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1 ‘Scoob!’ review: Boisterous Scooby-Doo movie needs a muzzle
2 5 gifts for the Scooby-Doo fan this holiday season
3 ‘Scoob!’: Film Review
4 ‘Scoob!’ To Skip Theaters & Head Into Homes; How Director Tony Cervone Got Animated Pic Across The Finish Line In COVID-19 Climate
5 Scoob! Is The Avengers of Hanna-Barbera Movies: Review
6 Jinkies: ’SCOOB!’ is full of Hanna-Barbera references for fans -- and their kids
7 REVIEW: 'Scoob!'
8 Scoob! Review | Movie
9 Zoinks! ‘Scoob!’ is no tasty treat (review)
10 ‘Scoob!’: Could a New Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Emerge from This Riff on Cartoon Classics?
11 Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown Team Up For Animated Movie Single
12 Warner Bros. Lines Up Virtual Exhibition Partners For ‘Scoob!’; Pic’s TikTok Challenge Nears 4B
13 What to Watch on Friday: The new ‘Scoob!’ reboot hits the small screen
14 ‘Scoob!’, After Skipping Theaters, Hits HBO Max Next Week
15 Sorry Souls Motorcycle Club steps in to serve local families Thanksgiving dinner
16 The ‘Scoob!’ Scoop: Why It’s Skipping Theaters but Hasn’t Caused a ‘Trolls’-Level Firestorm
17 Tony Cervone Brings 2D Charm to 3D 'Scoob!'
18 ‘Scoob!’ and ‘Capone’ Pull Strong VOD Numbers as Drive-Ins Lure Moviegoers
19 New Scooby-Doo adventure ‘Scoob!’ now available to watch at home on Blu-ray
20 'Scoob!' leans on nostalgia and comes up short
21 ‘Scoob!’ an Instant #1 on Premium VOD Charts; ‘Capone’ #2 on iTunes
22 SCOOB! First Look: Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried and More
23 How to watch Scoob! in UK as film gets home release
24 Scoob! no longer has a release date after being moved from May calendar
25 The Scoob DVD release date is now known
26 ‘Scoob!’ Gets Combined Theatrical, VOD Release for International Markets
27 How to Watch 'Scoob!' the New Scooby Doo Movie On Demand
28 Scoob!: Release date, cast and everything we know
29 5 movies to watch on Netflix after you’ve watched Scoob!
30 Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge
31 ‘Scoob!’ And ‘Capone’ Were Last Weekend’s Top New Movies
32 Nielsen ratings: '60 Minutes' clocks in on top; 'Scoob!' is top movie rental
33 Film review: Scoob! *
34 You don’t know his face. But voice actor Frank Welker likely ruled your childhood.
35 'Scoob!' movie serves up diverse range of sonic snacks
36 Delightful Second Trailer for WB's Animated Scooby-Doo Movie 'Scoob!'
37 ‘Trolls World Tour’ and ‘Scoob!’ Aren’t Only Options for Kids Who Love Movies — Streaming Wars
38 Scoob! Movie Review: An overindulgent and chaotic nostalgia trip of iconic characters
39 'Scoob' Trailer: Scooby-Doo & Shaggy Meet Mark Wahlberg's Blue Falcon
40 Scoob! 2: Release Date, Story, Spinoffs | Screen Rant
41 What to stream this weekend: Animated 'Scoob!' adventure, Tom Hardy as 'Capone'
42 ‘The Lovebirds’ Is Netflix’s Number-One Movie, ‘Scoob!’ Leads VOD Charts
43 Scooby-Doo movie Scoob! coming to Blu-ray and DVD
44 Scoob!: 10 Things Fans Never Knew About The Making Of The Movie
45 Scoob! And 5 Other Movies I Put On For My Kids But Ended Up Loving
46 New Scooby-Doo movie Scoob! is already heading to streaming in the US
47 SCOOB!: Every Scooby-Doo Character Confirmed For The Movie
48 Scoob! director on those big end credit characters: 'They're ready to come in at any time'
49 Scoob: 5 Things It Does Better Than Any Movie Or Show (& 5 Things It Does Worse)
50 ‘Scoob!’ Is Weekend Top Dog With $1.8M From 5 Overseas Markets; ‘Peninsula’ To Thrill Korea – International Box Office
