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1 Schumer's plan to beat Trump: 'Kick his 'effin ass and we will win'
2 Schumer invokes "two-hour rule" to block Senate committee hearings
3 Schumer interrupted during live briefing by heckler: 'Stop lying to the people' | TheHill
4 Chuck Schumer hears from heckler during SCOTUS remarks: 'Stop lying!'
5 Gaston County family accuses Senator Chuck Schumer of politicizing loved one's death
6 McConnell calls Schumer 'uniquely non-credible' on judicial norms, Dem leader slams GOP on 'fiction' precedent
7 Amy Schumer shares video of son Gene saying 'Mom'
8 Schumer's Influence Put to Test by Supreme Court Vacancy
9 Schumer: "Nothing is off the table" if GOP moves to fill Ginsburg's seat
10 Schumer, Gillibrand & Brindisi announce over $4.6 million to improve public water systems in NY-22
11 How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's political future is shaping Senate Democrats' SCOTUS strategy
12 Schumer to block fast track replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg on U.S. Supreme Court
13 U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer Urges Federal Aid For Broadway At Times Square Rally
14 Schumer angrily seeks to block fast track filling of SCOTUS seat
15 Video: Schumer Assails Senate Republicans for Lacking 'Honor and Decency'
16 Schumer cites daughter’s same-sex marriage fears after RBG
17 Levin: Schumer uttered 'words of a fascist, of a Brownshirt, of a totalitarian' amid SCOTUS battle
18 Chuck Schumer Is Good Now
19 Chuck Schumer Says Mitch McConnell Has 'Defiled' Senate With Push to Replace RBG
20 Schumer, Warren Call for Canceling $50,000 of Student Debt
21 Sanders and Schumer call on McConnell to hold hearings to fight election conspiracy theories
22 Schumer lashes out at Trump over 'blue states' remark: 'What a disgrace' | TheHill
23 CNN tosses Chuck Schumer a line, promotes bogus Amy Coney Barrett story
24 Jacobin editor: Primarying Schumer would force him to fight Trump's SCOTUS nominee | TheHill
25 Schumer, AOC vow to fight Republicans on filling Ginsburg’s seat now at Brooklyn memorial
26 Chuck Schumer Learned Nothing from Harry Reid’s Greatest Mistake
27 Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer clash on supreme court nomination – video
28 Schumer calls for HHS Secretary Azar to resign immediately as Democrats probe coronavirus reporting
29 Bill to Save Theaters Gets Call to Action + Chuck Schumer Sign-Off
30 Schumer says Democrats won't fold to GOP's 'emaciated' stimulus bill
31 Democrats aren’t ruling out aggressive responses to a Trump Supreme Court nomination
32 Schumer's options in the battle to replace RBG
33 Amy Schumer Shares Sweet Video of the 'Nice Moment' Son Gene, 16 Months, Says the Word 'Mom'
34 Schumer says Trump is sinking ‘deeper into the cesspool of callous classlessness’ after claim about Ginsburg’s dying wish
35 Schumer: Ginsburg vacancy should not be filled until 'we have a new president'
36 Ocasio-Cortez, Schumer Team Up to Fight Trump Supreme Court Pick
37 Jerry Seinfeld Joins Schumer in Call For Federal Funding to Save Live Event Venues
38 COVID New York: Sen. Charles Schumer says GOP-proposed relief bill seeks to 'rot core of Big Apple'
39 Trump casts doubt on Ginsburg statement, wonders if it was written by Schiff, Pelosi or Schumer | TheHill
40 Schumer repeats McConnell's statement after Scalia death word for word
41 Schumer rips 'emaciated' Republican coronavirus relief plan
42 Schumer calls for investigation into reports of campaign finance improprieties by DeJoy's former company | TheHill
43 To stop Trump, liberals tell Schumer to end fruitless search for GOP votes
44 Amy Schumer shares pre-taped Emmy Awards acceptance speech following her loss to ‘Cheer’
45 Chuck Schumer says Ginsburg vacancy should be filled by new president
46 Trump Suggests Ginsburg's Final Statement Was Faked By Adam Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi
47 Chuck Schumer invokes "two-hour rule" to stop GOP vote
