Star in Satanic Sitcom ‘Little Demon’ at FXX
17 Video Premiere: Satanic Planet Drops "Satanic Planet" onto a Satanic Planet
18 'Son of Sam' survivor claims real shooter was Satanic cult priestess
19 The Satanic Temple Takes on Corporal Punishment in Schools
20 Satanic verses: By calling social media the home of the Devil, the PM is breaching the church-state divide
21 Netflix's new true crime series investigates the heart of the satanic panic
22 ‘Fall River’ documentary looking into what police said were satanic cult murders coming to EPIX in May; Direc
23 Catholic Groups Attempting To Shut Down "Satanic" College Metal Radio Station, WSOU
24 Catholic groups call on Seton Hall radio station to stop playing 'satanic' music
25 Opinion: Lil Nas X's Satanic Panic is in Good Company
26 Hamas terror chief vows response if Israel doesn't cease its 'satanic plans'
27 Satanic Planet Critiques Organized Religion In Animated New Music Video For “Satanic Planet”
28 Tiramisu Deviled Eggs Are Indeed Satanic
29 Anti-vaxxer Ted Nugent: 'Satanic haters' trolled me during COVID battle
30 Street Art in the Age of Basquiat: Jenny Holzer and Lady Pink on Streetwise Feminisms, Satanism, and Reaganomics
31 Ted Nugent rants about ‘satanic haters’ who wished him dead during COVID bout
32 What Sons of Sam Leaves Out About The Process & The Children
33 It’s Time to Revisit the Satanic Panic
34 Grand Designs UK: Kevin McCloud clashes with couple converting 'dark satanic mill'
35 Former Louisville detective who helped incarcerate innocent men will serve one year in prison
36 Letter: Equality Act is anti-Christian and promotes Satan's agenda
37 ‘Fall River’ and its 40-year-old case still holds current themes
38 The Story Behind a Misunderstood Satanic Monument
39 Satanic Temple’s lawyers try Christian-right tactics
40 Satanists Go to Court Seeking Right to Pray at City Meetings
41 TED NUGENT: 'We're Slipping Dangerously Over The Edge Of Marxism'
42 Fact check: Viral ad on marijuana and 'youth joining satanic cults' is a hoax
43 MPs call for action after school principal labels own student Ain ‘Satan’s spawn’ on Facebook for rape joke exposé
44 Why you might find dryer sheet stuck in your mailbox
45 The Satanic Temple Colorado Puts a Devilish Spin on the Holidays
46 Long suspected of murder, she confessed but avoided prison
47 The Satanic Temple claims Ohio’s fetal remains burial law is unconstitutional
48 Who is The Sons of Sam narrator?
49 Church of Satan and Satanism in Australia explained: from rituals to religion with the controversial group
50 Satanic Temple Flexes Its Right to Free Speech on Billboard
51 This DC-Area Lawyer Set the Internet Ablaze With Her Essay About Joining the Satanic Temple
52 How Lil Nas X turned the musical legacy of the 'Satanic Panic' on its head
53 Roommate of woman found dead near Prescott in 1988 confesses to killing but avoids prison time
54 Salem's Satanic Temple hosts macabre art and movie nights in a former funeral home
55 Netflix hit Sons of Sam re-examines New York's summer of terror
56 Conjuring 3 won't feature any other characters from the series
57 The Satanic Temple Sues Over Banned Billboards
58 Jill Richardson: The Time I Got Coffee With Hollywood Satanists
59 Babyteeth: The Comic's Armageddon Gives the Devil a MASSIVE Upgrade
60 Satanic Temple threatens lawsuit if ‘In God We Trust’ appears on new Mississippi flag
61 The Satanic Temple is offering 'Devil's Advocate Scholarship'
62 The Satanic Temple Sues Texas Over Abortion Regulations It Argues Infringe On Members' Religious Beliefs
63 Satanists say 'Abortions save lives!' on billboard outside Houston
64 The Satanic Temple Says Texas Abortion Laws Violate Religious Liberty. So, They're Filing Suit.
65 Sex offenders sue state after being denied leftovers from their Satanic feast
66 Satanic Temple suing Boston over opening prayer
67 Moby: Why I ❤️ Pantera's The Great Southern Trendkill
68 Some upset in Cyprus over 'satanic' Eurovision song choice
69 RELATED: Satanic panic is back, thanks to 'Satan Shoes' and Lil Nas X
70 Satanic Temple sues Boston over City Council’s opening prayer policy
71 Church of Satan and US Forest Service agree: No satanic rituals being held in CA forest
72 Satanic Temple Sues Company That Rejected Group's Billboards
73 It's time to stop using the word “Satanic” to describe music
74 The Satanic Temple Files Motion to Disqualify Amy Coney Barrett from Ruling on TST's Abortion Case at the Supreme Court
75 How Airbnb Got Mixed Up In A Modern-Day Satanic Panic
76 ‘It was such an experience’: Naval Academy English capstone project brings Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ to life
77 Satanic Delco founder on the group’s ‘To Hell with Homelessness’ campaign: ‘I wanted us to serve a purpose’
78 The Satanic Temple Bought
79 Satanic Temple Abortion Ritual Advertised on Miami Billboard
80 Supreme Court Refuses to Disqualify Justice Barrett from The Satanic Temple's Abortion Case
81 Cyprus Church says 'satanic' Eurovision entry must be yanked
82 Protesters say out with Cyprus' 'Satanic' Eurovision entry
83 Jakarta dispatches 400-strong ‘Satan’s Forces’ to Papua
84 10 Rock + Metal Artists Wrongly Labeled As Satanic
85 The invention of satanic witchcraft by medieval authorities was initially met with skepticism
86 How the Satanic Temple Could Bring Abortion Rights to the Supreme Court
87 Hail Satan?: The Satanists battling for religious freedom
88 Best Reproductive Rights Argument by the Satanic Temple
89 Satanic Temple raises hell over rejected abortion billboards
90 Out-of-state groups slam 'Satanic' music at Seton Hall station
91 Mask Up for Satan!
92 We Talked to the Host Accused of Doing “Satanic Rituals” In His Airbnb
93 The Satanic Temple offers academic scholarships to high school graduates
94 Satanic Temple Loses Cyber-squatting Lawsuit
95 U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly focused on domestic extremists. Their latest target: Satanists.
96 Coeur d'Alene's Crown and Thistle responds to backlash over Idaho Satanic Temple fundraiser
97 'Masking is a satanic ritual': Group protests outside Spokane health officer's house over state mask mandate
98 Satanic Temple Challenges 18 States' Abortion Laws With Religious Exemption Claim
99 Knights of Columbus remove satanic graffiti from outside D.C. church
100 Satanic Ska Is a Real Thing That Actually Exists