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1 Chief Rabbi, Gordon Brown and Rob Rinder speak at inquiry for Shoah memorial
2 Remembering the Shoah in Florence
3 Imperial War Museum unveils details of Shoah galleries and JN survivor exhibit
4 David Cameron: Westminster Shoah memorial is 'symbolically' important
5 Hundreds of schools get Shoah textbooks to counter conspiracy theory exposure
6 Victoria Shoah Project holds virtual commemoration of Kristallnacht
7 Raised on Shoah memories, here's where Biden's Blinken stands on Jewish issues, including Israel
8 Moshe Taube, 'old-world' cantor, Schindler's List survivor has died at 93
9 History Museum Offers Holocaust Webinar Series in December | City News
10 YIVO Institute Virtual Exhibition: “Beba Epstein”
11 Israel’s Pick to Head Holocaust Memorial Stirs International Uproar
12 Ancestry Promises Holocaust Records Will Be Free
13 Why my Holocaust museum has exhibit on reaction to George Floyd death
14 Holocaust Center in Orlando Elicits Rage with New George Floyd Exhibit
15 What's the Buzz: Criterion Collection Edition
16 'Shoah,' the behemoth documentary on humanity's darkest period
17 Why would the government of Israel undermine the legacy of Yad Vashem?
18 Obituary: Squirrel Hill's Moshe Taube, renowned cantor and Schindler's list survivor
19 Australian Jewish orgs. protest Effi Eitam's appointment to Yad Vashem
20 ECAJ adds its voice to oppose Netanyahu's choice to lead Yad Vashem
21 New Holocaust Center will have ties with Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation
22 Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation Will Lend More Than 55000 Video Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors to New Orlando Museum
23 USC Shoah Foundation launched new partnership with
24 Ancestry makes millions of Holocaust records available, partners with USC Shoah Foundation
25 Who Are the Jews On Joe Biden's Cabinet?
26 Teaching the Shoah
27 Outrage over proposed Holocaust memorial head
28 'Shoah' to Screen at Museum of Tolerance for Holocaust Remembrance Day
29 Survivors share stories of what they lost during the Shoah
30 Doc Exploring U.S. COVID-19 Response In The Works From ‘Claude Lanzmann: Spectres Of The Shoah’ Director – Toronto
31 USC Shoah Foundation partners with new Holocaust museum in Florida
32 New Shoah Memorial unveiled in Germany | Jewish News
33 Addressing anti-Semitism in schools: UNESCO and OSCE launch framework curricula for teacher trainers
34 Ancestry completes Arolsen Archives Collection, with USC Shoah group
35 SF-based Koret Foundation gives $10 million to Shoah Foundation – J.
36 Head of Steven Spielberg's Shoah foundation urges Amazon to drop 'Hunters'
37 Cornell library gains permanent access to genocide archive | Cornell Chronicle
38 Gábor Hirsch, one of the last great witnesses of the Shoah
39 Appointment to Yad Vashem chair is a sensitive subject – opinion
40 Orlando Holocaust Center partners with USC Shoah Foundation on new interactive exhibit
41 Vast Holocaust database goes online | Jewish News
42 I Thought I Understood the Shoah. A Visit to Auschwitz Changed That.
43 Center Lecture by Renowned Polish-Jewish Intellectual and Opposition Journalist Prof. Kostek Gebert (Warsaw, Poland) on the Shoah in German-Occupied Poland and Today's Polish Memory Politics
44 Memory of the Shoah is giving way to history
45 Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance appeals for Shoah victims' names
46 First he survived the Shoah — now he has survived coronavirus
47 ‘A meaningful emotional experience about the Shoah’
48 It wasn't just about fleeing the Shoah — they were escaping a toxic continent
49 Holocaust Testimony Beyond the Frame
50 Commemorating the Shoah in a Different Dark Time: Dr. Karen Shawn
51 The books that introduce the Shoah to young children
52 Shoah Foundation Director: Amazon Must Cancel 'Hunters'
53 Australian Jewish community joins outcry against pick to lead Yad Vashem
54 Shoah survivors inspire online
55 Polish MP who called Shoah memorial a 'scandal' is made education minister
56 Shoah ed: Uniting for sake of future generations
57 Survivor teaches students in Shoah documentary
58 Artificial intelligence project lets Holocaust survivors share their stories forever
59 Project connects South Florida Shoah survivors, volunteers
60 Reform rabbi says Westminster Shoah memorial funds 'could be better used'
61 More French students are learning the history of the Holocaust, survey shows
62 Shoah, ‘never forget the depths of evil’
63 Ground-breaking Ceremony for the Shoah Wall of Names Memorial in Ostarrichi Park in Vienna
64 Marga Minco's autobiography focuses on experience of Dutch Jews in the Shoah
65 For filmmaker, Ukraine site is Shoah Disneyland
66 Princess Royal: British matron who saved Jews in the Shoah must not be forgotten
67 Shoah Foundation Head: Bigots Prey on Coronavirus to Incite Hate
68 Southern NSCY in Boca offering Shoah site virtual tours
69 How 3D holograms and AI are preserving Holocaust survivors' stories
70 A boy and his dog — and a Shoah setting
71 Shoah: How a biblical term became the Hebrew word for Holocaust
72 The day Israel saw Shoah | Holocaust
73 Germany allocates £512m in emergency funding for Shoah survivors globally
74 Shoah survivors and educators recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours
75 Shoah Museums Telling a Multicultural Story
76 $3.5 million for Holocaust museum in Brisbane
77 NFL star invited to tour camp by Shoah survivor after posting antisemitic quotes
78 Westminster Shoah memorial would be 'trophy site' for terror
79 ‘Shoah: Four Sisters’ Review: Harrowing Tales of Survival in the Holocaust
80 The survivors who ‘didn’t survive’: Photographer captures Shoah psych patients
81 USC Shoah Foundation and Discovery Education Invite Students to Promote Empathy, Understanding, and Respect Through the 'Stronger Than Hate Challenge'
82 'Shoah' Filmmaker Claude Lanzmann, Seeker Of Truths Without Name, Dies At 92
83 Councillor suspended for saying 'no basis for a Jewish race, nation or homeland'
84 HRH Prince of Wales commemorates lives lost in Shoah: speech
85 Remembering 'Shoah' Filmmaker Claude Lanzmann
86 Dutch city names resident poet who called Shoah a 'cover-up for dumb sheep'
87 From Palestine to jail in Mauritius: When Britain deported 1,580 Shoah refugees
88 Austria breaks ground on Holocaust memorial in Vienna
89 Shoah memorial group blasts David Starkey for saying 'slavery was not genocide'
90 Claude Lanzmann: the man who told the story of Shoah
91 Poland blocks motion to stop restitution of some property lost during Shoah
92 Dario Gabbai, a Final Witness to Auschwitz, Is Dead at 97
93 Abe Foxman Helps Met Council Feed Hungry Shoah Survivors
94 The Jewish Greek family that was saved in the Holocaust
95 Fanny Neuda: A pioneer of women’s prayer
96 For Holocaust survivors in USC-Shoah show, art is testimony
97 Florida school board votes to rehire principal who denied the Shoah
98 Shining a light on Shoah victims
99 Amazon's 'Hunters' hinders our efforts to tell the story of the Shoah
100 High Court told Jenrick in 'stark conflict of interest' over Shoah memorial bid