48 Amy Schumer reveals she has Lyme disease
49 Schumer Blocks Election Security Briefing
50 Sen. Schumer reacts to Rochester mass shooting
51 Chuck Schumer heckled at press conference: 'You ain't doing s--t'
52 GOP senator blocks Schumer resolution aimed at Biden probe as tensions run high | TheHill
53 Sen. Schumer 'has been a disaster his entire career': Mark Levin
54 Group urges Schumer to fight Supreme Court appointment before inauguration
55 Sen. Schumer Won't Support Stimulus Bill Due to Lack of Transit Aid
56 Schumer, in Syracuse, urges support for bill offering aid to live entertainment venues
57 Schumer: Federal aid can help ensure show can go on
58 Sen. McConnell: Sen. Schumer 'uniquely non-credible' in judicial nominations
59 Pelosi, Schumer 'encouraged' by Trump call for bigger coronavirus relief package | TheHill
60 'Vote Democrat to legalize it,' Sen. Chuck Schumer tells Leafly
61 Sen. Schumer urges GOP lawmakers to honor RBG's wish of not being replaced until new president installed
62 Schumer, Pelosi accuse Trump of cutting census timeline short for political reasons
63 'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook': Fans Love Seeing 'Real People' Make Food
64 POLITICO Playbook: What Chuck Schumer wants vs. what Mitch McConnell wants
65 Azar Reportedly Reversed FDA Chief On Testing Policy; Schumer Calls For Him To Go
66 Larry David, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Wandy Sykes, Migos & More Join Michelle Obama & ATTN Election Comedy Special On ABC
67 McConnell, Schumer trade barbs about coronavirus relief
68 Schumer calls on top Republicans to make a deal on coronavirus relief
69 Schumer Pushes for $175B from Federal Government to Reopen Schools Safely
70 Why Tuesday should make the Senate's top Democrat very nervous
71 Schumer accuses McConnell of 'putting barriers in the way' of funding state and local governments
72 Schumer says he used the wrong words following Supreme Court backlash
73 Schumer: 'The President seems to think if we don't test,' Covid will 'go away'
74 Schumer denounces 'paltry' and 'unworkable' Trump coronavirus executive actions
75 Chuck Schumer isn't an 'angry centrist' anymore
76 Schumer announces investigation into Postal Service policy changes
77 Letter from President Donald J. Trump to Senator Charles E. Schumer
78 Schumer wants to deal with coronavirus crisis before talking infrastructure recovery plan
79 Watch live: Pelosi and Schumer discuss latest developments in coronavirus relief talks
80 Schumer calls out McConnell: I am just appalled
81 Sen. Chuck Schumer celebrates gains in $2T stimulus deal, says Democrats 'improved it'
82 Schumer says it's unknown if stimulus deal is enough to offset the economic damage of coronavirus
83 Senator Schumer to Fight for $25 Billion in Funds for US Postal Service
84 Schumer tells America: 'Trump has quit on you'
85 As nation grapples with crisis, McConnell and Schumer aren't negotiating -- with each other
86 Schumer, Pelosi to McConnell: Move on coronavirus relief
87 Schumer says McConnell and Republicans refuse to meet with Democrats on stimulus as GOP proposal looms
88 Schumer says he is 'optimistic' Congress will strike a deal on more coronavirus relief
89 Schumer, Democrats claim outside Trump advisor helps rig the judicial nomination process
90 Schumer, Dems slam Trump again on testing
91 Schumer: Meeting was more productive, but many issues outstanding
92 Schumer makes push for more small business help
93 Schumer, Eyeing Senate’s Top Job, Navigates Tricky Impeachment Terrain
94 Schumer Announces Committee to Oversee Mail-In Ballots
95 Schumer grasps for healthcare win under pressure from NY governor
96 Chuck Schumer: Mitch McConnell is 'appalling'
97 Schumer Pitches Bill To Help Schools Reopen Safely
98 Schumer says he cried 'tears of joy' over DACA decision | TheHill
99 Schumer announces $8.5 billion request for emergency coronavirus funding
100 Schumer accuses White House of 'concealing' its role in USPS chief DeJoy's selection