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Result Content Idea Research
1 Labour's attempt to move left under Jeremy Corbyn moved the party right
2 Exposed: lies of the Corbynites' leaked dossier
3 Owen Jones: “I begged John McDonnell to stand for Labour leader”
4 The Corbyn-era autopsy proves that the 2019 election was a disaster waiting to happen
5 Bermondsey Labour MP Neil Coyle’s texts to Jeremy Corbyn revealed
6 Commons Confidential: Sing when you're winning
7 Jeremy Corbyn's stance on Skripals was political poison at the polls
8 Jeremy Corbyn's aides feared he was sabotaging his OWN 2019 election campaign
9 'The Tories have a lot for which to thank Jeremy Corbyn'
10 Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn by Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire, review
11 Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn; This Land: The Story of a Movement
12 Jeremy Corbyn's Weak Stance on Russia, Skripal, and Putin Helped Lose an Election
13 Jeremy Corbyn’s Senior Aide Seumas Milne Still On Labour Party Payroll
14 Goodbye Seumas Milne, another press officer who became the story
15 Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctor Seumas Milne will be key to the 2019 election
16 Grandfather of Seumas Milne, Labour's top spin doctor, 'was tax avoider'
17 Keir Starmer replaces Seumas Milne with new director of communications
18 Did Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist henchman Seumas Milne infect Boris Johnson with coronavirus?
19 Meet Julian Assange's Australian lawyer Jennifer Robinson
20 Julian Assange's fiancee is seen outside court with friend-of-the-stars lawyer
21 Dominic Cummings and Seumas Milne: In the firing line or just being used for target practice?
22 How Jeremy Corbyn was undermined by Seumas Milne: ‘Everything goes above his head!’
23 The truth about Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn and the new McCarthyism
24 Jeremy Corbyn's closest aide Seumas Milne demanded US bases in Britain be CLOSED
25 Corbyn's Pet Stalinist
26 Election 2019: Dominic Cummings versus Seumas Milne in battle of the Svengalis
27 Corbyn, Milne and Formby attempt to stop Labour apology
28 Jeremy Corbyn and the Remain allotment plot 'thwarted by Seumas Milne'
29 Revealed: How Jeremy Corbyn's top aide hit out at criticism of Stalin's reign of terror
30 Labour party staff angry at handling of possible redundancies
31 The Londoner: Seumas Milne pal Jonathan Freedland hurt by friendly fire
32 Corbyn Chiefs Milne and Murphy In Line For Pay-Offs Despite Labour’s Election Defeat
33 Commons Confidential: Seumas gets his coat
34 'Crushed by Brexit': how Labour lost the election
35 Corbyn’s ‘cabal’ of top aides sabotaged election campaign, says Labour leader’s close friend
36 'Orwellian' Seumas Milne blamed for top Labour aide resigning amid growing tensions in party
