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Result Content Idea Research
1 Science Will Not Come on a White Horse With a Solution
2 Book Review: Can Science Make Sense of Life? by Sheila Jasanoff
3 Trump is gone, truth is left battered and broken
4 Hilgartner to study global COVID-19 policies with NSF grant | Cornell Chronicle
5 Deciphering the nexus of science, technology and society
6 Sheila Jasanoff: framing research with citizens’ perspectives
7 Sheila S. Jasanoff '64, Professor at Harvard Kennedy School | News
8 We Should All Be Science Critics
9 A semester of creative curriculums at Harvard
10 How do science and policy intersect? Harvard professor explains
11 Coronavirus: do governments ever truly listen to 'the science'?
12 Reining in the hubris of science and scientists
13 Interested in responsible gene editing? Join the (new) club
14 Should We Alter the Human Genome? Let Democracy Decide
15 Required Reading
16 Review: The Ethics of Invention, by Sheila Jasanoff | THE Books
17 Humanity, Technology And The Pandemic Crisis
18 Ethics: Taming our technologies
19 COVID-19 Requires More Democracy, Not Less
20 Will CRISPR mice stymie Lyme?
21 Technological sovereignty: from the hype to the real questions
22 The Pandemic and the Protests: Knowledge, Authority, and the Highbrow Delusions Sustaining Trump
23 UK's coronavirus policy places too much responsibility in the hands of the public
24 A Forgotten Field? | News
25 Do we really need a tracking app and can we trust it?
26 Who is Scott Atlas, Trump's new adviser on the COVID-19 pandemic?
27 ASU professor receives NSF CAREER award | ASU Now: Access, Excellence, Impact
28 Ethics at the cutting edge, beastly movers and shakers, and teeth as time machines: Books in brief.
29 Society for Social Studies of Science celebrates 40 years | Cornell Chronicle
30 'Starving Africa' cliché used to push GM: Harvard Professor
31 Back From the Brink
32 Human genetic engineering demands more than a moratorium
33 Big Brother Uber is controlling when and where Brazilians are allowed to travel
34 The Chinese gene-editing experiment was an outrage. The scientific community shares blame.
35 STEM Crisis? What About the STS Crisis?
36 The Politics and Science of the Future – CSS Blog Network
37 Is rationality overrated?
38 Book Review – The Ethics of Invention: Technology and the Human Future
39 Can We Cool the Planet? | NOVA
40 A Living Constitution
41 Human genome editing: ask whether, not how
42 An Elite Group Of Scientists Tried To Warn Trump Against Lockdowns In March
43 Kill Switch for CRISPR Could Make Gene Editing Safer
44 The 'most important questions' in science policy shortlisted
45 Selling a Charismatic Technology
46 » Science and Democracy Lecture Series » News & Events » Sunita Narain
47 Let's Stop Talking about "Battling Cancer"
48 Best Books of 2016
49 Letter: Indian Government Must Review Decision to Revoke Writer's Overseas Citizenship Status
50 On crossing an ethical line in human genome editing
51 A Harvard Professor Says "Starving Africa" Cliches Are Being Used to Promote GM Foods
52 What Our Democracy Needs to Know
53 All of Us Have a Role to Play in Keeping the EPA Accountable
54 Harvard researchers share views on future, ethics of gene editing
55 View of Gene Editing Depends on How It’s Used, Poll Finds
56 'The ethics of human genome editing' special issue published in The CRISPR Journal
57 The Intellectual Emptiness of All-Male Panel Discussions
58 The Politics and Science of Prevision: Governing and Probing the Future
59 Crowds turn out around the world for March for Science
60 Elizabeth Warren and Mark Zuckerberg’s differing views on Big Tech
61 Reunion and reassessment – Harvard Gazette
62 'Make America Smart Again': hundreds rally for US science
63 Who Wants to Be a Cyborg?
64 Science Denial: Lessons and Solutions | The New York Academy of Sciences
65 Bioethics: Democracy in vitro
66 The affair of the gene-edited babies rumbles on
67 Feeding your Research into the Policy Debate
68 Marching for Science: “It was the right thing to do.”
69 Angela Merkel urged to put European solidarity over German interests
70 Skeptic Check: Science Denial
71 Best Business Books 2016: Technology
72 What's Wrong with Physics
73 What are Industry 4.0's ethical challenges?
74 The Other Shoe Dropped: Researchers Familiar With Chinese CRISPR Scandal Under Increased Scrutiny
75 In Germany, learning while seeing – Harvard Gazette
76 ASU's CSPO named one of world's top 10 think tanks for science and tech policy for 6th straight year
77 Science and Society on the Vineyard
78 Opinion | There Are Many Man-Made Objects. The Rape Kit Is Not One of Them.
79 Beyond Physicalism
80 New tools to answer timeless questions
81 Why Pursue Science and Technology Studies?
82 Jair Bolsonaro's threat means we academics must be overtly political
83 Can Geoengineering “Undo” Climate Change? | NOVA
84 Media alert: New articles on the ethics of genome editing published in The CRISPR Journal
85 How the biggest fraud in political science nearly got missed
86 Stretching science: why emotional intelligence is key to tackling climate change
87 Through citizen science projects, anyone can be a scientist
88 RRI Implementation
89 What does 'dead' mean?
90 Chinese Companies Fight for Data Storage Business
91 Genes without patents
92 Ethan Zuckerman and Nicco Mele help the Nieman Foundation celebrate the big 7-5
93 The Perils of Technocracy at the Kennedy School | Opinion
94 PBK Elects Final 92 in Pre-Commencement Ceremony | News
95 Our Turn At The American Experiment : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture
96 Ivo Verbeek: cutting the middle man in language editing
97 Claudius Gros: Increased Government’s reactivity can mitigate social instability
98 Emmanuelle Charpentier: the strings attached to CRISPR/Cas9 success
99 Science is often flawed. It's time we embraced that.
100 Beyond the great and good