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1 CDC says U.S. has 'way too much virus' to control pandemic as cases surge across country
2 ‘We Are Not Even Beginning to Be Over This Pandemic’
3 CDC official says United States has ‘way too much virus’ to contain
4 Community deaths
5 COVID-19 Spreading in US Too Fast to Control, CDC Expert Says
6 Health experts worry CDC being stifled on COVID-19
7 Coronavirus: Fauci warns of 100,000 US cases per day
8 As Maryland coronavirus numbers decline, officials warn of possible spikes from summer beach trips
9 Americans sacrificed to flatten the curve. Their leaders have let them down.
10 ‘We fear the worst.’ Top health officials say pandemic ‘not even close to being over’
11 States Pause Plans to Reopen as Cases Soar
12 Behind the Trump team’s U-turn, mounting fears about a mission-accomplished message
13 New flu strain found in China; WHO warns 'the worst is yet to come'
14 Treasury yields rise slightly to wrap up the second quarter
15 Arizona rolls back reopening as coronavirus cases grow in majority of U.S. states
16 Coronavirus updates: Senate extends deadline application for PPP loans; California will 'tighten' restrictions; FDA talks vaccine
17 Contact Tracing Isn’t Keeping Up With America’s Reopening
18 Americans will remain barred from European travel as the EU gradually reopens its borders
19 CDC's Schuchat offers her post-summer COVID-19 predictions
20 How 'Superspreading' Events Drive Most COVID-19 Spread
21 Health official says US missed some chances to slow virus
22 CDC's Schuchat: While coronavirus spreading faster than SARS, it could be less severe
23 Coronavirus Updates: NYC Set To Open Pools By August 1st
24 This Coronavirus Explosion is No Surprise | Elemental
25 Analysis | The Health 202: 'We will work like hell to reelect' Trump, says prominent antiabortion activist after Louisiana decision
26 Here's the President's Daily Brief –
27 What It Would Take to Safely Reopen Schools
28 Florida adds 6,093 new coronavirus cases as surge continues
29 Many states hit pause on reopening but experts say the spread of coronavirus is now hard to control
30 Five things you need to know today, and Spielberg's crystal ball
31 In Sports Playing Means Money Trumps The Risk Of COVID-19
32 CDC's Schuchat Offers Latest Public Health Guidance
33 Spain-Portugal reopen border; South Korea reports uptick in coronavirus cases
34 Interview with CDC's Dr. Anne Schuchat
35 Editorial Roundup: Florida
36 Biden escalates criticism of Trump on coronavirus as cases grow nationwide
37 Coronavirus Roundup: ‘Every Part of the Country Is at Risk,’ says CDC
38 Coronavirus Florida: Editorial: Contact tracing is a weapon that needs to be fully deployed
39 CDC, the top U.S. public health agency, is sidelined during coronavirus pandemic
40 Experts worry CDC is sidelined in nation's coronavirus response
41 CDC says 'mix-up' led to early release of coronavirus patient in California
42 The Week America Lost Control of the Pandemic
43 Teaching COVID-19: USC students see how virus has affected medicine, public health
44 EXCLUSIVE: Top CDC official warns New York's coronavirus outbreak is just a preview | TheHill
45 As Cases Jump, Are We Better Prepared for COVID?
46 BAD NEWS: Rabbi Dr. Glatt says renewed COVID-19 crisis threatens Nassau County
47 Top CDC official tells Congress coronavirus almost qualifies as a global pandemic
48 Invoking Jewish experience, deputy CDC head says fear the virus, not the foreign
49 Global health experts tell Congress Trump's decision to cut ties with WHO is 'tragic,' 'deeply unwise'
50 Our View: Spike in cases exposes lack of contact tracing
51 US health officials say coronavirus will likely cause a global pandemic
52 Mike Pence's office abruptly cancels CDC official's interview on coronavirus
53 Coronavirus updates: Coverage from King 5 from June 29-30
54 The COVID-19 Pandemic: US is Formally Withdrawing from the World Health Organization; Brazilian President Tests Positive; and More
55 Coronavirus in Context: The Pandemic: View from the CDC
56 Spread of coronavirus in U.S. "more likely" with cases rising in Europe and Middle East
57 COVID-19 Update: Yavapai County has 794 coronavirus cases, 9 deaths
58 US official expects 'hundreds more' cases of vaping illness
59 The Coronavirus Spring: The Historic Closing of U.S. Schools (A Timeline)
60 Potential culprit found in vaping-related lung injuries and deaths
61 Q&A: Environmentalist charged with protecting the California coastline
62 Schools Should 'Minimize Disruption' Over Coronavirus, CDC Official Says
63 Coronavirus: As infections surge in the US, people are reportedly throwing 'Covid parties'
64 If E-Cigs Were Romaine Lettuce, They'd Be Off The Shelf, Vaper's Mom Tells Congress
65 CDC Identifies 'Sticky' Chemical Tied to Deadly Vaping Illness in Patients' Lungs
66 Anne Schuchat Joins Jeff Katz On COVID-19 Pandemic | Newsradio 1140 WRVA
67 The COVID-19 Pandemic: Close to 12 Million World Cases; Contact Tracing No Longer Possible in US South; and More
68 Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Conference
69 Experts Beg Americans To Take Coronavirus Seriously Or Face Further Disaster
70 CDC intensifies warnings about vaping illness as cases top 1,000
71 UNMC expert: Don't be like Texas. We want to avoid rolling back Nebraska's reopening
72 CDC official pushes back against congressman linking legal marijuana to vaping deaths
73 Inside Trump Administration, Debate Raged Over What to Tell Public
74 Southeast Texas coronavirus updates for June 30 |
75 Vaping-related lung illnesses climb to 530 cases, seven deaths as CDC hunts for a cause
76 This isn’t a COVID-19 wave — it’s a tsunami
77 Hospitals across the US prepare for coronavirus outbreak to become global pandemic
78 CDC: Boston Biogen conference was major early coronavirus event
79 Senators Quiz Health Officials on Coronavirus Basics
80 Health care workers are 10%-20% of US coronavirus cases
81 Masks are a flashpoint amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what science says about them.
82 The US Is Going Back Into Lockdown to Avoid a July 4th Coronavirus Surge
83 Ease of Coronavirus Transmission a Concern, CDC Official Says
84 As U.S. vaping injuries taper off, new evidence points to vitamin E
85 Rick Roberts: The Deputy Director Of The CDC Answers Your Questions About COVID 19!
86 Doubts remain about timetable for new coronavirus tests
87 Washington state senator 'frustrated' residents can't get tested for new coronavirus
88 Health Officials Warn Americans To Plan For The Spread Of Coronavirus In U.S.
89 CDC says vaping illness epidemic is 'leveling off or even declining'
90 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Press Conference with Marc Lipsitch, 07/01/20 | News
91 US Health Officials Press China to Accept American Experts to Help with Coronavirus
92 Philly delays green phase of COVID-19 reopening until Aug. 1, at the earliest
93 Tennessee reports more than 3000 new COVID cases in three days
94 CDC report admits lack of testing caused 'rapid spread' of COVID-19
95 CDC official says US missed chances to curb contagion
96 CDC urges people to avoid vaping THC amid lung disease outbreak
97 Vaping-Related Illness Has a New Name: EVALI
98 Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences Can Reduce Chronic Disease, CDC Says : Shots
99 Prepare for spread of coronavirus in U.S., health officials warn
100 Where's The CDC Gone, As The Leader Of Coronavirus Policy And Communication? : Shots