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1 Anna Moore
2 Antarctic explorer dies after falling from chair at nursing home
3 Brazil opens 'spectacular' Antarctic research base, but will it have the cash to fulfill its potential?
4 Want to learn how to survive on Mars? Look to Antarctica.
5 Brazil inaugurates rebuilt Antarctic research base
6 Turkey attends Antarctic research meeting in Prague
7 International Antarctic conferences cancelled due to coronavirus — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2020)
8 Antarctic neighbours meet for science symposium — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2020)
9 The Week of June 29, 2020
10 Updated Mapping Datasets for Antarctica
11 The great Arctic expedition
12 21st Century Polar Environmental Protection Requires Close and Meaningful International Cooperation
13 Temperature in Antarctica soars to near 70 degrees, appearing to topple continental record set days earlier
14 Prime Minister's Science Prizes announced
15 Off Antarctic Peninsula Concentrated Industrial Fishing for Krill Is Affecting Penguins
16 Malaysians in Antarctica for 'necrobiome' research
17 Bettine van Vuuren
18 Antarctic Chief Scientist steps down — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2019)
19 A Bruin Engineer Explores Antarctica
20 Lessons for India's lockdown from a medical officer in Antarctica
21 Tracking data used to identify biodiversity hot spots in Southern Ocean ecosystems
22 Antarctic environmental change and biological responses
23 'If Antarctica ice melts global sea level will rise by 50 metres'
24 Podcast: China's interest in Antarctica
25 A novel system to map protein interactions reveals evolutionarily conserved immune evasion pathways on transmissible cancers
26 Antarctic marine predators tracked to Areas of Ecological Significance
27 Ice sheet melting: Estimates still uncertain, experts warn
28 A missing Chilean plane carrying 38 people to Antarctica is presumed crashed
29 Monash University leads $36 million global collaboration to secure Antarctica's future
30 Report sets new goals for U.S. Antarctic Program
31 Pingu-gle maps: Scientists recruit birds to help chart Antarctic | ITV News
32 Living as a polar scientist tough yet enjoyable
33 Global collaboration to secure Antarctica's future
34 Explainer: what any country can and can't do in Antarctica, in the name of science
35 Lockdown in Antarctica: Life on an Indian base on the only continent untouched by Covid-19
36 Britain still failing on climate crisis, warn advisers
37 An Antarctic silk-and-plankton sandwich — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2018)
38 Women in Polar Research: A Brief History
39 An Integrated History of the Australian-Antarctic Basin
40 Antarctic glaciers to honour 'satellite heroes'
41 The Antarctic Peninsula’s new heat record could soon be broken
42 A Flexible Diet is Key to Antarctic Penguin Survival, Study Finds
43 PM's chief science adviser urges 'overarching umbrella' for Antarctic science sector
44 News at a glance
45 Science in a Frozen Ocean
46 The Role of a Scientific Committee in the High Seas Treaty
47 US Antarctic research season is in jeopardy
48 Researchers in Antarctica virus free and iced in until November
49 Tourism in Antarctica: Edging Toward the (Risky) Mainstream
50 16 Times Antarctica Revealed Its Awesomeness in 2019
51 Southern Ocean Conservation Body Must Lean on Science, Expert Says
52 University Mourns Loss of Dr. Robert H. Rutford
53 Scientists Are Racing to Figure Out Why This Giant Glacier in Antarctica Is Melting So Fast
54 One continent remains untouched by the coronavirus: Antarctica
55 Antarctic endeavours, primary health-care research and dark matter exploration – the coronavirus casualties you haven't heard of
56 Record crowd tipped for 2020 Australian Antarctic Festival in Hobart
57 Penguins help researchers identify the most vulnerable areas of the Antarctic
58 Antarctic glacier named after GFZ satellite mission 'GRACE'
59 Antarctic research could change lives around the world
60 The lost colony
61 CCAMLR fails to designate marine protection areas in East Antarctica, Pew regrets
62 IATTO introduces 'climate change' presentation for 'Antarctic Ambassadors'
63 As Threats to Southern Ocean Mount, So Does Need for Greater Protections
64 Microscopic Macquarie Island plant named after Antarctic ecologist
65 15 Organizations Creating Healthier Soil to Save the Planet – Food Tank
66 South Africa's Ongoing Research Program in Antarctica
67 Antarctic Science Shrunk For COVID-19
68 What Does China's Fifth Research Station Mean for Antarctic Governance?
69 Understanding a Changing West Antarctic Peninsula
70 Award-winning scientist joins the Nature Conservancy's “Can We Talk Climate” campaign
71 Climate change impact on Antarctica becomes clearer as scientists make progress with research
72 US and UK join forces to understand how quickly a massive Antarctic glacier could collapse
73 Timothy Naish
74 ‘Thrilling’: Unprecedented number of critically endangered blue whales recorded off Antarctic island
75 Peter Convey
76 Deglacial grounding-line retreat in the Ross Embayment, Antarctica, controlled by ocean and atmosphere forcing
77 Here is why researchers working in polar regions are coming together
78 Enhancing biodiversity protection in Antarctica — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2019)
79 National Committees for Science
80 A study shows an increase of permafrost temperature at a global scale
81 Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record with a reading of 18.3C
82 The Week of April 20, 2020
83 Charne Lavery
84 Australia's Antarctic Research Division Faces Cuts
85 Antarctica's hidden landscape shaped by rivers in warmer era
86 Russian Scientists Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok—Confirmed
87 Japan whaling: 'Research' hunts end and defiant commercial era begins
88 A New Standard (page 1)
89 Antarctica's Denman Glacier is sinking into the world's deepest canyon
90 Scientists Reveal What Living and Working in Antarctica Is Really Like
91 Antarctic community mourns loss of science leader — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2018)
92 Antarctica marine biologists expand knowledge of algae and crustaceans on 2018 journey
93 Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melting faster but scientists still uncertain over future melt rate
94 Lyle McGinnis, NIU scientist who did research in Antarctica, dies at 86
95 Antarctica may have a new type of ice
96 With prestigious NSF fellowship, NAU grad student tackling the question of life on Mars by way of Antarctica
97 Life without ice
98 Counting Antarctic penguins with AI
99 Can We Crack the Climate Code of the Southern Polar Region?
100 NSF-supported observatory renamed for astronomer Vera C. Rubin