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1 Greenhouse Gases Still at Record Levels Despite COVID-19 Lockdowns, UN Warns
2 Scientists Are Puzzling Over 1 Weird Number in The Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Results
3 Cave in California Holds First Evidence of Humans Taking Hallucinogens, Study Says
4 Artificial Intelligence Is Now Smart Enough to Know When It Can't Be Trusted
5 We're About to Witness a Super-Rare Planetary Alignment Not Seen in 800 Years
6 These Ants Suit Up in a Protective 'Biomineral Armor' Never Seen Before in Insects
7 Giant Search Confirms Charles Darwin's Notebooks Are Missing, Presumed Stolen
8 Nightmare Ultrasound Reveals Parasitic Worms Squirming Around Inside Man's Stomach
9 Spacecraft With Precious Asteroid Cargo Is Almost Home After 5-Billion Km Trek
10 Astronomers Detect Millions of Signals From an Intelligent Civilization: Us
11 In a First, Scientists Say They've Partially Reversed a Cellular Aging Process in Humans
12 Radical Testing Plan Could 'Drive Epidemic Toward Extinction' in Weeks, Study Claims
13 Think You're Good at Recognizing Faces? Scientists Want You to Try This Test
14 The World's Oldest Evidence of Animals Might Be From a Very Different Organism
15 Strange, Newly Found Magnetar Signals May Force Us to Rethink Fast Radio Bursts
16 'Incredible' Meteor Footage Shows Bright Fireball Blazing Across The Night Sky
17 Mysterious 'Dark River' May Flow For 1,000 Kilometres Below Greenland, Scientists Say
18 Were Dinosaurs Dying Out Before The Asteroid Hit? New Study Adds to The Debate
19 Scientists Detect 'Superbolts' 1,000 Times Brighter Than Typical Lightning Strikes
20 Athletes 'In The Zone' Inhabit 2 Different Psychological States, Scientists Say
21 Finally, Scientists Have Developed an Objective Way to Measure Tinnitus
22 Scientists Discover Exotic New Mineral Forged in The Furnace of a Russian Volcano
23 Greenland Is Melting, And a New Model Suggests We've Greatly Underestimated Its Impact
24 Even Mount Everest, The Highest Peak in The World, Cannot Escape Microplastics
25 Here's How Pfizer's And Moderna's Breakthrough COVID-19 Vaccines Work
26 Actual COVID-19 Cases Could Be 6 Times Greater Than Official Figures
27 Scientists Are Freaking Out Over The First-Ever Footage of This Bizarre Squid
28 Chromosomes Don't Look The Way You Think. We Now Have a 3D Image of The Real Thing
29 For The First Time Ever, Scientists Have Created Diamonds in The Lab Without Heat
30 Medieval Soldier Found With His Weapons at The Bottom of a Lithuanian Lake
31 Bursts of Radio Waves Could 'Stun' Nerves to Offer Pain Relief From Arthritis
32 Da Vinci's Drawings Contain a Surprising Mix of Bacteria, Fungi, And Human DNA
33 Can We Stop COVID-19 From Out-Evolving a Vaccine?
34 Building Blocks of Life Can Be Forged by 'Dark Chemistry' Far From Stars or Planets
35 Ancient Victims of Mount Vesuvius's Fury Discovered in The Ashes of Pompeii
36 Ancient Lake Discovered Under Greenland May Be Millions of Years Old, Scientists Say
37 Strange Case Sees Kids Develop Coronavirus Antibodies Without Ever Testing Positive
38 Massive Swarm of Eels Is The Most Fish Ever Recorded at The Bottom of The Ocean
39 Study Maps The Odd Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe
40 Ancient Fragment of The Pacific Ocean Found Buried 400 Miles Below China
41 China Launches 'Audacious' Mission to Obtain First New Lunar Samples in Decades
42 An Asteroid Made a Record Close Pass of Earth on Friday 13, And We Didn't See It Coming
43 It May Not Feel Good, But Exercising With a Mask on Shouldn't Impair Your Oxygen Intake
44 This Weird Rock Naturally Glows in The Dark, And Now Scientists Have Figured Out How
45 Fatigued by The News? You Might Have 'Epistemic Exhaustion'
46 This Weird, Cheap Quantum Device Can Run For a Year With a Single Kick of Energy
47 It's Official: The Fast Radio Burst Coming From Within Our Galaxy Is Repeating
48 Scientists Just Found a Mysteriously Hidden 'Gene Within a Gene' in SARS-CoV-2
49 Music Sends a Pleasurable Chill Through The Brain, And Scientists Can See It
50 Scientists Just Discovered a Whopping 12,000 New Species of Microbes
