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1 Humans Shaped Life on Earth For 12,000 Years, And It Wasn't All Doom And Destruction
2 Our Planet Is Travelling Through The Debris of Ancient Supernovae
3 Physicists Have Caught Electron Orbits in an Exciton Quasiparticle For The First Time
4 American Honey Still Contains Radioactive Fallout From Nuclear Tests Decades Ago
5 EU Officials Now Say Blood Clots Really Are 'Very Rare' J&J Vaccine Side Effect
6 The Huge, Infamous A68 Iceberg Has Finally Melted Away to Nothing
7 Fewer COVID-19 Infections Detected in Women Who Take Certain Vitamins, Study Claims
8 We Finally Know How The Biggest Nuts Always Rise to The Top
9 Ancient Bear DNA Sequenced From Old Cave Dirt in Historic First For Science
10 LIVE: NASA's Ingenuity Just Made History With The First-Ever Powered Flight on Mars!
11 Scientists Rediscover a Rare, Wild Species That Could Save Coffee From Climate Change
12 Google Earth Now Shows You The Consequences of Climate Change For The Past 37 Years
13 'Zoom Fatigue' May Finally Have an Explanation, And It's Affecting Women More
14 Tarantulas Are Basically All Over The Planet, And Scientists Can Finally Explain Why
15 Controversial 'Chimera' Embryos Made by Scientists Are Part Human, Part Monkey
16 Major Earthquake Fault Study Reveals How Earth Controls The Magnitude of Ruptures
17 We Finally Have a Complete View of The Resonance Dust Ring of Venus
18 Scientists Translated Spiderwebs Into Music, And It's Beyond Stunning
19 Here's How Long a Cannabis High Really Lasts, According to Science
20 Technology Really Is Changing Human Circadian Rhythms, Scientists Say
21 Scientists Develop New Blood Test That Could Diagnose Your Level of Depression
22 Results From The World's Largest Wellbeing Study Are In: Here's What We Know
23 Scientists Warned Us The Pandemic Wouldn't Solve The Climate Crisis. Guess What
24 The Brain's Pleasure System Wastes Away in Early-Onset Dementia, Study Finds
25 Microplastics Are Now Spiralling Around The Globe in The Air We Breathe
26 Mind-Bending NASA Visualization Shows The Wild Warping of Binary Black Holes
27 World's Whitest Paint Reflects 98.1% of Light. It Could Help in The Climate Fight
28 We May Finally Know How Gray Wolves Survived The Last Ice Age Mass Extinction
29 One COVID-19 Strain May 'Break Through' Pfizer Vaccine, Early Results Show
30 AI Is Not Actually an Existential Threat to Humanity, Scientists Say
31 New Report Identifies 4 Techniques That Help Women Experience More Pleasure
32 Chronic Blocked Nose? New Research Links It to Changes in Brain Activity
33 More Than 500 Genes Linking Depression And Anxiety Discovered in New Study
34 Feeling Hungry All The Time? Scientists Have a New Explanation For What's Going On
35 The Brazil Variant: Here's What We Know So Far
36 If Planet Nine Is Out There, It May Not Be Where We Think
37 6 Months After Surviving COVID, 1 in 3 Have Neurological or Psychiatric Problems
