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1 Scientists Detect Signs of a Hidden Structure Inside Earth's Core
2 What Happens When People Get Infected With 2 Strains of COVID at Once?
3 How Did This Skull End Up All Alone in a Cave in Italy? We Finally Have an Answer
4 Update: SpaceX Successfully Landed Starship For The First Time
5 Engineers Have Proposed The First Model For a Physically Possible Warp Drive
6 A Cephalopod Has Passed a Cognitive Test Designed For Human Children
7 Enjoy It While It Lasts: Dropping Oxygen Will Eventually Suffocate Most Life on Earth
8 Strange Earthquakes in Utah Reveal Volcanic Activity Hidden Below The Desert
9 For The First Time, A 'Space Hurricane' Has Been Detected Over The North Pole
10 Scientists Find 140,000 Virus Species in The Human Gut, And Most Are Unknown
11 Renaissance-Era Letter Sealed For Centuries Just Virtually Unfolded And Read For The First Time
12 Eerie Stars of 'Dark Matter' May Be Behind Largest Gravitational Wave Detection Yet
13 For The First Time, Physicists Have Filmed The Oscillation of a Time Crystal
14 We Finally Know Why Dinosaurs Were Either Humongous or Tiny, Unlike Modern Animals
15 Dads Who Take a More Hands-on Role Their Kid's First Year Have Better Mental Health
16 Dust From Asteroid That Ended Dinosaur Reign Closes Case on Impact Extinction Theory
17 Awkwardly, Research Shows 98% of Conversations Don't End When We Want Them To
18 The Oldest Known Mummification 'Recipe' Has Been Unearthed, And It's Intense
19 We Just Found The Largest Luminous Glowing Shark Species in The World
20 Physicists Just Reached a New Speed Limit For Moving Quantum Information
21 Scientists Have Grown Microbes on Actual Rock Bits From Mars
22 There Could Be a Dramatic Hidden Impact of Not Having a Regular Bedtime, Study Shows
23 Breathtaking Pic From Hawaii Shows Not One, But Two Rare Sky Phenomena
24 Controversial Stem Cell Therapy Has Helped Repair Injured Spinal Cords in 13 Patients
25 Planet Nine Might Be a Giant Illusion, Scientists Say, And Here's Why
26 For The First Time, We've Detected a 'Ghost Particle' Coming From a Shredded Star
27 Huge, Global Study of Plastic Toys Finds Over 100 Substances That May Harm Children
28 A Baby Sick With COVID-19 in Washington Had 51,000 Times More Viral Particles
29 Small Study Reveals a Link Between Suicide And People's Perception of Time
30 We Finally Know The True Age of These Huge, Mysterious Jars Scattered in Laos
31 NASA Deliberately Made Eerie Glowing Clouds... to Study Eerie Glowing Clouds
32 The White Dots in This Image Are Not Stars or Galaxies. They're Black Holes
33 Slime Mold Doesn't Have a Brain, But It Can 'Remember' Where to Find Food
34 How Many Colors in This Image? Here's The Science Behind The Illusion Dividing Twitter
35 There's Another New Variant of SARS-CoV-2 Spreading Fast. Here's What We Know So Far
36 Really Small Black Holes Could Be Out There, Devouring Neutron Stars From Within
37 Scientists Found a Way to Communicate With People Who Are Asleep And Dreaming
38 Russian Scientists Are Probing Prehistoric Viruses Emerging From Siberian Permafrost
39 Astronomers Just Confirmed The Most Distant Known Object in The Solar System
40 New 'Radically Different' Map Is Said to Be The Most Accurate 2D Map Ever Made
41 Blue-Green Algae Could Help Keep Humans Alive on Mars, Experiment Suggests
42 Gorgeous Egyptian Art From 4,600 Years Ago Reveals an Extinct Goose
43 Extremist Brains Perform Poorly at Complex Mental Tasks, Study Reveals
44 Earth's Magnetic Field Flipped 42,000 Years Ago. The Consequences Were Dramatic
45 Mystery Lifeforms Have Been Found in The Hostile Darkness Beneath Antarctica
46 Scientists Discover 'Ingredients For Life' in 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Rocks in Australia
47 AI Can Now Learn to Manipulate Human Behavior
48 A Previously Unseen Chemical Reaction Has Been Detected on Mars
49 Feast Your Eyes on This Mind-Blowingly Close Photo of Venus
50 California's COVID-19 Variant Appears to Be More Contagious, And Possibly Deadlier
