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1 Rep. Maloney, Select Subcommittee Launch Investigation Into Political Interference in CDC Scientific Reports on Coronavirus
2 CDC Posted Test Guideline Without Scientific Review
3 Freshwater biology: Turtle scavenging critical to freshwater ecosystem health
4 Ten minutes of massage or rest will help your body fight stress
5 Curve at tip of shoes eases movement but may lead to weaker muscles, problems: Toe springs in shoes may come at a cost
6 Trump officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid-19
7 Kewaunee Scientific Reports Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2021
8 'America has no one left to trust': Former HHS comms staffers on COVID-19 report meddling
9 Ig Nobel Award Winners Include Researchers Who Listened to Alligators on Helium
10 News at a glance
11 Eli Lilly reports promising first results for an antibody against COVID-19
12 Vibrating earthworms pick up an Ig Nobel
13 The giant Megalodon shark was three times as big as a great white, new measurements show
14 COVID-19 Report for Life Sciences and Health Care Companies
15 CDC Virus Testing Guidance Was Posted Against Scientists' Objections
16 NOAA taps David Legates, professor who questions the seriousness and severity of global warming, for top role
17 Portable, low-cost microwave sensor for accurate, fast testing of blood sugar
18 Hottest Average Daily Temperature Recorded In The Gulf Of Maine
19 The Water Tap: More reports forecast lower water levels for Lake Powell, Colorado River
20 Scientists and physicians outraged over reports Trump officials meddled with coronavirus data | TheHill
21 Scientists outraged by White House appointees' meddling with coronavirus information: 'Outright egregious'
22 Curve on shoes makes walking easier, but may lead to foot problems
23 The virus doesn’t care about the election
24 Future autonomous machines may build trust through emotion
25 Watch: 3D imaging reveals the ancient lives of Egyptian animal mummies
26 Trump Allies Raise the Prospect of Political Violence Around the Election
27 Azar agrees to testify on coronavirus
28 European Thinktanks Repeating 'Well-worn' US Climate Denial Tropes
29 Second national lockdown proposed by UK scientific advisers
30 All together now: why collaboration is better than competition
31 US outlines sweeping plan to provide free COVID-19 vaccines to all Americans
32 Coronavirus: Struggling restaurants brace for winter; WHO reports record one-day spike in cases
33 Daiichi Sankyo Announces Late-Breaking Phase 1 Dose Expansion Data for Patritumab Deruxtecan in Patients with EGFR-Mutated NSCLC at ESMO 2020
34 U.S. outlines sweeping plan to provide free COVID-19 vaccines
35 Chinese Scientist Says Covid Came From Government Lab In Wuhan: Report
36 Trump ignores science at dangerous indoor rally
37 Why Covid-19 test numbers have dropped in the US
38 Natural England at risk of failing core duties, says Juniper
39 Top health official accused of politicizing US mental health agency
40 Tuesday, September 15, 2020
41 UB RENEW scientists probe second-generation, high-temperature superconducting wires
42 The problem isn't climate science, it's how politicians act on climate science
43 What Trump said on Covid-19 in private versus what he said in public
44 The Latest: CDC director: Scientific integrity not altered | FOX 28 Spokane
45 Bodybuilding supplement promotes healthy aging and extends life span, at least in mice
46 Morning Briefing for Monday, September 14, 2020
47 How a giant short-faced bear reached the California Channel Islands
48 A new approach to understanding the biology of wound healing
49 Life Science Software Market | Insights on the Crisis and the Roadmap to Recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic | Technavio
50 Study shows difficulty in finding evidence of life on Mars
51 Cave bear mummy discovered in Siberia still has its internal organs, fur and black nose
52 Another presidential assault on science as fires and pandemic rage
53 Feds outline sweeping plan to provide free COVID-19 vaccine
54 Quacks and toots help young honeybee queens avoid deadly duels
55 Surrozen Announces Publication of Second Antibody Platform Technology in Scientific Reports
56 Beyond Air Announces Publication of Peer-Reviewed Journal Article in Scientific Reports
57 Open-access megajournals lose momentum as the publishing model matures
58 Scientific Reports Uncovers Komal Kooduvalli's Compostable Coffee Pods Sustainability Research
59 Thermo Fisher Scientific Reports Second Quarter 2020 Results
60 Kewaunee Scientific Reports Results for Fiscal Year and Fourth Quarter
61 Texas Heart Institute and UCLA reveal innovative pacing system in Scientific Reports
62 Health: Daily smoking and drinking may be associated with advanced brain age
63 Major science journal retracts study blaming climate change on the sun
64 BRIEF-Thermo Fisher Scientific Reports Q1 2020 Results
65 Scientists are drowning in COVID-19 papers. Can new tools keep them afloat?
66 Just How Historic Is the Latest Covid-19 Science Meltdown?
67 A mysterious company's coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling
68 Coronavirus: Research, Commentary, and News
69 A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research
70 BillionToOne Publishes UNITY™ Validation Study in Nature Group's Scientific Reports
71 Combating COVID-19—The role of robotics in managing public health and infectious diseases
72 Why do some COVID-19 patients infect many others, whereas most don't spread the virus at all?
73 Nature will publish peer review reports as a trial
74 Electric-field-induced local and mesoscale structural changes in polycrystalline dielectrics and ferroelectrics
75 Ground-breaking research makes childhood vaccines safe in all temperatures
76 Mechanical Fracturing of Core-Shell Undercooled Metal Particles for Heat-Free Soldering
77 Aqueous reactive species induced by a surface air discharge: Heterogeneous mass transfer and liquid chemistry pathways
78 Stress, anxiety, harassment: huge survey reveals pressures of scientists' working lives
79 Study tells 'remarkable story' about COVID-19's deadly rampage through a South African hospital
80 High-Field High-Repetition-Rate Sources for the Coherent THz Control of Matter
81 A whole mitochondria analysis of the Tyrolean Iceman's leather provides insights into the animal sources of Copper Age clothing
82 A Hidden Portrait by Edgar Degas | Scientific Reports
83 Chimpanzee accumulative stone throwing | Scientific Reports
84 About Nature Research
85 New White House rules restrict use of grant funding to deal with COVID-19 impacts
86 Special Report: The Coronavirus Pandemic
87 Solid-state optical refrigeration to sub-100 Kelvin regime
88 Progress report on the coronavirus pandemic
89 Explosive Contagion in Networks | Scientific Reports
90 A Magnetic Wormhole | Scientific Reports
91 Two hours a week is key dose of nature for health and wellbeing
92 Scientific Reports : blogs
93 A composite annual-resolution stalagmite record of North Atlantic climate over the last three millennia
94 Tsunami waves extensively resurfaced the shorelines of an early Martian ocean
95 FDA and NIH let clinical trial sponsors keep results secret and break the law
96 Magnetoelectricity coupled exchange bias in BaMnF 4 | Scientific Reports
97 Support for the Microgenderome: Associations in a Human Clinical Population
98 Elimination of HIV-1 Genomes from Human T-lymphoid Cells by CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing
99 Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
100 Science papers you should be reading about the coronavirus