37 Seumas Milne
38 Seumas Milne: How Jeremy Corbyn aide saw 'huge social benefits' in Soviet-style communism
39 Jeremy Corbyn's closest aide Seumas Milne next 'on list' as John McDonnell accused of 'Soviet' style purge
40 The thin controller
41 Leave ideologue Dominic Cummings and Corbyn’s firebrand Seumas Milne: The twin powers pulling the strings
42 What did Jeremy Corbyn mean when he insulted me?
43 The Guardian's Seumas Milne joins Labour Party as comms director
44 The “M” that matters in Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit strategy is not (Seumas) Milne but Mansfield
45 Why Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn's chief strategist, is emerging as one of the most powerful people in Britain
46 Commons Confidential: Westminster sobriety
47 Meet 'Corbyn's brain,' who may be responsible for Labour antisemitism
48 Jeremy Corbyn’s strategist Seumas Milne in the eye of Labour storm
49 First Thoughts: The effects of austerity, coronavirus and quarantine, and what universities are for
50 Labour fury: How Jeremy Corbyn’s top aide was branded ‘hate figure’ for Labour moderates
51 Andrew Murray quits as adviser to Jeremy Corbyn
52 Corbyn spin doctor is divorcing him one year after pictures of his clinch with Australian lawyer
53 Labour risks staff strike if senior Corbyn aides stay
54 Out of office, Corbyn is creating an antisemitic myth to explain his defeat
55 Friends of Seumas Milne insist he was not a 'willing participant' in kiss with blonde lawyer
56 Cummings and Milne, rival advisers bent on disrupting British politics
57 Who are Seumas Milne and Jennie Formby? Labour aides featured in last night’s BBC Panorama Is Labour A
58 The battle for history
59 Ideological myopia has delivered hate in the Labour party
60 Robert Peston: I feel I have to say I'm Jewish when covering toxic Labour antisemitism
61 Corbyn comms chief Seumas Milne branded 'absolutely disgraceful' by Labour MP
62 Corbyn supporter Jennie Formby steps down from key Labour role
63 Seumas Milne and the Stasi
64 Puppet Masters: The Men Who Really Run Britain, review: a frustratingly unrevealing exposé of politics' two arch provocateurs
65 The man behind the curtain in Corbyn’s Oz: A virulently anti-Israel spin doctor
66 Seumas Milne and Corbyn aide blocked anti-semitism suspensions
67 Jeremy Corbyn’s top aide Seumas Milne ‘is a national security risk after backing Palestinian terrorists and Ru
68 Revealed: Seumas Milne's bumper pay rise
69 Bob Seely: Labour's press chief Seumas Milne 'peddled Putin's lies'
70 Profile: Seumas Milne, Corbyn's press man, who has never quite grown up
71 Seumas Milne and Russia – a brief history
72 WATCH: Seumas Milne suggested complicity between Isis and Israel
73 Who would win in a fight? Dominic Cummings or Seumas Milne?
74 Defeated Labour MPs call for 'fundamental change' at top of the party
75 Seumas Milne exits the Guardian for good
76 Labour's far left is a personality cult without the personality
77 Labour antisemitism: Corbyn aides Seumas Milne and Andrew Murray sat in on anti-Jewish rant
78 Movers & Shakers: Weber Shandwick, Labour, BCW, SEC Newgate, Eulogy, MSL and more
79 Clashing egos and 'policy incontinence': inside Labour's campaign
80 In defence of Seumas Milne: blame Jeremy Corbyn for Labour's poison, not his creatures
81 Top Labour aides Seumas Milne and Karie Murphy 'prepare for life after Corbyn' with new contracts
82 How super-rich buy their way out of the coronavirus crisis
83 Starmer's good PMQs shows politics of Corbyn, Abbott and posh boy revolution left behind
84 ANDREW PIERCE: Tom Watson attacks Jeremy Corbyn and his 'Stalinist cabal'
85 The Labour Party Was Wrong to Apologize to Jeremy Corbyn's Critics
86 Pinkoes and Traitors by Jean Seaton review – my father, the BBC and a very British coup
87 Does Seumas Milne hold Brexit's fate in his hands?
88 Keir Starmer poised to be announced new Labour leader
89 Devoid of agility, charisma and credibility, Corbyn has led Labour into the abyss
90 Corbyn’s spin doctor Seumas Milne's kissing scene is 'extraordinary act of indiscretion'
91 Putin is up to no good. But Johnson needs little help in creating chaos
92 Seumas Milne breaks the first rule of spin: never become the story
93 David Miliband dismisses Jeremy Corbyn's alleged claim of 2017 election sabotage as 'wrecking tactic'
94 Spy chiefs sit Corbyn down for chat about Russia and jihadist terror threat
95 Seumas Milne: Labour spin doctor, political firebrand and Jeremy Corbyn's guardian angel
96 Secret dossier reveals Jeremy Corbyn's strategy was crude and vindictive
97 Seumas Milne named as aide who wanted Hebrew wording removed from Labour Passover greeting
98 Unite members' disquiet over union's spending in defence of Corbyn project
99 Corbyn's legacy being demolished as now allies of ex-leader lose control of Momentum
100 Labour’s Iain McNicol steps down from Lords role after report leak