51 Scientists Say This Simple Test Can Identify Whether Your Dog Is a Genius
52 Watch a Billion Years of Shifting Tectonic Plates in 40 Mesmerising Seconds
53 Watch a Super-Elusive Moonflower Cactus Bloom in This Gorgeous, Rare Time Lapse
54 Long Before The Pandemic, The UN Was Urging Us to Transform Our Economic System
55 Powerful X-Rays Reveal Unique Differences in Neurons From People With Schizophrenia
56 Breaking: US Regulators Approve Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
57 The Origin of Modern Humans Cannot Be Traced to Any One Single Point in Time or Space
58 Don't Suffer in The Cold? Turns Out There's a Genetic Mutation For That
59 Scientists Are Testing Mixing AstraZeneca's COVID-19 Vaccine With Pfizer's
60 The Colossal Weight of Cities Is Making Them Sink, Even as Sea Levels Are Rising
61 Scientists Think They've Figured Out What's Triggering Brain Fog in COVID-19 Patients
62 Scientists Have Sequenced Mammoth DNA That's Over a Million Years Old
63 The Moon's Biggest Crater Is Revealing Lunar Formation Secrets We Never Knew
64 UK Coronavirus Variant May Be Up to 70% Deadlier, New Evidence Suggests
65 'Game-Changer' Drug Promotes Weight Loss Like No Medicine Ever Seen, Scientists Say
66 'New Car Smell' Is The Scent of Carcinogens, And Even Short Trips May Overexpose Us
67 Ancient Roman Chariot Used in Parades Unearthed 'Almost Intact' Near Pompeii
68 A Major Ocean Current Could Be on The Verge of a Devastating 'Tipping Point'
69 Turns Out We Don't Know Why Lungs Make Wheezing Noises. But We Just Got a New Clue
70 Russia Just Alerted The WHO to The World's First Case of H5N8 Avian Flu in Humans
71 Guess Which Animal Is in Australia's Oldest Rock Painting, Dating Back 17,000 Years
72 Scientists Discover an Immense, Unknown Hydrocarbon Cycle Hiding in The Oceans
73 We Just Got The First Photo of Mars From China's Tianwen 1 Probe, And It's Breathtaking
74 Bizarre Coelacanth Hasn't Spent 65 Million Years Unchanged After All, Its Genome Reveals
75 Curious Test Reveals Dogs May Have a Special Ability We Didn't Know About Before
76 10,000-Year-Old Dog Remains From Alaska Hint at a Beautiful Tale of Migrating Together
77 There Is One Way Humans Could 'Safely' Enter a Black Hole, Physicists Say
78 These Cockroaches Start Eating Each Other After Sex, And Not Because They're Hungry
79 Big News: Facebook Just Banned More COVID-19 Anti-Vax Content
80 Scientists Use Weather Radar Tech to Watch Storms of Microbes Brew Inside Cells
81 We All Believe in Conspiracies a Little, But Here's When It Gets Out of Control
82 Eerie Figures With Huge Heads Found Painted in a Rock Shelter in Tanzania
83 We Thought We Understood The 'First' Black Hole. But We Were Wrong, Scientists Say
84 There's a Link Between Air Pollution And Irreversible Vision Loss, Study Reveals
85 Here's What Dieting Actually Does to Your Metabolism, According to Scientists
86 Variations in Sunlight Have More to Do With Pollution Than Clouds, Says Study
87 'Oldest' Known Mass-Production Brewery Unearthed in Egypt Made Sacrificial Beers
88 The Best Way to Find Aliens on Other Worlds May Be to Search For Signs of Their Smog
89 In a Weird Twist, Sperm Have Been Caught Poisoning Other Sperm to Get Ahead in Mice
90 Oral Ketamine Experiment Reduces Suicidal Thoughts in Over Two-Thirds of Patients
91 Here's a Reason We Prefer Rocking Out to Music From Our Youth
92 Schizophrenia Identified as Second Greatest Risk Factor For COVID-19 Death
93 Quantum Theory May Twist Cause And Effect Into Loops, With Effect Causing The Cause
94 You're Not Imagining It. Climate Change Is Making Allergy Seasons Start Earlier
95 Post Mortems Reveal Clear Differences in The Brain Cells of People With Depression
96 Great News! Pfizer Vaccine 94% Effective in Huge Real-World Study of 1.2 M People
97 Teen With 'Rapunzel Syndrome' Requires Surgery After Giant Hairball Fills Stomach
98 Ancient Mummy Found Entombed in Strange Cocoon Never Seen by Archeologists
99 Long-Lost Neanderthal Tooth Reveals a Surprising Unknown Link to Modern Humans
100 A 45 Ft 'Ice Volcano' Has Emerged in Kazakhstan. Here's How It Works