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1 Hydroxychloroquine can't stop COVID-19; it's time to move on, scientists say
2 Observational Study of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19
3 Hydroxychloroquine: First Large Study Does Not Support Routine Use in COVID-19 Patients
4 U.S. Prescriptions For Hydroxychloroquine Skyrocketed From February To March, Study Finds
5 Fact Check: In viral video, doctor falsely touts hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 'cure'
6 Saga of hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19: A cautionary tale
7 Research Shows Cardiac Safety of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Patients – Not Associated With Dangerous Heart Rhythms
8 Study Projects Areas Most Vulnerable to COVID-19 Patient Surge | Columbia Public Health
9 'We've got to be able to move more quickly.' The pandemic reality of COVID-19 clinical trials
10 Hydroxychloroquine, what it is, and what it does to your body
11 Study: Asymptomatic Cases Of COVID-19 Might Have Temporary Lung Damage : Goats and Soda
12 When Breathing Clean Air Is the Goal
13 Fact check: Trump says patients in 'bad' hydroxychloroquine study were 'almost dead'
14 U.S. Hospital Systems Will Be Tested by Coronavirus. Just Look at New York City.
15 Veteran Arranger And Multi-Instrumentalist Jim Waller Releases His Debut Big Band Album, Bucket List
16 Characterization and clinical course of 1000 patients with coronavirus disease 2019 in New York: retrospective case series
17 New Studies Clarify What Drugs Help, Hurt for COVID-19
18 Coronavirus pandemic in the US: Live updates
19 Hydroxychloroquine Works in at Least One Way: Sowing Discord
20 Navarro Doesn't Give Full Picture On Hydroxychloroquine
21 Hydroxychloroquine cannot stop COVID-19. It's time to move on, scientists say
22 Don’t Panic Over Covid-19 Reinfection Report, Expert Says
23 Hydroxychloroquine truther Ingraham begs Trump to overturn FDA warning before study disproves her
24 CUIMC Students Present Global and Population Health Research
25 Trump Misleads on Hydroxychloroquine, Again
26 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
27 Mars may have had a giant ring billions of years ago, new research suggests
28 TB Rears Its Head in the City. Should We Worry?
29 Large study finds no great advantage to antimalaria drug in Covid-19 fight
30 Hydroxychloroquine fails to reduce COVID-19 symptoms
31 Azar, Trump Mislead on FDA's Hydroxychloroquine Decision
32 Raining? There Is a Gimlet for That at Claudette
33 RSNA publishes Fleischner Society statement on chest imaging and COVID-19
34 A Jewish View On Physician-Assisted Suicide
35 Africa: Prioritizing Action on Air Pollution Will Benefit Health, the Climate and the Economy
36 FactChecking Trump's COVID-19 Press Briefing
37 Hydroxychloroquine is not effective against COVID-19, extensive U.S. study shows
38 Return of college students to Ithaca is happening now, but it's far from normal
39 COVID-19 Update: Unexpected Viral Load, Early HCQ No Help
40 Abbott coronavirus test is accurate; infected mother's breast milk may protect infants
41 A New Dose of Hope in the Battle With Tuberculosis
42 Fact Check: Trump Misleads on Hydroxychloroquine, Again
43 Kidney Problems More Prevalent in NYC COVID-19 Patients
44 First Cases Documented of TB Caught From Cats
45 New studies clarify what drugs help, hurt as COVID-19 treatment
46 CUIMC Celebrates 2018-2019
47 Charity's column: Four weddings and a 5K
48 With string of attacks on doctors and experts, Trump takes aim at science: ANALYSIS
49 Epidemiology of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Patients without HIV Infection, New York City
50 After Years of Obstacles, an Illegal Immigrant Gets a Transplant
51 Merck Licenses NASH Compound From NGM Biopharma for $20 Million
52 Ninety-two CC seniors initiated into Phi Beta Kappa
53 The time to act against Tuberculosis is now
54 Alone Together: "Stay-at-Home" Wellness Coaching
55 Brazil's president says he is taking hydroxychloroquine to cure his coronavirus. Scientists have long said it doesn't work.
56 Dual Therapy for C difficile Infection Not Superior to Vancomycin Alone
57 Air pollution kills millions yearly. Let's fight it with data and action.
58 Corona research round-up: New antibody test, mother's milk; more
59 The $35 billion race to cure a silent killer that affects 30 million Americans
60 E-Cigarettes: What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know
61 TB Treatment May Leave Some Patients Contagious
62 Rockpoint Group buys property on South Beach's Lincoln Road
63 How to fortify your lungs
64 Precision Public Health Method Identifies Clusters of Respiratory Disease in Uganda
65 Future complications possible even in asymptomatic Covid-19 cases, research found
66 Current status of opioid addiction treatment and related preclinical research
67 Vanderburgh Co. sees increase in confirmed coronavirus cases
68 UD students to get belongings from university housing starting May 15
69 Tobacco industry profits USD 9k from every smoker's death: Report
70 Council’s vaping project with British American Tobacco labelled ‘a disgrace’
71 Current advances in research in treatment and recovery: Nicotine addiction
72 Stacy Sullivan On Piano Jazz
73 Big pharma balks at investment in TB
74 Tobacco companies targeting world's most vulnerable to increase profits
75 Xarelto Associated With Reduced Hospital Time and Costs for Low-risk PE Patients
76 Big tobacco is targeting the world's most vulnerable to increase profits, report finds: Africa and the Middle East are at a tipping point for avoiding epidemic numbers of preventable morbidity and mortality
77 Keeping phase III tuberculosis trials relevant: Adapting to a rapidly changing landscape
78 Gender-specific association of functional prodynorphin 68 bp repeats w | NDT
79 Sands Of Sisyphus
80 CVS Pharmacy in South Beach sells for $30 million, report says
81 2 Million Deaths a Year Attributed to Pollution from Indoor Cookstove Fires
82 Evaluation of a social protection policy on tuberculosis treatment outcomes: A prospective cohort study
83 Revisiting the timetable of tuberculosis
84 ILO chief wants to cut ties with big tobacco. Will the governing body heed the call?
85 The week in obituaries: 47 with local ties remembered
86 Columbia University Faculty stands strong for Israel
87 Oral Health Solutions with Clear Aligner Therapy: Three case studies show benefits of proper tooth alignment
88 Smoking in Egypt
89 Natural and cultured pearls collecting guide
90 E-cigarettes: a burning question for U.S. regulators
91 2017-18 Boys Basketball: Team previews
92 Articles in Press
93 Antibiotics in chicken sold in Delhi-NCR: CSE
94 Will the population of Rio really benefit from hosting next year's Olympic Games?
95 How to help your patients understand the health benefits of properly aligned teeth
96 Molecular Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in a Sentinel Surveillance Population
97 Comparison of the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus and QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube Interferon Gamma Release Assays in Patients at Risk for Tuberculosis and in Health Care Workers
98 TB patients still shunned by families
99 Gambian Pouched Rats Are Trained to Detect Tuberculosis
100 EBP50 induces apoptosis in macrophages by upregulating nitric oxide production to eliminate intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis