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1 The fall from grace of once anti-corruption hero Sergio Moro
2 Brazil's Former Minister Sérgio Moro Claims to Be Afraid, Laments Attacks on Wife
3 Lava Jato and Sérgio Moro React to Bolsonaro's Statement
4 Sergio Moro: Brazil's popular justice minister quits in Bolsonaro clash
5 Brazil leader's ally suspended after underwear cash jackpot
6 'I Didn't Enter the Government to Serve a Master.' Brazil's Star Justice Minister on His Resignation and Clash With President Bolsonaro
7 Sergio Moro, the Brazilian ‘Judge Dread’ who brings down presidents
8 The story of a shipwrecked sailor named Sergio Moro
9 Brazilian leader's ally nabbed with nearly $8G stuffed in underwear during anti-corruption raid
10 Brazil Justice Minister Sergio Moro to announce resignation
11 What does the future hold for Brazil's ex-Justice Minister Sergio Moro?
12 Sérgio Moro: ‘I always acted with a clear conscience and impartially’
13 Brazil’s Former Justice Minister Accuses President of Abandoning Anticorruption Fight
14 Sergio Moro: from judge, to minister, to ... political pundit?
15 Could Sergio Moro bring down his second president?
16 Who is Sergio Moro, the lawyer taking on Brazil Jair Bolsonaro?
17 Sergio Moro, Brazil’s Graft-Fighting Judge, Is Tarnished by Scandal
18 Bolsonaro Strikes Back After Key Aide Exit Leaves Brazil Reeling
19 Poll Shows Pessimism After Brazilian Justice Minister’s Exit
20 Brazil's Moro slams Bolsonaro, rules out 2022 bid
21 Brazil Justice Minister Sergio Moro Faces Firestorm Over Allegations of Bias
22 Brazil’s Bolsonaro ‘caught on video’ pushing to swap police chief
23 Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro Emerges as Bolsonaro's Likely Adversary in 2022
24 Moro Compares Bolsonaro to Workers Party and Acknowledges Demonstrations against The President
25 Western Media Rehabilitate Brazil's Criminal Ex-Justice Minister for Presidential Run
26 View from brazil
27 Brazil: calls grow for Bolsonaro ally to quit after 'devastating' report on leaks
28 #VazaJato in Brazil: Sergio Moro, political pawn of the far right
29 Anti-corruption drive floundering under Bolsonaro, says ex-minister
30 Sérgio Moro takes his crusade inside Brazil’s halls of power
31 Judge Sergio Moro Directed Car Wash Prosecutors on Lula Case
32 With some delay, Lula gets a win over Moro in Car Wash case
33 After Crisis, Bolsonaro Again Signals Appointment of Sérgio Moro to Supreme Court
34 Brazil Protesters Find Hero in Crusading Judge Sergio Moro
35 Sergio Moro Chats Don't Nullify Brazil Corruption Rulings
36 Bolsonaro minister who jailed Lula takes leave after leaks cast doubt on impartiality
37 In Secret Chats, Brazil's Chief Corruption Prosecutor Worried That Bolsonaro's Justice Minister Would Protect President's Son From Scandals
38 Brazil's Moro questions authenticity of leaked messages
39 Bolsonaro and minister Moro clearly lead presidential opinion polls
40 AQ Top 5 Corruption Busters: Sérgio Moro
41 Leak Reveals Ethics Failures in Brazil's Operation Car Wash
42 Ex judge Moro chosen as one of the decade's personalities by the Financial Times
43 Rainforest Destruction in Brazil's Amazon Is a Public Security Emergency
44 Brazil's Anti-Corruption Investigation Lava Jato Gave Us the Ultra-Corrupt Bolsonaro
45 Brazil's new hero is a nerdy judge who is tough on official corruption
46 Sergio Moro Hearing on Leaked Lavo Jato Messages Ends in Turmoil
47 Why Sérgio Moro Took the Job – and Changed Car Wash Forever
48 Sérgio Moro not Contemplating Running for Elective Office in 2022
49 Secret History of US Involvement in Brazil's Operation Car Wash
