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1 ‘I never thought we would get there’: Australia’s year of Covid – from the first case to the first doughnut day
2 Australia harnesses the power of genomics to track SARS-CoV-2 infections within communities
3 The National WWII Museum Commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day
4 Australia's little-recognised vaccine advantage
5 Temple Sinai of Sharon hosts free presentations, Jan 31 & Feb 7
6 The other pandemic that we must cure
7 Infectious Disease Expert Professor Sharon Lewin Explains Victoria’s “Conservative” And “Unique” Lockdown Strategy
8 Doherty chief awarded top gong, says pandemic has changed the way Victorians work
9 Second patient cured of HIV, say doctors
10 A Woman May Have Been Cured of H.I.V. Without Medical Treatment
11 Berlin patient: First person cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown, dies
12 Covid: Melbourne's hard-won success after a marathon lockdown
13 Case of HIV patient in remission raises hopes for future AIDS cure
14 Watch Episode 1: Conversations on COVID-19: A Global View
15 Retracted studies may have damaged public trust in science, top researchers fear
16 Doorstop interview on 12 January 2021 | Health Portfolio Ministers
17 Leveraging the advances in HIV for COVID-19
18 Gene therapy or immunotherapy: which approach is more likely to deliver a cure for HIV?
19 Melbourne we can wind back this virus; Doherty Institute
20 IAS Names First Asian President, Other Governing Council Members
21 Infectious disease expert reveals why Melbourne WON'T go into another lockdown
22 The reasons why regulators aren't greenlighting existing medical treatments that show promise for coronavirus
23 Australia has almost eliminated the coronavirus — by putting faith in science
24 Coronavirus Australia: Hotspot plan can us one country again
25 Melbourne lifts one of world’s longest lockdowns after 111 days
26 COVID-19 vaccines, countering anti-science messaging and the 'unknowns'. The experts look ahead at Australia's coronavirus response
27 Anthony Fauci: scientists must 'speak persistently' to politicians
28 The reason this professor is so 'optimistic' about a COVID-19 vaccine
29 Bonus Episode: Life Beyond Coronavirus: The Expert View
30 Testing wildlife could stop pandemics in their tracks
31 Sharon Lewin
32 Remdesivir — lots of hype, but is it any good for COVID-19?
33 Sharing data ‘is key’ in global race to track down deadly viruses
34 Melbourne candidates emerge in COVID-19 vaccine race
35 Is there an end in sight for the global pandemic?
36 Australian researchers 'a few weeks' from clinical trial results for coronavirus treatment
37 Meet three Australian women leading the way in health, science and technology
38 World's second man cleared of AIDS virus invigorates quest for cure
39 Explainer: what's the new coronavirus saliva test, and how does it work?
40 02 | Patient Zero: Basement Files
41 How HIV Research Laid the Foundation for Covid Vaccines
42 Remdesivir: How promising is the antiviral drug approved for coronavirus in the US?
43 Alibaba News Roundup: Consumers 'Revenge Spend' Post-Lockdown
44 Study hints at how 'elite controllers' stifle HIV
45 newsGP
46 Riding the second wave of the coronavirus
47 What is Victoria's plan B?
48 Top scientists race to develop reliable blood test for the coronavirus
49 Victoria records no new cases of coronavirus or deaths, SA has one new case
50 Study Findings Suggestive of Second HIV Cure Case: The London Patient
51 COVID-19: The facts
52 Alfred physician, NSW health chief officer discourage coronavirus saliva testing
53 Mask wearing an 'insurance policy' against community transmission as Melbourne reopens
54 Two existing drugs show promising signs they may treat coronavirus
55 Meet the First Asian President of the International AIDS Society
56 Countries groping for best coronavirus response: Expert
57 Doctors map body's COVID-19 immune response: study
58 Why there's no need for alarm about the University of Queensland-CSL vaccine failure
59 Australia sees biggest daily rise in COVID-19 cases in two months
60 Australia imposes strict new virus measures in Victoria as early successes unravel
61 'Just because you want it to be over doesn't mean it is'
62 Watch Episode 3: Life Beyond Coronavirus: The Expert View
63 Health experts welcome Melbourne lockdown extension but question curfew
64 'He did not even glance at him': The day Brett Sutton felt the inside of the Premier's 'freezer'
65 World Health Organization says remdesivir does not help coronavirus patients
66 What if living with COVID-19 is the new normal?
67 Victoria records another day with no new coronavirus cases, no new deaths
68 The two Aussie Covid measures that could never work in the US
69 Why Melbourne's public housing towers have 'explosive potential' for coronavirus to spread
70 Don Owen: The original jump-serving Queen of Aces, Kerry Lewin is still volleyball royalty at NKU
71 Victoria close to eliminating coronavirus
72 'Low cost, high reward': Masks to remain mandatory in Melbourne
73 Virus drug trial starts in hospitals around the country
74 New medical foundation invests in COVID-19 research funding
75 Dr. Fauci Says When We Can Go Back to the Movies
76 COVID-19 updates from the Dean
77 Andrews slams Frydenberg as "just a Liberal, not a leader"
78 Widespread use of masks is a 'community responsibility', says Doherty Institute
79 Coronavirus research: The known 'risk' scientists are taking in race for COVID-19 vaccine
80 America's top coronavirus expert heaps praise on Victoria for its pandemic response
81 Asia Today: India's virus cases jump with another daily high
82 Watch Episode 6: Life Beyond Coronavirus: The Expert View
83 Jack Ma Foundation Donates $2.15M to Australia Institute to Develop Virus Vaccine
84 Victoria sticks with easing plan despite run of zero cases, zero deaths
85 Brazilian man becomes first ever person to be “cured” of HIV with medication alone
86 Woman may have been cured of HIV without medical treatment
87 Scientists are searching hard for coronavirus treatments. Which ones look promising?
88 Coronavirus testing explained: how does it work and how quickly can you get a response in Australia?
89 Industry $$ for HIV Cure Sparse Due to Unanswered Questions
90 Victoria reports no new coronavirus cases and no deaths for third straight day
91 ‘The lockdown was worth it’: Canadians abroad share their COVID-19 stories
92 Coronavirus doesn't have a vaccine or a cure yet, but here are some possible options you might have heard about
93 Pregnant Melbourne mum sick with coronavirus fights for life
94 "I can't go on much longer"
95 Coronavirus: Who is most at risk of dying?
96 Elon Musk: We've Already Implanted Neuralink in Live Pigs
97 A cure for HIV: what science knows, and what it doesn't
98 'Exciting advances' in the fight against HIV
99 Australian stock market falls 5.6%, NRL suspends 2020 season – as it happened
100 Why scientists are looking at existing medications to treat Covid-19