38 New Zealand Just Passed a Climate Change Law No Other Country's Dared to Tackle
39 NASA's Insight Mars Lander Is 'in Crisis', And Has Entered Emergency Hibernation
40 Sunlight Inactivates Coronavirus 8 Times Faster Than Predicted. We Need to Know Why
41 A 17th Century Bishop Was Mysteriously Buried With a Fetus. We Finally Know Why
42 Haunting New Hubble Photo Reveals The Wisps of a Dying Galaxy
43 New Type of Battery Can Charge 10x Faster Than Lithium-Ion Models
44 Can You Train Yourself to Be a Morning Person if You're a Night Owl?
45 A Baby Was Born With 3 Penises in a World-First Medical Case
46 This Is The Point When People Start Trusting Algorithms More Than Other Humans
47 For The First Time, Scientists Have Performed Atom Interferometry in Space
48 Pentagon Confirms 'Pyramid-Shaped' UFO Video Footage Is Authentic
49 Your Dog May Get Jealous Even if It Just Imagines You Petting Another Dog
50 Good News, The B117 Strain Is Not Linked to Greater Severity of COVID-19
51 We Just Got Unprecedented New Images of Supermassive Black Hole M87*
52 Cloquet student takes home gold at state science fair
53 Australia's 'Black Summer' Fires Have Left a Shocking Effect on Earth's Atmosphere
54 More Than 4,000 Blood Tests Suggest Our Bodies Age in 3 Distinct Shifts
55 Scientists Built an Artificial Cell That Grows And Divides Like a Natural One
56 Breathtaking NASA Image Shows a Magical 'Sea of Dunes' on Mars
57 The Smallest Stegosaur Footprint Ever Found Will Make You Squee With Joy
58 For The First Time, Scientists Have Detected X-Rays Coming Out of Uranus
59 NASA's New Mars Rover Just Took One of The Sweetest Extraterrestrial Selfies Ever
60 How to Fix Your Phone if It Gets Water Damage (Hint, Rice Won't Help)
61 Scientists find deep-sea bacteria that are invisible to the human immune system
62 The Mystery Deepens Over Why The Lost City of Cahokia Was Abandoned
63 Forgotten Stone Slab May Actually Be The Oldest Known Map in Europe
64 Our Pandemic Trash Is Killing Wildlife on a Devastating Scale, Scientists Warn
65 New 'Map of Life' Reveals Where Unknown Animals May Still Live on Earth
66 Scientists Think We Can 'Delay' The Aging Process, But How Far Can We Actually Go?
67 Scientists Finally Isolated a Blue Food Coloring That's Entirely Natural
68 Terrifying Viral Videos of Shaking After COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not What They Seem
69 China's Mars Probe Just Sent Haunting Photos of The Red Planet
70 Cannabis And Psychosis Are Linked, And We're a Step Closer to Understanding How
71 Warm Water Under The 'Doomsday Glacier' Threatens to Melt It Faster Than We Predicted
72 Could humans ever be venomous?
73 Neuroscientists Detect Confused 'Zombie' Cells in The Human Brain After Death
74 There Were a Whole Lot More T. Rex Terrorizing Earth Than You Might Imagine
75 We've Found Deep Parts of The Sea Where The Last Ice Age Never Actually Ended
76 4,300 Years of Bat Poop From The Depths of a Jamaican Cave Have Revealed Earth's Past
77 Vast Fragments of an Alien World Could Be Buried Deep Within Earth Itself
78 Ancient Cave Artists May Have Knowingly Deprived Themselves of Oxygen to Paint
79 Human Taste Buds Can Tell The Difference Between Normal And 'Heavy' Water
80 We Finally Have The First-Ever Evidence of Cosmic Superaccelerators in Our Galaxy
81 A Genius New Simulation Has Revealed More on How Whiskers Actually Work
82 A Buried Chunk of Alien World Could Be Behind a Weak Spot in Earth's Magnetic Field
83 Neanderthals Used a Really Familiar Tool For Their Dental Hygiene, Study Shows
84 This Guy on YouTube Actually Cooked Meat by Slapping It... a Lot
85 Here's Why Stress Could Make Your Hair Fall Out, According to New Mouse Study
86 After 50 Years, Physicists Confirm The Existence of an Elusive Quasiparticle
87 Humans Were Actually Apex Predators For 2 Million Years, New Study Finds
88 We Finally Know Why Cold Makes Our Teeth Hurt
89 Yep, Cheap Wine Really Does Taste Better if You Increase The Price Tag
90 Researchers Find The Gene Responsible For One of The Deadliest Breast Cancer Types
91 Scientists Discover Deep-Sea Microbes That Are Invisible to Our Immune System
92 A Newly Reported Muon Wobble Could Break Physics as We Know It
93 Only 3% of Earth's Land Ecosystems Remain Intact, But All Is Not Lost
94 Drinking Coffee Before Exercise Can Do Something Pretty Awesome to Your Body
95 Small, Landmark Trial Sees Magic Mushroom Compound Perform as Well as Antidepressants
96 It's Happening! NASA's Mars Helicopter Has Touched Down on The Red Planet
97 Visual Illusion Reveals That Depression Can Change How We Physically See The World
98 Are Artificial Sweeteners Healthier Than Sugar or No? Here's What Experts Think
99 Does coffee really stunt kids' growth?
100 WWII-era stimulant drug discovered in weight loss supplements