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1 Sega Black Friday Sale Offers Lots Of Great Savings On Switch (North America)
2 Lost “Sega VR” game unearthed, made playable on modern VR headsets
3 Sega Ages Team Reveals The Most Popular Games In The Series
4 This Yakuza producer is asked what SEGA game he'd love to work on… and his answer might surprise you
5 GBA Mod Company Creates The Game Gear Sega Should Have Released In 2020
6 Edward Emmerich and his original Sega Genesis
7 SEGA's 15th-anniversary Yakuza event will include details of "future developments"
8 Edge Magazine Presents: Game Changers
9 Sega sells off its arcade business due to coronavirus
10 Best Sega Dreamcast Games (Updated 2020)
11 Sega's canceled VR project from the '90s gets revived by historians
12 Sega calls on 650 staff to take voluntary redundancy amid financial woes
13 Sega to mark 15th anniversary of Yakuza series
14 SEGA Asks 650 Employees to Voluntarily Retire Amid $97 Million USD in Expected Losses
15 Sega Genesis: 10 Canceled Games We Wish We Could Have Played
16 The End for Sega Video Game Arcades
17 The best launch titles ever: Super Monkey Ball on GameCube
18 10 Awesome SEGA Genesis Games Everyone Forgets About | ScreenRant
19 No, Seriously
20 Former Sega of America President Talks Dreamcast's End
21 Sega troubles continue as company asks hundreds of employees to quit
22 Sega Celebrates the End of Sega Ages on Nintendo Switch
23 Sega's Sonic Double Packs Are Out Now On Nintendo Switch
24 Microsoft-Sega deal: Why the most persistent rumor in games just won't die
25 The best launch titles ever: Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast
26 'Yakuza: Like a Dragon' might never have happened without 'Yakuza 0'
27 Sega CD Silpheed Was Largely Just Spectacle, But That’s Okay
28 The Untold Story Of The Bug That Almost Sank The Dreamcast's North American Launch
29 SEGA Weekly Traffic Interruption Advisory
30 Where to Find The Classic Sega Arcades in Yakuza: Like A Dragon
31 Sega is selling 85% of its arcade business to another company in Japan
32 SEGA Weekly Traffic Interruption Advisory – Ending Nov. 20, 2020
33 Weekend Console Download Deals: Black Friday 2020
34 Someone Brought A Forgotten SEGA VR Title From The '90s Back To Life
35 2K, Devolver Digital, SEGA, and Capcom running Switch eShop sales
36 Yakuza Like a Dragon exam answers for the Ounbara Vocational School
37 Retro games dealer reveals childhood favourites going for a mint in 2020
38 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
39 Sega CD’s Silpheed Was A Spectacle First And Foremost, And That’s OK
40 Kokiri Greens, Sega Blue Skies, and they've changed the shadows in Crystal Chronicles
41 Mum mortified after leaving adult toy in box when she sold console
42 Football Manager 2021 Finally Comes TO PC This Week
43 Mum Sells Son's Game Console With Rampant Rabbit Accidentally In The Box
44 SEGA reveals Virtua Racing was most popular SEGA Ages game in Japan and Sonic in the west
45 Sega's Video Game Business Holds Strong Among Bleak Overall Financial Results
46 Sega Sammy begins voluntary retirement program for 650 staff
47 SEGA at 60 |
48 PlayStation 4 games are down to $15 for Black Friday at Walmart
49 SEGA Weekly Traffic Interruption Advisory
50 Sega warns industry about unauthorized games| Music and Games
51 The rise and fall of Sega
52 TVNZ's Console Wars, Netflix's Song Exploder look back at pop-culture's past
53 Sonic The Hedgehog: 10 Things You Didn't Know About IDW's Comic Adaptation
54 It's Been 25 Years Since Sega Shocked the Gaming World: Here's What Happened
55 Tracks of the week reviewed: Sega Bodega, Pale Waves, Yard Act
56 GGRAsia – Up to 7pct Sega Sammy staff may retire amid cuts
57 Sega’s Game Gear Micro is four $50 consoles with four games each
58 Game Gear Micro review: peak Sega
59 Console Wars: Nintendo vs Sega
60 Sega Sammy offers retirement after 33.4% drop in sales
61 The iconic Sega Akihabara 2nd building in Tokyo has closed
62 It’s Been 25 Years Since Sega Of America Made Its Biggest Ever Mistake
63 Video Game Console Market 2020-2025 | Comprehensive Study COVID19 Impact Analysis | Global Key Players: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Envizions, Sega, Atari, etc. | Affluence
64 ‘Console Wars’ Review: In Nintendo vs. Sega, Mortals Combat
65 Sega’s Game Gear Micro is smaller than the Dreamcast’s VMU
66 Sega marks its 60th anniversary with free mini-games on Steam
67 New Game Gear. ‘Fog Gaming’ Reveal. What Is SEGA Doing?
68 Video Game Software Market Is Thriving Worldwide : Activision Blizzard, Sega, Electronic Arts
69 Sega's Game Gear Micro is a tiny blast from the past
70 Fighting Games Market is Booming Worldwide By Top Emerging Key Players: Nintendo, Namco, WB Games, Sega, Capcom, Koei Tecmo, SNK Playmore, Autumn Games, Arc System Works
71 'Yakuza' Video Game Movie Coming From Sega, 1212 and Wild Sheep
72 Sega’s Astro City Mini is a tiny arcade cabinet
73 Sega is having a 60th birthday Steam sale, and changing the cover art of games
74 The RetroBeat: Retro gifts for holiday 2020
75 Those Xbox ‘SEGA’ Series X Rumors Are Probably As Absurd As They Sound
76 How Sega conquered the video games industry – and then threw it all away
77 SEGA May Be Releasing The Dreamcast Mini
78 Capcom Goes Retro
79 10 Weird Facts No One Knew About the Sega Genesis' History
80 Best Sega Genesis Games (Updated 2020)
81 Sega's Genesis Mini is on sale for $40 right now
82 Sega will "aggressively" focus on PC ports after Steam strength during lockdown
83 Here's why Sega will likely never make another console
84 Get These Free Sega Games on PC Before They're Gone
85 Sega Dreamcast darling Shenmue is becoming an anime series
86 Video Game Console Market SWOT Analysis by Leading Key Players Nintendo, Atari, Sega
87 Sega Wants to Power a Cloud Gaming Service With Arcade Cabinets
88 Sega’s Dreamcast is the unsung gaming hero of the 2000s
89 Nintendo's 2020 Cyber Deals are up on the Switch eShop and I need to pace myself
90 Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – For the Video Gamer
91 Virgo Racing in Japan is the Most Popular Sega Era Game and Sonic in the West
92 The Sega Genesis Mini I’ve Been Playing All Quarantine Is on Sale for $50
93 SEGA: 2020 will be extremely difficult for us
94 Console Wars: 6 Quick Things To Know About The Nintendo And Sega Feud Before The CBS All Access Documentary
95 The awesome Sega Genesis Mini retro console is back on sale for $50
96 5 Sega Genesis Games That Stand the Test of Time (& 5 That Don’t)
97 FIFA dominates as Sega games flood the chart | UK Digital Charts
98 The 10 best video game books of 2020
99 Sega Genesis Mini is on sale for nearly $30 off at Amazon
100 Sega Teases a New Virtua Fighter Game