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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Mossad chief who oversaw peace with Jordan has some advice for the moment
2 Fumbled shock and feigned awe
3 'Where's the Beef?' Serves Up Passionate Appeal for Veganism
4 Daily Kickoff: Big day & crowd on the South Lawn + How the satirist Andy Borowitz is prepping for November
5 Shavit Archives
6 Sternum Raises $6.5M in Series A Funding to Provide Embedded Cybersecurity and Real-Time Visibility for IoT Devices
7 Enthusiasm For Normalization, Mostly
8 Tel Aviv light rail work on hold after graves unearthed at construction site
9 Israel successfully places surveillance satellite into orbit
10 Sternum raises $6.5m Series A
11 Former Mossad chief: Iran can't be stopped in nuke bid, but can be deterred
12 Sternum Raises $6.5M in Series A Funding
13 Cape signs Lyster on global water crisis
14 The New Israeli State-Owned Company Developing Secret Rocket Technology
15 Israel launches Ofek 16 reconnaissance satellite into orbit
16 Space: Jericho, Shavit And Ofek
17 Adi Shacham-Shavit Articles and Insights
18 Tzipi Shavit to light Independence Day torch
19 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 17 September 2020
20 Two Premier League clubs enter quarantine due to coronavirus
21 Ari Shavit, Celebrated Israeli Columnist, Resigns After Sexual Harassment Accusations
22 Ex-Mossad head to 'Post': No one will stop Iran from going nuclear
23 Who's watching what, Weeks 24 and 25
24 Israeli Shavit rocket delivers malfunctioning spy satellite into orbit
25 SmartMark Communications CEO Juliet Shavit 'Sees 2020' on Cover of CIOReview January Issue
26 New complaint against Ari Shavit: He grabbed, tried to kiss me while I was dating his daughter
27 How the Saudi-UAE axis helped Israel defeat Palestinians and encourage normalisation at the Arab League
28 Cape snares Universe in a Box with pre-empt deal
29 Could Biden’s deep Israel ties ease Obama-era tensions?
30 Is Ari Shavit poised for a comeback?
31 Ari Shavit: 'I was blind to the power I had as a privileged white man'
32 Bruning-Shavit, Meadows-Ramsey win Dinosaur beach tourney titles |
33 Ari Shavit, go away and don't come back
34 Q&A with Ori Shavit, food writer at Vegans On Top
35 Why are Jewish intellectual sexual predators being honored in a new book?
36 Israel is first nation to cyber regulate hazardous materials industry
37 Vintage to publish 'radical reworking' of Harari's Sapiens in graphic novel style
38 SmartMark Communications CEO, Juliet Shavit, Makes 2020 Global Power & Energy Elites List
39 Digital transformation at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
40 On nuclear Iran, Israel should ready itself for 'worst case scenario,' says former Mossad chief
41 Did Israel Just Conduct A Ballistic Missile Test From A Base On Its Mediterranean Coast?
42 Ari Shavit apologized, others didn't
43 Shavit Capital Completes $100 Million Investment Round for Its Fifth Fund
44 Spy stories: Former Mossad chief talks Iran, nukes and the life of a spy
45 Rocket Report: Surprise Israeli launch, Britain decides to bail out OneWeb
46 Ari Shavit endured an Inquisitorial public stoning
47 State owned weapons tech company Tomer gets off to flying start
48 Ari Shavit has been punished enough
49 Juliet Shavit, CEO of SmartMark Communications, is “Wonder Woman” on the Cover of this Month's CIOReview
50 Ari Shavit Breaks Silence About Sexual Assault Allegations In New Interview
51 Shavit’s Planned Comeback At 92Y Derailed
52 The Jewish world's #MeToo crisis is much deeper than Ari Shavit and Steven Cohen
53 Remembering Zeev Sternhell, fighter against fascism – wherever he found it
54 ‘My Promised Land,’ by Ari Shavit
55 Shavit's 'My Promised Land Examines Israel's Complexities
56 Ari Shavit accused again of sexual misconduct, prompting comeback cancellation
57 Israeli Air Force Jets Touch Down In Germany For Historic Air Combat Exercise
58 A glimpse into the technology behind Israel's spy satellite program
59 Book Review: 'My Promised Land' by Ari Shavit
60 Neural Magic raises $15 million to boost AI inferencing speed on off-the-shelf processors
61 Interview: Ari Shavit, Author Of 'My Promised Land'
62 For ex-inmates, support program gives them a second chance to avoid addiction, improve health care
63 Ex-Mossad chief: Israel cannot stop Iran from attaining nuclear weapons
64 Ari Shavit: 'both occupation and intimidation are unacceptable'
65 Will Sexual Assault Scandal Derail Israeli Journalist’s HBO Documentary?
66 The Shavit story, sadly, hits too very close to home
67 Start-up Accuses Facebook of Publishing Trade Secrets
68 The Old Peace Is Dead, but a New Peace Is Possible
69 Yemenite Children Affair TV Series in the Works (Exclusive)
70 Bagir To Liquidate Due To Financial Uncertainty...
71 Protecting Decarcerated Populations In The Era of COVID-19: Priorities For Emergency Discharge Planning
72 The startup making deep learning possible without specialized hardware
73 In the end of Trump's term, the world’s number one superpower is dying
74 The Idea of Israel and My Promised Land – review
75 'Israel does not want peace', former Mossad chief says
76 Psychological research has a racism problem, Stanford scholar says | Stanford News
77 The Triumph and Tragedy of Ari Shavit's My Promised Land
78 By Gutting Israeli Memorial and Independence Day, COVID-19 Redefines The Meaning of a Jewish Nation
79 No ‘business as usual’ for unrepentant sex abusers
80 Ex-Mossad head: Netanyahu voters are ‘ignorant,’ have no moral standards
81 A Mysterious Omission from the NY Times' Coverage of the Israeli Elections
82 Opinions | Im an Israeli woman and Im not surprised by the Ari Shavit allegations
83 Australia Orders Sigint Gulfstreams
84 What Ari Shavit doesn’t understand about Palestinian children and Jews
85 Former Mossad chief: I fear another Yigal Amir walks among us
86 Was TV Host ‘Shameful’ for Grilling Danielle Berrin About Ari Shavit Groping?
87 ‘An immense sense of pride’
88 Is it time yet for courageous leadership?
89 2020 Faculty Summer Reading and Podcast List | Stanford Law School
90 Stifling the National Security Debate: A Response to Shabtai Shavit
91 J Street Comes Under Fire for Quiet Handling of Ari Shavit Sexual Misconduct Claim
92 Haaretz columnist Ari Shavit's new book enjoying praise and sales in U.S.
93 Leading Haaretz columnist warns Israel's 'facing an existential threat'
94 Israeli intelligence: The Mossad's last nameless spy
95 Construction accident in Rishon Lezion, forces search for trapped workers
96 The inhuman outlook of Netanyahu: A response to Ari Shavit
97 Did you know Israel sent a rocket into space in 1961?
98 Israeli medical device maker Alpha Tau raises $26 million to fund trials
99 New Breathers Community Wellness Centre resurrects old church
100 Netanyahu’s no statesman, and his Iraq-Iran policy proves it