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1 8 Berkeley Lab Scientists Named 2020 AAAS Fellows
2 What's Your Role? Scientist I, Scientist II and Senior Scientist
3 Paper Recommends Women Avoid Female Mentors, Drawing Outrage
4 Analysis: Talc-Based Cosmetics Test Positive for Asbestos
5 Here Are The Facts About Heaters for Both Indoors and Outdoors
6 Meet True Merrill, senior research scientist
7 Arity-Senior Data Scientist
8 Astronauts experience these key changes in space that could impact their health, new research shows
9 Reactions from the 2020 SYNGAP1 Scientific Conference
10 Bechly on Denton's Latest: “Seminal,” a “Milestone in this Ongoing Scientific Revolution”
11 Memories of past events retain remarkable fidelity even as we age
12 Lead Senior Scientist (W3 salary level) – Head of FLASH
13 Memories don’t fade: Older adults remember past events with remarkable accuracy
14 Job
15 Scientists call for decade of concerted effort to enhance understanding of the deep seas
16 After scalding critiques of study on gender and mentorship, journal says it is reviewing the work
17 Fruit flies reveal new insights into space travel's effect on the heart
18 EPA's final risk evaluation of trichloroethylene is scientifically flawed and understates risks to workers, the general public and those most susceptible
19 Mother Nature's having a blast: It's boom time for quakes | Marion County Record | Nov. 25, 2020
20 County native honored with geographical medal
21 How memories of past events retain
22 Free webinars: Pollinator garden; Winterize plants | Gila County
23 Restoring American Credibility
24 Thanksgiving 1918 took place during a deadly pandemic. What can it teach us for Thanksgiving this year?
25 Trump administration taps mainstream climate scientist to run key climate review
26 William Reznikoff, other MBL affiliates are named fellows of the AAAS
27 Study That Concluded Women Are Poor STEM Mentors Draws Backlash From Scientists
28 Trichloroethylene poses health risks, US EPA confirms
29 Thanksgiving during the 1918 deadly Spanish flu was exuberant
30 Harvard Extension Alumni Association honors outstanding grads
31 Open Orphan appoint senior scientist Elaine Sullivan to the board
32 Space worms provide insight into how gravity affects genes
33 Sweden Foreign Minister Calls Iran's Zarif Over Scientist Sentenced to Death
34 To push or to pull? How many-limbed marine organisms swim
35 How Your Plastic Use Impacts Marine Life
36 Scientists observe directed energy transport between neighboring molecules in a nanomaterial
37 Senior Scientist or Postdoctoral Scientist in Epidemiology/Public Health (100%)
38 The Safest Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving, According to Science
39 Scientists determine the structure of glass-shaping protein in sponges
40 Mystery of the coronavirus origin: Experts still seeking answers
41 One-way street for electrons
42 Choked, strangled and drowned. How balloons and plastic bags are killing marine animals
43 Trump's latest order spreads fear among government scientists
44 Oceana: Plastics killing sea animals, half of them in Florida
45 Oxford COVID-19 results reason for hope but early days yet, caution scientists
46 MIT's Ernie Moniz Is On Biden's Short List For Energy Secretary — Thrilling Energy Wonks But Disappointing Progressives
47 This Green Earth
48 How the Swinomish tribe has pioneered the fight againt climate change
49 Covid-19 Shutdowns Were Just a Blip in the Upward Trajectory of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
50 UB researcher's paper examines COVID-19's effects on food retail environment
51 Another Warm Winter Set to Weaken Natural Gas Prices
52 Agricultural water contaminated with “forever chemicals” could taint produce, Colorado study finds
53 One Planet: US Plastic Pollution Is Choking The World's Oceans
54 Your common household items are killing sea animals
55 Trump to put climate change denier in charge of key U.S. report
56 PepsiCo creates new chief medical officer position | 2020-11-25
57 Proponent of using IQ tests to screen immigrants named to senior NIST post
58 Startup Angstrom Bio Plans Saliva-Based COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test on Nanopore Sequencing Platform
59 Scientists explore chickpeas for animal feed
60 Sea turtles, manatees, other Florida wildlife hurt and killed by plastic waste, report finds
61 CDC Issues Increasingly Assertive Advice as Coronavirus Pandemic Surges
62 Independent Sage scientists to join climate crisis battle
63 A New Study About Color Tries to Decode ‘The Brain’s Pantone’
64 NYUAD study finds opposite-gender mentorships may be more beneficial to female researchers
65 Snow Leopard researchers call for ethical standards for wildlife camera trapping
66 Roshni Scam: There was a conscious loot by powerful people, says Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad
67 LRDC Scientists Receive $900000 Grant to Study Robots in Math Classrooms
68 A new understanding of ionic interactions with graphene and water: Findings could inform design of environmental technologies behind water purification processes and electric energy storage
69 2020 Women in Science Fellows L'Oréal USA
70 Will a small, long-shot U.S. company end up producing the best coronavirus vaccine?
71 NASA Selects New Science Teams for Astrobiology Research
72 Seeking a Research Scientist or Senior Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher in RIKEN, Japan in , for RIKEN
73 Ocean research group says right whale entanglements hurt animals’ reproductive health
74 Invisible Air Rivers in The Sky Have Been Leaving Giant Holes in Antarctic Ice
75 How long do most species last before going extinct?
76 Delhi NCR in a chokehold of its own emissions
77 Chicago Quantum Exchange welcomes six new partners focused on advancing research, building a quantum economy
78 Exploiting the “Legacy Tax” Loophole for HPC Storage
79 Tamil Nadu declares statewide public holiday tomorrow ahead of Cyclone Nivar
80 A Woman Warned GM about Warming, But Men Didn't Listen
81 ISRO scientist loses laptop from parked car
82 Expert raises flag over the 'shaky science' behind Oxford's Covid jab
83 Covid: chemicals found in everyday products could hinder vaccine
84 US records highest number of daily coronavirus deaths since May
85 Africa should open up to Gene Editing of crops
86 Stanford University lists five LVPEI scientists
87 Senior Scientist In Cell Biology
88 Senior Scientist / Principal Scientist – Computational Molecular Design
89 (Senior) Scientist – NGS Application Development (m/f/d)
90 Senior Scientist, Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology
91 Army senior scientist earns Teddy Award
92 Senior scientist says administration ignored virus warnings
93 Senior scientist to talk state of America's nuclear waste disposal program
94 Senior Scientist Specializing in Experimental Fusion Plasma Research in Everett, WA for Zap Energy, Inc.
95 Lectureship pinnacle of senior scientist's Army career
96 Award for IICT senior scientist
97 NCCS senior scientist Dr Anjali Shiras succumbs to Covid-19
98 How A Warming Arctic Will Change New England Weather
99 Trump: Senior scientist should no longer work for gov't
100 The Dark Side of Being a Female Shark Researcher