51 5 Things Fans Loved About Scoob! (& 5 They Hated) | ScreenRant
52 'Scoob!' Arrives on Disc July 21
53 Why WB Putting All of Its 2021 Movies on HBO Max Is a Historic Deal
54 Scoob! Trailer: Uh Oh, This Villain Is Not Just Some Weird Old Guy in a Mask
55 Movie Review: 'Scoob!'
56 ‘Scoob! The Album’ Soundtrack Features Collaborations Galore
57 'Scoob!' is Now on HBO Max
58 Scoob!: 5 Times It Proved To Be The Best Scooby-Doo Movie (& 5 Better Alternatives)
59 Warner Bros. Moves Animated Movie 'Scoob!' Out of Its May Release Date
60 Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?... on TikTok!
61 'Scoob!' Rolling Out Internationally in July Via Theatrical and Premium In-Home Release
62 Warner Bros. to Make the Full-Length Animated Feature “SCOOB!” Available for Both Premium Video On Demand and Premium Digital Ownership May 15
63 Movies Like Scoob! to Watch If You Love the Animated Scooby-Doo Film
64 John Gillispie: 'Scoob!' brings back childhood characters
65 (VIDEO) Chicago's Gina Rodriguez talks up Velma and 'Scoob!' to Reel
66 Scoob! review
67 Warner Bros. sends 'Scoob!' straight to on-demand
68 DVD REVIEW: 'Scoob!' hits market and could be a game changer
69 Linda Cook review: ‘Scoob!’ is good family fun for Halloween
70 What's on TV this week: 'Scoob!' and Kimmy Schmidt
71 FilmWeek: Our Reviews Of 'Scoob!,' 'Capone,' 'Mother's Little Helpers' And More Movies You Can Stream From Home
72 Scoob! to Skip Theaters and go Straight to Video on Demand
73 Scoob!: What were they thinking? | Opinion
74 'Scoob!' To Receive 4K UHD Release On July 21st Via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment!
75 Scoob! Just Launched a Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe
76 ‘Scoob’ Director Tony Cervone Signs With CAA
77 Movie Review: 'Scoob!' saved by nostalgia | Ralston Recorder
78 Warner Bros. Debuts Opening Five Minutes of Scoob!
79 ‘Scoob!’ skipping theaters for digital release; ‘Fraggle Rock’ returns; ‘Venom 2’; more: Buzz
80 Warner Bros. Announces “SCOOB!” Will Go Straight to On Demand
81 Scoob! Tops Premium VOD Charts Faster Than Trolls World Tour
82 Scoob! International Poster Features First Look a Captain Caveman
83 New Scoob! Trailer: The Gang Must Rescue Shaggy & Scooby-Doo
84 SCOOB! Movie premiere event and Twitter watch party
85 All The 'Scoob!' Easter Eggs We Spotted That Pay Tribute To The Original Hanna-Barbera Crew
86 Zoinks! “Scoob!” Is No Tasty Treat
87 Scoob!: Amanda Seyfried on Why It Took So Long to Return to Animation
88 #ScoobDance TikTok Challenge Quickly Captures Over 1 Billion Views and Still Counting, Kicking Anticipation Into High Gear for May 15 “SCOOB!” Movie Home Premiere
89 Movie review: Scoob! | Arts & Entertainment |
90 Scoob! Is Now Streaming on HBO Max | CBR
91 10 Things That Make No Sense About Scoob! | ScreenRant
92 Voice cast of ‘Scoob!’ and other celebs weigh in on post-lockdown plans
93 Scoob!: 10 Hanna-Barbera Easter Eggs Fans Missed | ScreenRant
94 'Scoob!' MOVIE REVIEW: The Hanna-Barbera Classic Gets a Corporate Do-Over
95 'Scoob!' Surges in Home-Viewing Demand After Blu-ray Disc, DVD Release
96 Will ‘SpongeBob 3’ Follow ‘Scoob’ And ‘Trolls 2’ In Skipping Theaters?
97 Movies in a Minute: 'How to Build a Girl' & 'SCOOB!'
98 Scoob! Will Be Available to Stream at Home on Friday, So Who's Ready For Family Movie Night?
99 Every Hanna-Barbera Movie Set Up By Scoob! | Screen Rant
100 Scoob! Pays Tribute to Star Wars: Attack of the Clones | CBR