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Result Content Idea Research
1 New corals discovered in deep-sea study of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
2 New Corals Discovered at Great Barrier Reef
3 New corals discovered in deep-sea study of the Great Barrier Reef
4 Why Was Aristotle, Freud, & Many Others Fascinated by European Eels?
5 Age and Health on the Ballot
6 FAU Lands $11 Million From US Office of Naval Research For Oceanic Bioluminescence
7 A picture is worth a thousand words: Environmentalists submit art as public comment to Murkowski
8 Carlsbad Citizens Of The Year Honored | Carlsbad, CA Patch
9 Hot dogs, chicken wings and city living helped wetland wood storks thrive
10 Heimtextil trends put newness in a new light
11 Eric And Wendy Schmidt Announce New $1 Billion Philanthropic Commitment To Identify, Develop And Support Global Talent Working In Service Of Others
12 Can China take the lead in the UN biodiversity process?
13 Top Projects Awards 2020
14 Amino Acid Surfactants Market Size, Share 2020 Globally Industry Demand, Trends, Regional Overview, Top Manufacture, Business Growth and Forecast to 2025, Says Industry Research Biz
15 World’s ‘Longest Animal’ Discovered in Australia’s Deep Ocean
16 Supporting Solutions
17 Schmidt Ocean Institute Maps One Million Square Kilometers of Seafloor and Joins Monumental Mapping Initiative
18 Turning On the Lights in the Ocean's Twilight Zone
19 A Filipino scientist found a cancer-killer in snail bacteria—and named it after Bohol
20 A multiproducer microbiome generates chemical diversity in the marine sponge Mycale hentscheli
21 Schmidt Ocean Institute explores vast undersea world off WA coast
22 NSU Researcher Part of Team Addressing Potential Risks to Marine Life from Deep-Sea Mining
23 Coral Sea's deep-water reef secrets revealed as pandemic sees research ship redeployed
24 New species discovered during exploration of abyssal deep sea canyons
25 How Cheap Robots Are Transforming Ocean Exploration
26 Soft coral garden discovered in Greenland's deep sea
27 Oceanscape Network relaunch brings science and nature to teens, educators
28 $8-million investment
29 Perspective | The Phoenix Islands Protected Area: The Greatest Ocean Conservation Story Ever Told
30 Saving the Bay and Beyond
31 Game-Changing New Smart Sponge Soaks Up Oil Spills, Saving Water And Wildlife
32 A Forest Submerged 60,000 Years Ago Could Save Your Life One Day
33 Scientists discover 150ft sea creature, maybe longest animal in world
34 Scripps Institution of Oceanography: 3D-printed Coral Are Natural Producers of Biofuels
35 The Brief: Native natural foods, coastal pollution solutions, Nuveen's new fund, Latam debt fund, Nick O'Donohoe on Sir Ronald Cohen
36 David Randall Schmidt
37 OI team prepare for an expedition of epic proportions
38 Climate change has degraded productivity of shelf sea food webs
39 MBARI Works at Unlocking Ocean Biology
40 Scientists Warn of Wide Impacts on Midwaters Around Deep-Sea Mining Sites
41 There's a Rush to Mine Deep Seabeds, With Unknown Ecological Impacts
42 Scientist Samantha Joye named Regents’ Professor
43 Minnesota DNR report: 9-year-old stuntman circles officer's patrol boat
44 A Path to Creating the First Generation of High Seas Protected Areas
45 How to Remove Abandoned ‘Ghost’ Fishing Gear from the Ocean
46 Saildrone | Unmanned Ocean Drones | The New Ocean Explorers
47 ReMain Nantucket launches initiative seeking solutions to sea-level rise on-island
48 In 'Nature': Researchers probe the space between protons and neutrons
49 Subsea Mining: The Race is On, But Effects are Unclear
50 Chile Signals Urgency of Climate Action with Updated NDC
51 Forecast ocean variability
52 Extremely rare marine creature discovered off WA's north-west coast
53 Largest and hottest shield volcano on Earth
54 Dream to swim with dolphins comes true for 6-year-old battling DIPG
55 Deep-Sea Mining and the Race to the Bottom of the Ocean
56 Total synthesis of bryostatin 3
57 Ocean Influencer: Graham Hawkes, HAWX Open Ocean
58 Life in Earth's final frontier, into view at last
59 A rush is on to mine the deep seabed, with effects on ocean life that aren't well understood
60 2020 Boating Industry 40 Under 40
61 COP25 to keep ocean focus despite moving to Madrid
62 Sitka zine workshop helps artists 'feel the madness' in climate change
63 Patrick Industries, Inc. Completes Acquisition of GG Schmitt & Sons, Inc.
64 Best New Skin-Care Products Launching in May 2020 — Reviews
65 Erik Hvide, Former Chairman of Hvide Marine, Dies at 71
66 To Save the Ocean Now, Museum Aims to Map Species of the Past
67 Extensive gas leaks in the North Sea: Abandoned wells
68 Tillamook mayor to face Debbie Boothe-Schmidt in November election
69 Fight Locally: Inside the 11th Hour Project, a Top Climate Funder
70 Why a ‘Strange and Nerdy’ Book About Eels Is Making Waves
71 The technology solving the ocean's greatest mysteries
72 Scientists Discover First Methane Seep in Antarctic Sea Floor
73 Eurythenes plasticus: A deep-sea crustacean full of plastic
74 Mysterious 'Underwater Tornado' Looking Like 'Devil Winds' Caught on Camera Off Australian Coast
75 New deep sea animal discoveries warrant expanded protections in Costa Rican waters
76 $1M Schmidt Futures grant awarded to accelerate computer modeling of the cosmos at IAS
77 Marine veteran sentenced to life for stabbing, killing California construction worker: 'Craved the taste of...
78 Keeping calm and carrying on amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic
79 Dorothy M. Schmidt – oldest woman U. S. Marine lives here in Cabarrus County
80 Extraordinary Natural Science Collection Gifted to SoMAS | | SBU News
81 Creatures in this underwater forest could save your life one day
82 Marine vehicle deep under sea, complicating rescue search
83 Robotic submarine snaps first-ever images at foundation of notorious Antarctic glacier
84 4 Camp Pendleton Marines injured in gas line explosion during training exercise file lawsuit against utility companies
85 Time to re-route the region's manufacturing supply chains?
86 New study on development of Parkinson's disease is 'on the nose'
87 Giant Ocean Creature Found Hundreds of Meters Underwater Off Australian Coast
88 Study Finds High Levels of Toxic Pollutants in Stranded Dolphins and Whales
89 The pandemic might set back field science for years
90 Aerosol-forced multidecadal variations across all ocean basins in models and observations since 1920
91 Women in Oceanography Still Navigate Rough Seas
92 Living coral cover will slow future reef dissolution
93 Stunning ‘Mirror Pools’ seen on ocean’s floor reveal otherworldly landscape
94 Scientists Catalogue Shark and Ray Distribution in Florida Lagoon
95 Artist-at-Sea exhibit opens at Mokupapapa Discovery Center
96 Celebrate Oceans Month – USGS Science on the Seas
97 Scientists develop new way to identify the sex of sea turtle hatchlings: Study provides crucial step to assess climate change impacts on imperiled turtle species
98 Good Night? Satellite Data Uncovers Dolphins on the Move at Nighttime
99 Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Raises U.S.-Europe Tensions
100 How volcanoes explode in the deep sea