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1 Shincheonji Church of Jesus faces discrimination
2 Shincheonji Church of Jesus Invites All People of Religion Worldwide to Attend a Prayer Service to End COVID-19
3 South Korea: Plasma Donation by Shincheonji Church Facilitates Development of the Cure for COVID-19
4 Shincheonji pledges and delivers large-scale plasma donation as researchers look towards plasma for a...
5 Shincheonji Partners with the KCDC for Plasma Donation Campaign
6 Coronavirus: South Korean Shincheonji sect leader arrested
7 How novel coronavirus spread through the Shincheonji religious group in South Korea
8 Sincheonji followers donate plasma for COVID-19 cure en masse
9 Shincheonji Collaborates with Korean Government for Large-Scale Plasma Donations towards COVID-19 Research
10 ‘Proselytizing Robots’: Inside South Korean Church at Outbreak’s Center
11 Former TAHITI member Ari clarifies all the speculations about her and states she is not part of Shincheonji
12 Convalescent Plasma: Shincheonji Steps Up to the Plate
13 South Korean Government Should Focus On Fighting Covid-19 Not Shincheonji Church
14 Shincheoji, Church Blamed for South Korean Coronavirus Outbreak, Says It Was Unfairly Persecuted
15 Releases: Double Standards in the Government Response to Shincheonji and Sarang Jeil Church
16 Shincheonji Church of Jesus, 2nd group of plasma donation – 1,018 people completed
17 San Francisco Zion Church Employs The Livingston Group to Combat Religious Discrimination
18 Shincheonji Church of Jesus in S. Korea Responds To What It Believes Are Erroneous Media Reports
19 Conservative church claims South Korea’s government is persecuting them by blaming members for coronavirus ...
20 Shincheonji Covid-19 saga is more of state conscious, barefaced violation of rights – Former UN Chief
21 Why Are South Koreans Blaming a Church for the Coronavirus Outbreak?
22 In Midst of Government Charges, 4000 Shincheonji Church Members Agree to Donate Plasma for Coronavirus
23 South Korea orders temporary shutdown of messianic church linked to more than half the country’s coronavirus cases
24 TIMELINE-How the global coronavirus pandemic unfolded
25 Qualified discrimination?
26 Caribbean Leaders Demand United Nations Secretary-General Stop Human Rights Violations and Religious Oppression in South Korea
27 Shadowy Church Is at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak in South Korea
28 Korean Justice Minister Choo Accused of Exploiting Arrest of Shincheonji Leader Lee Man-hee
29 Super Junior's Ryeowook dating former Tahiti member Ari
30 Court rejects Shincheonji leader's request to cancel arrest
31 Shincheonji: The secretive sect in South Korean virus outbreak
32 Shincheonji, a veiled Christian sect, at center of virus outbreak
33 Shincheonji members who survived COVID-19 volunteer en masse to aid vaccine development
34 In South Korea, Opaque Sect Draws Scrutiny With Virus Spike
35 [Newsmaker] Shincheonji leader arrested on charges of obstructing anti-virus response
36 Shincheonji stokes public anger for 'acting as victim'
37 [DEBRIEFING] What is the Shincheonji Church of Jesus and who are its members? And more importantly, what are its links to the coronavirus?
