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1 'Political paralysis': Lebanese patriarch points at Shi'ite leaders for cabinet delay
2 Masks and Tears: Shi'ites Mark Ashura at Iraq Shrines Despite Virus
3 Bahrain says it foils 'terrorist attack' backed by Iran
4 Shi'ite opposition in Bahrain opposes deal with Israel
5 Police try to foil Shi'ite gatherings in Indian Kashmir amid COVID curbs
6 Iraq's top Shiite cleric backs early parliamentary elections
7 Shiite Council Hits Out at al-Rahi over 'Sectarian Incitement'
8 Shiite Muslims mark holy day of mourning in virus’ shadow
9 Shiite fears, demands jeopardize French initiative to save Lebanon
10 Anti-Shiite protest rattles Pakistan's Karachi
11 Four former directors of French Shi'ite center arrested
12 Saudi Arabia condemns 7 Islamist militants to death over Shi'ites' murder
13 The largest contemporary Muslim pilgrimage isn't the hajj to Mecca, it's the Shiite pilgrimage to Karbala in Iraq
14 Iraq TV station attacked by mob charged with insulting Shiite Muslims
15 Lebanon's Shi'ite Hezbollah group condemns U.S. sanctions on allied politicians: statement
16 Lebanese Christian Party Offers Idea to Resolve Dispute Over New Cabinet
17 Iraqi protesters bulldoze Shi'ite party offices
18 France's Macron calls Lebanese leaders over cabinet plans
19 Reports: Berri Told to Pick Non-Shiite Figure for Finance Ministry
20 The world's largest Muslim pilgrimage site? Not Mecca, but the Shiite shrine in Karbala
21 In U.S. Ally Bahrain, Israel Deal Rallies a Weakened Opposition
22 Ex-Mossad chief: Bahrain will try to guard Israelis from Shi’ites, Iran
23 Pakistan: Hardline Sunni groups on collision course with Shiites
24 Anti-Shiite protesters march for second day in Karachi
25 Photos: Anti-Shiite protesters march for second day in Karachi
26 Shiite Cleric Ali al-Amin Questioned over 'Meeting Israeli Officials'
27 Is peace at hand in the Middle East?
28 World News Roundup: Italians vote in regional elections; Rouhani says U.S. faces defeat in bid to reimpose U.N. sanctions and more
29 Killing in the name of God in Pakistan
31 Iran Proxies Appear Emboldened by US Drawdown Decision
32 Yemen Rebel Attack on Saudi Village Wounds 5
33 An enduring conflict — 40 years since the Iran-Iraq War started
34 Iraq’s Shiites helped boost the political elite in Baghdad. Now they want to bring it down.
35 Iraq Shi'ite pilgrims returning from Syria test positive for coronavirus: officials
36 Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Urges Selection of New PM With No Outside Ties
37 Robert Azzi: Trump's Abraham Accords – gifts to oppressors, torturers, and tyrants
38 Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric tells all parties to practice restraint
39 To preserve Shi'ite power in Iraq, Iran-backed groups turn to renegade cleric
40 Syria seals major shrine for Shi'ites pilgrims to stem virus
41 Iraqi Politicians Condemn US Strike on Pro-Iran Shi'ite Militia
42 Killing of Soleimani evokes dark history of political assassinations in the formative days of Shiite Islam
43 Rival Shi'ite leaders in Iraq call for U.S. troop expulsion in rare show of unity
44 IED blast hits English-language institute in Najaf, no casualties
45 Washington Doesn't Understand Shiite Clerics in Iran or Iraq
46 Bahrain to Execute 2 Shiite Protesters After Years of Desperate Appeals
47 The Shiite crescent and the coronavirus
48 Little-known ex-governor nominated as Iraqi PM, Shi'ite groups object
49 Aging Shiite cleric a powerhouse in Iraq. What comes after?
50 Iraqi Shi'ite groups deepen control in strategic Sunni areas
51 Egypt bans Shiite websites to deter extremist ideologies
52 Shiite groups' supporters clash with security forces in Beirut, opening a new chapter in Lebanon's crisis
53 Islamic authorities in Malaysian state denounce Shi'ites in sermon
54 Gunmen kill at least 32 at memorial for Afghan Shiite leader
55 Will Saudi Oil Attacks Worsen Sunni-Shi'ite Tensions?
56 Nigeria bans local Shi'ite group after protests
57 As Iran and Iraq simmer, giants of Shiite world vie for influence
58 Why are Iraqi Shiites leading the protests against their ‘own’ government?
59 What will happen to Iraqi Shiite militias after one key leader’s death?
60 Shiite Muslims around the world are marking Ashura
61 Turkey Is Building a Geopolitical Alliance Between Sunni and Shiite Islamists
62 From Iran, Shiite Cleric Tries To Crush Iraq's Protest Movement
63 A Shiite Holiday Turns Into a Test of Iranian Power in Iraq
64 'Resolving' the Middle East's Sunni-Shi'ite Divide
65 Millions march in Iraq in annual Arbaeen Shiite pilgrimage
66 Police Set Fire To Iraqi Protesters' Tents As Shiite Cleric Withdraws Support
67 Beirut’s Shiites Like the Idea of Change, but Like Hezbollah More
68 Iraqi top leaders mourn Shiite militants killed by US strike
69 Iran's Shiite Crescent and the Coronavirus
70 Islamic State says it carried out attack at Shi'ite mosque in central Afghanistan
71 What Trump's tweet threatening Iran's cultural sites could mean for Shiite Muslims
72 Iraq's shi'ite political leader says will work with al-Sadr on achieving interests of the people
73 Religion faculty launch first-ever Shiite Islam track
74 What is Ashura? How this Shiite Muslim holiday inspires millions
75 Nigerian Shi'ite group says 4 killed in protests
76 5 Differences Between Sunnis and Shiites
77 Report: Iran Escalates Targeting of Non-Shiite Muslims, Other Religious Minorities
78 Why Shiite Muslim protesters and Nigeria’s security forces keep clashing
79 Commentary: In Sunni North Africa, fears of Iran’s Shi’ite shadow
80 US Designates Iraqi Shiite Militia as Foreign Terrorist Organization
81 Amnesty says executions of Saudi Shi'ite prisoners imminent
82 Saudi Arabia pumps money into restive Shi'ite quarter it once flattened
83 Dozens of Shiite pilgrims killed in Iraq stampede
84 Bahrain executes three, including Shi'ite activists
85 Top Shiite leader backs UN plan to resolve Iraqi crisis
86 Nigerian Shi'ite group says 42 killed when security forces fired upon protests
87 Nigeria parliament on lockdown after clash with Shi'ite group
88 Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric tells Rouhani ties must respect sovereignty
89 What Is Hezbollah?
90 More Shiite Processions Met With Bloodshed in Nigeria
91 Banned Nigerian Shi'ite group suspends street protests
92 Iraq: Sunni and Shi'ite Leaders United Against a TV Station
93 In Iraq’s parliament, Shi’ite militia leaders plan to call the shots
94 Shi'ite rivalry paralyzes Iraq's government
95 Iraq Shi'ite militia blame Israel for deadly air raid near Syria border
96 Iraq's Shiite clerics condemn attacks on protesters
97 News Analysis: Anti-gov't protests in Iraq boosted by top Shiite leader support
98 Shi'ites Mark Ashoura, Mourn Saint’s Death
99 Shi'ite Muslims mark Ashura amid tight security
100 Disillusionment Appears to Help Shi'ite Cleric in Iraq Vote