50 A Judge’s Bid to Clean Up Brazil From the Bench
51 Brazilian Justice Minister Sergio Moro's Moral Battle With Glenn Greenwald's The Intercept
52 After a Fight Over Control of Brazil's Federal Police, Raids Target Bolsonaro's Political Rivals
53 Brazil: blow to Bolsonaro as judge orders release of expletive-ridden video
54 Brazilian Judge Sérgio Moro receives Notre Dame Award
55 Brazil: four arrested over hacking of Bolsonaro justice minister's phone
56 Brazil’s most famous graft-buster, Sérgio Moro, is now justice minister
57 Meet the quiet judge remaking Brazil and sending its wealthiest and most powerful to prison
58 The Intercept Condemns Brazilian Criminal Complaint Against Glenn Greenwald as an Attack on Free Press
59 Brazil's charges against Glenn Greenwald reek of authoritarianism
60 Brazil's Bolsonaro to appoint Moro to Supreme Court
61 Brazil justice minister Sergio Moro denies conspiring against Lula
62 Lula: Judge Sergio Moro had a political agenda
63 How Sérgio Moro is tackling Brazil’s corruption
64 The Dirty Problems With Operation Car Wash
65 Brazilian Judge Sérgio Moro to serve as Notre Dame's 2018 Commencement speaker
66 Moro Says Riot in CE only Ended with Intervention of Federal Government
67 Brasileiros Divided: Did Moro Bust Brazil's Corruption – Or Betray Its Democracy?
68 Brazil to send security force to indigenous land after two shot dead
69 Bolsonaro signs anti-crime bill designed to tackle violence in Brazil
70 The Brazilian justice minister's dubious deportation decree
71 Supreme Court Justice Intends to Resume Trial Involving Sérgio Moro
72 Sergio Moro doctrine a hard-line one for immigrants
73 Sérgio Moro: the judge cleaning up Brazil
74 Where Do You Turn When the Anti-Corruption Crusaders Are Dirty?
75 Brazilian anti-corruption crusader backs Bolsonaro 2022 re-election
76 Brazil 'Car Wash' corruption probe facing 'worst moment' as establishment fights back
77 Fifty people who shaped the decade
78 Jair Bolsonaro risks making an enemy of the Federal Police
79 Vaza Jato: Former Ally, "Veja" Magazine, Turns Against Protégé Sérgio Moro
80 Glenn Greenwald has faced pushback for his reporting before. But not like this.
81 Lawyers File a Lawsuit to Remove Minister Sérgio Moro After Leaks
82 Brazilian Judge Sergio Moro speaks on former president 'Lula'
83 Dionisio Gutiérrez meets with Judge Sergio Moro at an event in Madrid English Latin America
84 Embattled Brazil justice minister decries leaked texts in corruption probe
85 Mexico asks Brazil's Moro for help with its Odebrecht graft probe: source
86 Brazil’s anti-corruption drive has been exposed as corrupt itself – and it could bring down Jair Bolsonaro
87 Brazil’s Sky-High Murder Rate Begins to Fall
88 Should Judge Moro have accepted the Ministry of Justice offered by Bolsonaro?
89 Moro's Approval Rate Surpasses Bolsonaro's by 25 points
90 Brazil justice minister considered leak to harm Maduro: Report
91 Sérgio Moro: Political Patronage Made Petrobras Scandal Possible
92 Moro considered releasing Odebrecht's bribes confession in Venezuela to harm president Maduro
93 Brazil's Operation Car Wash: A corruption investigator is accused of his own misdeeds
94 Brazil minister proposes tougher laws to stem deadly crime wave
95 Release of tapped phone calls between Lula and Rousseff sparks mass protests in Brazil
96 Latin America: Brazil’s anti-corruption drive faces a backlash
97 The World's 50 Greatest Leaders
98 Judge Moro: Systemic Corruption Can Become a 'Sad Memory' of Brazil's Past
99 Brazil on Edge as Ex-president Lula Squares Off with Judge Moro
100 Brazil’s Democracy Pushed Into the Abyss