38 Shincheonji replaces foundation ceremony with online service
39 More than 550,000 sign petition to dissolve Shincheonji by force
40 Shincheonji says is fully cooperating
41 Super Junior's Ryeowook confirms he is dating Ari, former member of girl group Tahiti
42 Shincheonji joins resistance against prosecution reform: Justice Minister
43 How two Korean cults measure up against covid-19
44 South Korean doomsday church sued by Daegu for $82 million in damages
45 Shincheonji Church of Jesus Graduates 100,000 Students Worldwide
46 Shincheonji's W12 billion donation snubbed
47 3 Shincheonji officials arrested for hindering virus control measures
48 A Man of Two Faces: Leader of South Korean Church Tied to Outbreak
49 South Korea charity rejects $10M donation from Shincheonji
50 South Koreans sue Shincheonji for embezzlement, violation of law
51 500 Recovered Congregation Members of Shincheonji Church Donate COVID-19 Blood Plasma
52 Young women are easy prey for Shincheonji
53 Shincheonji founder under criminal investigation
54 [Newsmaker] Arrest warrant hearing starts for Shincheonji leader
55 ‘Shincheonji didn’t lie about membership figures’
56 Rebuilding their young lives after Shincheonji: Former members talk about the secretive sect and how they escaped
57 4,000 members of Shincheonji Church who recovered from COVID-19 promise to donate blood plasma
58 Report: City of Seoul sues church group Shincheonji
59 'I felt betrayed': University graduate on her experience with Singapore chapter of South Korea's Shincheonji Church
60 Shincheonji – All Information Regarding Shincheonji Everyone Needs To know
61 (LEAD) Shincheonji leader arrested on charges of obstructing anti-virus response
62 [Interview] Understanding the Shincheonji cult : National : News
63 Korean Sect Leader Facing Coronavirus Backlash Had Balkan Operations
64 Daegu files damage suit against religious sect of Shincheonji for mass coronavirus infections
65 Daegu files damage suit against Shincheonji for mass coronavirus infections
66 Obscure sect linked to Korean virus spike
67 Coronavirus: Shincheonji Church leader apologises for spread
68 Shincheonji and coronavirus: The mysterious 'cult' church blamed for S Korea's outbreak
69 Shincheonji leader’s brother died after 5 days in Daenam Hospital
70 Shincheonji followers kill themselves amid public criticism intensifying
71 Shincheonji Church of Jesus Issues Statement Against Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon for Words of Blasphemy
72 South Korea's Religious Right Torpedoes the Fight Against COVID-19
73 This ‘Cult’ Is Responsible for Half of South Korea’s Coronavirus Cases
74 Hong Kong organisation linked to South Korea’s Shincheonji church
75 Protestant churches ask government to investigate Shincheonji
76 Seoul Metropolitan Government Revokes Shincheonji's Corporation : Society
77 In bad faith?
78 How one man's epiphany on a Seoul mountain in 1955 laid the foundation for many religious sects in South Korea
79 South Korean church member says group followed China quarantine rules
80 [News Focus] Shincheonji head’s political fashion provokes controversy
81 Religious organization Shincheonji closes chapels, regrets Coronavirus spread
82 Shincheonji vows to collaborate with gov't on coronavirus
83 Shincheonji Church of Jesus Accomplishments: 100000 Graduates, Open Word Seminars, and Volunteers all Across the World
84 'Shincheonji' suspected as coronavirus hotbed
85 Hackers hack Shincheonji website
86 Celebrities deny connection with Shincheonji
87 Members of South Korean church tied to coronavirus outbreak being persecuted, leaders say
88 Shincheonji Church of Jesus Accomplishment of 100000 Graduates, Open Word Seminars, and A Leading Volunteer Organization all Across the World
89 Coronavirus: South Korea church leader apologises for virus spread
90 South Korea authorizes raid of Shincheonji amid COVID-19 outbreak
91 South Korea sect members donate blood for virus research
92 How a South Korean church helped fuel the spread of the coronavirus
93 (2nd LD) S. Korea to swiftly conduct virus tests on all Shincheonji followers
94 Moon calls for inspection of Shincheonji Church of Jesus in relation to COVID-19
95 Shincheonji founder's appearance draws attention
96 [Newsmaker] Gyeonggi authorities seize PCs from Shincheonji to obtain list of members
97 Shincheonji leaders facing criminal complaint
98 [Coronavirus] Petition wins public support for disintegration of troubled religious group
99 Korea Sect Leader Seeks Forgiveness for Coronavirus Spike
100 Breaks News of Religious Leader Arrests