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1 'Symptoms alone cannot tell children's Covid-19 infection' < Hospital < 기사본문
2 Interstitial Lung Abnormalities Linked to Clinical Course in COPD
3 Covid-19: Asymptomatic Infection, Delayed Symptoms Common in Children
4 SNUH Provides Appropriate Medical Care to Secure South Korea Medical System in COVID-19 Crisis
5 SNU proves safety, efficacy of metformin in diabetic nephropathy patients
6 'Thyroid surgery using oral endoscopy reduces swallowing difficulties'
7 Ways found to avoid laryngeal damage during thyroid cancer surgery
8 Medicolegal Consideration to Prevent Medical Malpractice Regarding Opi | JPR
9 Virus deaths on steady rise despite slowdown in new cases
10 [Coronavirus] Seoul hospital adopts 'glove wall system' to protect medical staff
11 The Association Between Eosinophil Variability Patterns and the Effica | COPD
12 Peptron's trial of Parkinson's disease treatment in full swing
13 295 Koreans to get remdesivir to fight COVID-19 < Policy < 기사본문
14 Korea's evolving virus tests -- from drive-through to walk-through
15 Metformin May Be of Benefit, Even in Advancing Kidney Disease
16 Certain environmental chemicals linked to increased kidney disease risk
17 Coronavirus-infected newborn fully recovers in Seoul < Hospital < 기사본문
18 Certain environmental chemicals linked with poor kidney health
19 Certain Environmental Chemicals May Increase CKD Risk
20 Korea's innovative drive-through, walk-through testing methods highlighted amid COVID-19
21 Graphene quantum dots as anti-inflammatory therapy for colitis
22 S. Korea introduces 'walking-thru' clinics at airport to test travelers from abroad
23 Biometric signal monitoring system wins nod for telemedicine
24 Simple Eye Scan May Detect Early-Stage Parkinson’s Disease
25 Children can shed Covid-19 virus even if they don't have any symptoms
26 COVID research updates: Tests reveal silent reinfections in hospital workers
27 'Night Owl' Teenagers Have a Higher Risk of Depression
28 Number of confirmed coronaviruses cases in S. Korea climbs to 11
29 Korea’s front-line virus fighters get creative to up their games
30 One out of 7 college graduates has felt suicidal: survey
31 Study: The eyes may have it, an early sign of Parkinson's disease
32 Concomitant food intake does not affect the efficacy of entecavir in c | DDDT
33 SNUH uses Lunit's AI platform to diagnose chest diseases
34 Waist size, not BMI, predicts coronary artery disease among women
35 Longitudinal change of FEV1 and inspiratory capacity: clinical implica | COPD
36 Seoul draws up anti-virus measures to protect citizens
37 Nobody seems to care for Korea's caregivers
38 Linezolid-for-Ethambutol Pulmonary TB Therapy Fails to Outperform Existing Treatment Options
39 Effect of tiotropium on lung function decline in early-stage of chroni | COPD
40 Age not related to cancer progression: study < Life science < 기사본문
41 Different impacts of respiratory symptoms and comorbidities on COPD-sp | COPD
42 Metabolic Syndrome May Increase BPH Risk
43 More students commit suicide due to excessive stress
44 RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2: quantitative versus qualitative
45 Astellas wins nod for phase-3 trial on gastric cancer treatment
46 Medical support groups for Winter Games start services in ceremony
47 Mooncare: South Korea's Proposed Health Insurance Reform in Full
48 Blue Earth Diagnostics Highlights Presentations on Axumin® (Fluciclovine F 18), 18F-Fluciclovine and 18F-rhPSMA at Upcoming Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Annual Meeting
49 COVID-19 could be systemic in newborn babies, says pediatrician
50 Efficacy and safety of fixed-dose combination therapy with olmesartan | DDDT
51 Retinal Thinning Linked to Parkinson's and Likely Disease Severity...
52 Blue Earth Diagnostics Announces Highlights of Technical University of Munich Presentations on Initial Clinical Experience with 18F-rhPSMA-7 PET Imaging in High Risk Primary and Biochemical Recurrent Prostate Cancer
53 MERS infections exceed 100 in Korea
54 The role of the addition of ovarian suppression to tamoxifen in young women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer who remain premenopausal or regain menstruation after chemotherapy (ASTRRA): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial and progress
55 Crime scene investigators face post-traumatic stress disorder
56 Violinist Kwun Hyuk-joo to be laid to rest Saturday
57 Whistle-blower found before he kills himself
58 Online therapy attracts millennials
59 Teen mothers neglected in prenatal care: study
60 MRI to Predict Joint Laxity in ACL Reconstruction Patients
61 KF-X Fighter: Korea's Future Homegrown Jet