51 Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test Is Not as Accurate as We Were Told, Scientists Warn
52 Asteroid Apophis Has a Slim Chance of Hitting Us in 2068. Scientists Are Making Plans
53 Superspreader Events Played a Key Role in Igniting The Current Pandemic Globally
54 Ancient Egyptian Necropolis Yields More Than 100 Sealed Coffins From 2,500 Years Ago
55 This Bacterium Survived on The Outside of The Space Station For a Whole Damn Year
56 Hubble Captures a Black Hole's 'Shadow Beams', Yawning Across Space
57 Just 12 Minutes of Intense Exercise Is Enough to Change Biomarkers in Your Blood
58 Simple Device Could Help You Sober Up Faster And All You Have to Do Is Breathe
59 Unexpectedly, The Universe Is Getting Hotter And Hotter as It Expands
60 Climate Change May Have Driven Ancient Human Species to Extinction
61 NASA Finally Makes Contact With Voyager 2 After Longest Radio Silence in 30 Years
62 Ancient Meteorite Hints Mars Had Water Before There Was Life on Earth
63 Eerie Footage Captures Elusive Deep-Sea Squid Near Australia For The First Time
64 Another Cable Just Broke at The Iconic Arecibo Telescope, And Scientists Are Worried
65 Invisible Air Rivers in The Sky Have Been Leaving Giant Holes in Antarctic Ice
66 Scientists Find Tissue in The Human Eye That Appears Resistant to SARS-CoV-2
67 The Mystery of The Platypus Deepens With The Discovery of Its Biofluorescent Fur
68 Scientists Created a 'Living' Aneurysm Out of Blood And Human Brain Cells
69 Transforming World Heritage Sites May Be Their Only Defense Against Climate Change
70 Great White Sharks Are Disappearing From Cape Town. A Predator Might Be To Blame
71 Brain Scans Show a Whole Spectrum of COVID-19 Abnormalities We Can't Fully Explain
72 This Impressive Plasma Jet Eradicates Coronavirus on Surfaces in Seconds
73 Startling Case Study Finds Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carrier Who Shed Virus For 70 Days
74 'Weird' Molecule Detected on Titan Has Never Been Found in Any Atmosphere
75 Biologists Discover Ancient Microbial Ecosystems Beneath The Dinosaur-Killer Crater
76 Scientists Just Successfully Regenerated Mouse Optic Nerve Cells in The Lab
77 'Family Tree' of The Milky Way Reveals The Fate of The Mysterious Kraken Galaxy
78 Drones Are Being Sent Straight Into Volcanoes, For Life-Saving Science
79 An Asteroid Trailing After Mars Could Actually Be The Stolen Twin of Our Moon
80 First-Ever Flu Vaccine Derived From Tobacco Plants Just Smashed Clinical Trials
81 This Extinct Human Ancestor Evolved to Cope With Climate Change, But Didn't Survive
82 Powerful Radio Signal Detected in Our Galaxy Is Officially a Fast Radio Burst
83 Octopuses Can Taste You With Their Arms. Here's How That's Possible
84 Even Vampire Bats Socially Distance Themselves When They Feel Sick
85 Abandoning Big Cities Beats Closing Borders When Fighting Pandemics, Simulation Shows
86 The Milky Way's Oldest Stars Are Moving in Unexpected Ways
87 Depressing Study Shows a Big Issue With Using Cloud Seeding to Solve Global Warming
88 Astronomers Peer Into The Atmosphere of a Rare Exoplanet That 'Shouldn't Exist'
89 ISS Experiment Reveals How We Could Mine Rocks in Space With +400% Efficiency
90 Neanderthals And Humans Were at War For Over 100,000 Years, Evidence Shows
91 MIT Team's Cough Detector Identifies 97% of COVID-19 Cases Even in Asymptomatic People
92 World's Biggest Iceberg Is on a Collision Course With a Remote Penguin Sanctuary
93 There Could Be at Least 300 Million Potentially Habitable Worlds in The Milky Way
94 New Models Could Help African Countries Stop Locust Swarms Before They Start
95 Lightning 'Sprites' Have Been Detected on Jupiter For The First Time, NASA Says
96 Scientists in Japan Just Found a Detailed Record of Earth's Last Magnetic Switcharoo
97 Astronomers Are Scrambling to Explain This Unusually Bright Kilonova Explosion
98 If You Have COVID-19, US Study Shows 50% of Your Household Will Get Sick Within Days
99 Success! SpaceX Just Launched 4 Astronauts Into Orbit in Historic NASA Mission
100 First Case Study of Its Kind Documents Girl With Mirror Movement And Rare Disorder